Han Geng – The Hesperus Star 2011, I Am Coming!!

2011 is here and to start off this year, I would like to post on something as small, simple and significant like a “name”..

What’s in a name? Have you ever wondered why were we given names? What is the importance of names? Some names became big and popular and well-known and some are just remembered in history..!! In Chinese culture traditionally our names are made up of 3 characters.

The first character carries our family name or clan. The second or middle character usually marks the generation or branch of the family.

And of course, the third is the given name which is exclusively ours which identifies our persona or character..!!

In other culture, like where I am living right now, the people will commonly name their children after whoever is the current Pope because they want to be sure that their children will grow up to be “holy” and live a pious life..I only realised this when I started to live here, so more or less, I know a bit of the culture..In the days of the late Pope John Paul, there were many baby boys named after him..so in that period of time, many boys in this country were named either John or Paul..Another trend is that they would combine the names of both parents like for example, Rolinda, the father’s name may be Roland and the mother’s Linda..There are those who are very ambitious and name their child Luzviminda…these are only examples on how names were given. Like my name it’s  literally means Spring Blossom..since I was born in Spring..

Then let’s look at Han Geng…according to him, his name Geng was given to him by his grandfather..named after the Hesperus star..长庚星 aka the Evening/Vesper star..which happens to be the brightest of all stars..If we were to study astronomy, then the life of Han Geng can be liken to a shining star which shines its brightest in the evening and morning…Oddly, he has only two characters in his name, and according to an article which I came across, it was mentioned that in recent times in China ( the last two or three generations) typically gave up the old way of giving names, so people now have two characters name or more (like in four characters)..so that could explain why he only has two characters in his name..

His grandfather  have the foresightedness to be ambitious for Han Geng, maybe he was  thinking that Han Geng could just have a bright future but he didn’t expect to such an extent and expectations with far-reaching results ..!What Han Geng has become and what he is today is the result of hard work combined with his chosen name…!

Throughout history, there were significant people whose names were synonymous  with the roles they have in life..example Queen Victoria of England, President Lincoln and etc….Whenever these names were uttered, the roles they played in history came to mind..So the name of Han Geng will be etched in history as  a boy who is fearless,courageous, independent, a great artiste and filial son.

Not only the name is significant, it has to do with location as well..like for example, Charles Dickens who came from England, George Washington of the U.S.A.and others too like Mother Teresa who is best remembered as a missionary working in Calcutta, India….

So just like Han Geng who is from Mudanjiang of Heilongjiang Province; I am sure he will be known as the boy from Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang but a Beijinger as a singer!! He always claimed that he is from Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang and promotes his hometown as the Snow City of China…!These places are synonymous to him..so when Mudanjiang or Heilongjiang is mentioned, what comes to mind is either Han Geng or the Snow City of China..!! Try to Googled Mudanjiang or Heilongjiang, one will see images of Han Geng..! I have always been interested in words and their meanings, so I researched and found out that Mudan as a collective word for Peony not just peony but precisely Tree Peony..but when separated as in Mu it means Male and Dan is Red as an adjective, as a noun it is cinnabar, pellet or powder….so if it were taken separately the word doesn’t make sense..”Red Male”?  So I find it interesting if I can conclude in this manner..Han Geng of Tree Peony city/province..! hehehe.. so now another word or name is synonym to him, just like Er Kui, Sheep(Yang/Miemie), Yellow/Red boots, Lollipops/Candies, GengFans/Rice/Meals, Beef-balls Noodles, and etc…If you guys can think of other words which are synonymous to him, please comment..hehehe!! I also found out that the Tree Peony is known as the King of Flowers in China because unofficially it’s the National Flower of China too.

Red Tree Peony

Tree Peony King of Flowers

Tree Peony Bush

Now to get back to recent events, Han Geng was recently crowned as the Most Talented Singer in the year..at China Power Fashion Awards..

What to expect in the coming Lunar New Year…a short movie..


Credits to all those who are tagged in the pictures and videos..thank you..!


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8 Responses to Han Geng – The Hesperus Star 2011, I Am Coming!!

  1. S2X says:

    i find it so cool that my brother’s girlfriend is from the same city as Han Geng, Mu Dang Jiang, i immediately liked her when i found out about it haha! maybe they even went to the same school there…but she doesn’t know much about him cuz it’s been almost 10 years since she left China and she’s 1 year older than him. still, when she goes back to her hometown i’ll definitely tag along haha!

    now back to the names…if you think about it, both the city and the province’s names where he came from have something to do with him. Mu Dang Jiang means the Peony River, and like you said, Peony is the king of the flowers and Han Geng is called “Asia’s Dance King” in China. then there’s the province’s name, Hei Long Jiang, which means Black Dragon River (isn’t this name super cool? sounds like some place from a martial arts novel or something haha) and Han Geng is also known as the Chinese Dragon by some fans, right? although they’re just coincidences, i find these facts really interesting…

    • garnetblue says:

      Well I didn’t mention it nor make a connection with the Peony River and the Black Dragon River with Han Geng, because you guys might think that I am too mystical in my analysis..hehehe..
      Good that you made the connections, so I am not the only one who thinks that way too…
      Could it be coincidence or fate..?

  2. followurdestiny says:

    I love the deeper meaning of names and Geng’s name, love all these connections you have made, it’s shows the love you have for him 🙂
    Eventually, it may be coincidences or it may be destiny — either way it’s how it is.

    What is he chewing at the China Power awards, though?? *cute*
    And the trailer, he looks really handsome and cool in it 😀 … can’t wait to hear more about it…

    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. onepinetree says:

    han geng means ” Korea’s star” in Korean so at the beginnig many fans thought his name was made by sme like “ye sung” “lee teak” “kang in” in sj.
    i remember Teacher He made a joke about why Han Geng was picked by Sme becuase his last name is “han”. ha ha his name is that special!

  4. Red Roses says:

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  5. trueblue says:

    Yeah he can pass for a Korean because of his last name..Han..hehehehe..!!
    He is that special that either way he can still be a star..!

  6. followurdestiny says:

    Our star XDDDD…

  7. bristlegrass says:

    My dear Garnetblue~~are you studying linguistics? You are so good at it! ^^
    but…talking of Mudan 牡丹, the tree peony here is kinda different than what comes into my mind of Mudan in China, this is the typical image of 牡丹 in my mind http://www.qdflowers.com/html/tupianxinshang/huahui/2009/0405/620.html
    but they do have so many different breeds, check this out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx8NIiWRqw8
    haha~~~never know I would try to look into what exactly Mudan is by researching Han Geng ^^

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