Han Geng, You Are My Visual Enjoyment

Sorry, gals, I am very busy recently…and I am going to be very busy on my school work, hopefully, I could graduate in my supervisor’s time frame T.T…so I couldn’t come to our blog very often.  I know Pinetree is even busier than me with her life and study. Fortunately, we have Garnetblue!!! She is soooo great, isn’t she?  🙂  In order to make up what I’m missing here, and even though I cannot write and think as deep as our Garnetblue, I can at least share my visual enjoyment with you,  Deng Deng Deng Deng~ Let’s me present you, STAR HAN, HAN GENG!!!

One new pic from Men’s Health Magazine

Looking at the left one, I’m thinking, yes! I want him! Looking at the right one, I’m thinking, ummm~~~maybe he wants me, anyway, we want each other~~hohohoho~~  

Here are some wallpapers for desktop, I believe you have seen the original pics from the Marie Clarie Magazine~They are Valentine’s Day Gift from Geng~

Made by 风尘成河罐子小姐

A miniblog background – made by 空缺缺韩庚

Please see the tags for the credits of the following pics….and I can barely remember what event it is in each pic, because there are too many of them…my boy is working too hard~~~~



Next Theme: how to be naturally adorable~~~

BTW, I read something about DWS movie from Baidu Gengbar, here is the link http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=975195966

A fan asked if DWS will be released in the US on DWS facebook, then she got a reply, “We certainly have plans to release this movie theatrically in the US as well as
the rest of the world. In fact,the US is a very important market for this movie!” 🙂


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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13 Responses to Han Geng, You Are My Visual Enjoyment

  1. Mandy says:

    Exciting news! If Han Geng comes to Hollywood for the US premiere, I will try my best to go!

    • trueblue says:

      Hehehe…so take note all you U.S residents…get ready for Han Geng..!
      I knew it ..! How can a movie that is financed by Hollywood doesn’t get shown in Hollywood..eh? It can’t be right..!
      So, Geng…not only 2011..Here I Come..but also Hollywood, Here I Come..!!
      Watch out guys and do save up for the trip to Hollywood…you too Bristlegrass…hehehe! Just fly down South..!!!

  2. trueblue says:

    Oh by the way, Bristlegrass…growing up in an environment with different races and languages tend to make me a linguistic…hehehe..! I am turning out to be like Han Geng..a narcissist..!!!!
    But it’s because of him that I am going back to my Chinese roots (thought I never left them) with a more profound in depth study of the language..Trying to understand the meaning of the words..Chinese language is so colourful and rich, though the character is “spelt” the same way but the pronunciations differ from province to province and dialects to dialects..hehehe..!!

  3. onepinetree says:

    yes yes we have garnetblue!!!!!!!
    bristle grass i am not that busy since i am not working but very much occupied with child care and planning a research design at this point. i dont know when i can finish this program but spring 2012 is the deadline for my funding so hoping i will finish it by then.

    and per han geng’s movie, i dont want to raise my expectation too high 🙂
    if han geng or the movie comes to la yes definitely i will be there!!!

    by the way personally l liked the interview much better than those hot hot pictures.
    what moves me is not really han geng’s look but his words.

  4. S2X says:

    OMG, i don’t wanna get my expectations too high hoping for him to actually go to the US to promote the movie but just the fact that it might be released in American theatres (which pretty much means worldwide), i’m super excited already!!!

  5. wendy says:

    Just the fact that I may be able to sit in a theater and watch this movie instead of watching it on DVD is going to be one of the highlights of this year! 😀

  6. followurdestiny says:

    😀 … ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Mandy says:

    Just read this miniblog entry by Wang Ping Jiu on Gengbar and he wrote, “the real “Han Geng” era is going to come!” Oh my god…not only gengfans have high expectations for you, but professionals around you, too! And our Han Geng is working really hard to live up to all of our expectations! But be sure to also get some rest~

    • bristlegrass says:

      ^^ yes, many professionals have high expectations on our Han Geng…There have been many news reporting Han Geng will be on CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening since yesterday, so Teacher Wang was just trying to remind Gengfans that Han Geng has been in visual field of the directors of CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening in early stage, but we still cannot 100% sure if he will be on it or not until the last minute, since the program can be changed any time even right before the Gala Evening starts. (PS: anyway, from my point of view, the chance would be 99.9999%)…

      CNTV彭峰 (he is the staff of China Network TV which is actually the Online version of CCTV) replied Teacher Wang: Have been working on Spring Festival Gala Evening for three years, I deeply feel that, Han Geng is a great person (thumb-up); then replied to a Gengfan, “this year, Han Geng may appear on the stage of the First CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala Evening as well, Teacher Wang is right, hope good things come in pairs for Geng.”

      Here’s another professional’s reply to Teacher Wang’s post, he is a director of CCTV 5 (sport channel), says, “he has been in our visual field at early stage as well, but turned us down. So this is why, he is waiting for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala…Sigh…” (hehe~~~sorry, director, well…hard to coordinate when you get so many offers at the same time…has to pick the most important opportunity ^^)

      Anyway, just from miniblog posts, we can totally tell Han Geng is highly valued by many professionals working in China’s entertainment industry, some of them predicted highly of his future achievements. For gengfans, we should be happy that we have a good eye for him before these professionals recognize him ^^

  8. trueblue says:

    With all the “noise” coming out from cctv, one wonders what kind of criteria are they looking for in order for a star to be featured in their Spring Gala Night..?
    Does it even make sense if Han Geng is not included…?
    Han Geng is one of the best “role model” of a 21st century youth to be emulated and yet they are still considering so many other factors..?
    With Han Geng on the show, there definitely won’t be any errors..it will be a right move because this will motivate the youth to embrace pop-culture without damaging the ideals of the modern day youth..and to also preserve the values of the Chinese culture..!
    He is a very good example of a youth who can embrace pop-culture but keeping the values intact..!

    If I were one of those in CCTV, I wouldn’t hesitate to get Han Geng on my show….hehehehe..!! He is worth a million times over other stars…whether he is on stage or off stage, he has shown good morals..who wouldn’t cite him as an example of the youth..eh? Embracing pop-culture doesn’t have to lose one’s own identity and values..!
    This is a good time as any to bring back the youth into the fold and show them that they are valued and appreciated..!
    Another thing, is that they will stay home with their families and enjoy the New Year’s Eve together rather than to go out elsewhere. This will foster better and closer family ties too and avoid the so-called generation-gap “syndrome”.
    One more factor towards Han Geng is that he is a “pure-blooded” Northeasterner…so what is there to consider..?
    All who are in favour of Han Geng, raise your hands and say “aye”…hehehe!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Aye! Can you see my hands here?

      Hehe~~~anyway, based on all the information I get so far including those from a few CCTV staffs, Han Geng will be there for sure…he has attended their rehearsals for quite a few times. Teacher Wang’s point is to give a kind reminder to gengfans, especially young gengfans, try not to be over-excited and keep low-profile until Han Geng actually stands on that stage…I heard in the past years, there were very popular celebrities’ performances cancelled even during the Gala Evening, because some performances before theirs couldn’t finish on time…and we don’t know if Han Geng has been strong enough to make those directors consider his performance as priority. Anyway, I believe even if he is not yet, he will be in near future!

      • trueblue says:

        Yeah I can understand that but considering that Han Geng put in so much effort to attend the rehearsals even when he is so busy with his own schedules, at least what they can do is not to waste his time and effort..!! hehehe….!! The timing is important..! If not now, when?
        What they can do is to break the show into 2 parts if they find the programme too long. In this way, all the efforts of the performers won’t go to waste..! CNY is celebrated over a period of 15 days traditionally! Heehee…don’t mind my rambling here ah..ok? Well it’s their loss if they do not include HG in this year’s Gala Night…humph…!! So there..!!!!

        Oh yes I “saw” your raised hands and “heard” your voice….hehehe!!

    • followurdestiny says:

      *Raising hands with you* 😀

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