“Marie Claire” Interview: “Accidentally Fall in Love with” Han Geng

Finally, I find some time to translate this interview…please excuse me for giving my personal comments on the author’s interpretation, I would love to hear your comments too if you don’t mind, hehehehe~~~  😛  I didn’t translate the entire thing, since a big part of it has been repeatedly mentioned in other interviews.

Title: “Accidentally Fall in Love with” Han Geng   

Translated by Bristlegrass

On the 80th floor of China World Hotel, surrounding by the loud music in the Cool Cloud Bar, Han Geng, who seriously lack of sleep, ordered a bottle of beer, began to unload the equipment as an idol. Just now, he was taking photos for Marie Claire in a suit on the 64th floor, playing a delicate and narcissistic dating lover. Now, here comes genuine Han Geng: very mature at young age, cautious, a genuine man with a kind of fortitude.   

Not long after we sat down, Han Geng suddenly stood up, walked straight to the bar counter. A handful of people were standing there, and among them there were new married Wang Xiaofei and big S. He naturally joined their conversation, just like he was in that small circle all night. After he came back to continue our chat, I joked, “is big S considered as the type of girl you like? If there was no Wang Xiaofei, would you like to date her?”(PS: well, I honestly don’t think so…) Han Geng just laughed, “Big S is very pretty, but I’m not in the age to rush into a relationship.” Doesn’t he know Wang Xiaofei is actually post-80 as well? “I am not as handsome as Wang Xiaofei!” He seems to block this question naturally. If it was other entertainers who know how to hype up themselves, they would definitely seize this topic, so the next day newspapers would have a heading tying him, Wang Xiaofei, and big S all together. I feel really sorry for Han Geng missing such an opportunity.

However, he would never “miss” a true opportunity which can show him off, even if it was just a dinner. Had gone to a dinner with Jackie Chan, he gave this big brother, who have read countless people in his life, an impression of “a very good young man”, then here comes the opportunity to perform on the “Jackie Chan and his Friends” concert in the Bird Nest. So we can tell how good he is. 

In Han Geng’s age, many entertainers still don’t know how to say things properly, and easily to be dazzled by their popularity and often show certain arrogant attitude which can offend the media, but he was very calm and cautious, even if it makes him present a state of boring, he would never risk saying anything nonsense. He usually has a minor pause before answering a question, quickly determines and organizes the appropriate and harmless wording. 

Therefore, it’s not difficult to understand that, when he was giving the scripted speech about his solo concert at the press conference on the Great Wall, he even said something significantly official, “the Great Wall is a miracle of the world, I want to start all over again from here, and create a miracle.” There were so many presses, and even government officials attending the press conference, and that was still during the “entangled” period of the contract termination lawsuit between him and SME, so he chose the safest, and of course the contentless speech script.

(PS: well…I honestly think Han Geng has been and is still creating miracle since he announced his comeback. To me, his speech was full of content and very meaningful! Nowadays, when talking about dreams or creating miracles, many people take it as too official, too vague, too contentless, too boring…because majority of those who make such statement usually keep it stay as words, rarely make it into serious action nor make it come true. BUT, Han Geng is different! He only says it when he determines to do it! And he is always doing more than saying! Someone may think his words are a bit boring, but they forget it is because he sincerely wants to express it honestly and accurately. Just like what he said at a Netease interview when answering a question of “do you have very clear plan of your future”, he replied, “I think, to have an clear idea about what kind of the path I am going to walk down, or what the next step will be, doesn’t mean I can see through what I will be like in ten years, my vision cannot reach that far. But in short term, what I can achieve, I think this kind of thing has been much clearer than before. Something is supposed to be disillusioned, but you still want to try your best to pursue what is supposed to be pursued”).

In many girls’ eyes, he is the prince on white horse…and now, he can hold a beer cup, and chat easily on Valentine’s Day topics at late night with M.C.. When asked him if he would care about the BWH of girls, unexpectedly he seemed a bit embarrassed, and asked me back quickly, hoping to divert this embarrassment, I replied cheekily, “of course I care. ” Then he said seriously, “two people living together do not live on it.”    

MC: how much money have you ever spent for buying gift to a woman, and when was that?

HG: 100 thousands (MC: that’s a lot!) yes, opened a dumpling restaurant for my mom. (MC: Mother can be considered here?) Of course, she is also a woman!

MC: which part of women would you first look at?

HG: Eyes, you can judge a girl’s general personality from her eyes. The next would be figure. 

MC: what’s the most romantic thing you have ever done?

HG: I am not a romantic guy at all…I once held a girl’s hand, walked from one subway entrance to the next. The romantic thing I can think of is, buy a DVD movie, both of us stay in couch, watch TV at home. (MC: how come it sounds like old married couple?)  I like the feeling of home, I’m very old-fashioned and like staying at home, never go to nightclubs or bars. When I don’t work, I just like staying at home. (His assistant interrupted, “he can stay at home alone and play through all the games on his cell phone.”)

MC: Don’t you feel boring all alone at home?

HG: I have someone stay with me. (MC: who is that?) Don’t get excited, two chinchillas. I like pets, I had 6 dogs, but not in my place, all were sent out, one to my mom, one to my dad, other friends help too. (PS: poor author, couldn’t get any so-called “exciting” thing from him)

MC: Is the majority of your fans the post-85 girls (meaning born after 1985)?

HG: There are boys too. They have a group called “Knight”,  all the members are boys. Of course, the post-80 girls are the majority. (MC: is it because you are handsome?) Perhaps fans can find some faith through me, a person is able to achieve his ideal though efforts. Can this considered as “selling point”?    

MC: Have you ever met fanatical fan girl “throwing herself at” you?

HG: Yes. They would like me give a hug, but don’t get it wrong, they are very simple and pure. (MC: will you date a fan girl?) HG: Unlikely. (PS: Hehe~~thank you, Han Geng, you know us well, we may say something not very simple and pure, but we only do simple and pure things to you! Right! Our love to you is PURE! )

MC:  What would you do when you are dating a girl?

HG: Watch movie.


I honestly do appreciate that this M.C. author was willing to share his observation and understanding of Han Geng, especially in the way of providing comparative perspectives, which make our Geng an exceptionally respected and lovable person…hoho~~~

Different people may read Han Geng differently. To me, Han Geng is a fascinating book which is going to be life long, sometimes easy to read, sometimes hard to read, I actually find this book is even deeper compare to half year ago. However, I’m so glad that the more his fans read him, the more new and meaningful things they get from him, and the more consensus they reach on what kind of person he is, because he has such a deep mind, and he is such a simple and honest person at the same time.        

Continue sharing some new pictures from M.C. and Men’s Health magazine…yes, when I’m totally in love with his mind and personality, I am still not able to forget how gorgeous he is in appearance ^^


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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12 Responses to “Marie Claire” Interview: “Accidentally Fall in Love with” Han Geng

  1. followurdestiny says:

    Thank you for translating and sharing … I appreciate it a lot and really like how you put things as well… <33

    Hangeng is a book I won't be able to lay down for a long time … so interesting, enjoying it, makes you think about things not only how his person may be — and his outer appearance is a big fat plus XDDD…


  2. S2X says:

    some people may find Han Geng’s words boring because he is always so cautious and appropriate when answering questions but i find him rather smart. not everyone his age would know how to behave and talk appropriately in front of the media, which is usually what starts all those rumours and scandals. and while that may help creating hype in their careers because they would be on the news all the time, one wrong word can also be the end for them. Han Geng knows this well, so instead of using such opportunities to draw attention for himself, he uses action to do that. he is a man of few words but all the amazing things he achieved automatically keeps the media’s attention on him, in other words, he shines without effort. that’s what makes me admire him so much!!!

    btw, thanks for translating this article!!! 🙂

  3. onepinetree says:

    i like this interview on the part where han geng talked about his selling point. i am very glad that he is well aware what’s expectations from his fans. this indicates han geng wont disappoint his fans since he knows well enough about his selling point!

  4. Great men are those who say their thoughts and do what they say.
    Never in my life I met a celebrity with HG’s quality. there are many can catch the eyes but need someone very special to catch the heart. And that’s HG’s value. His package catch both eyes and hearts.

    thanks for translating and sharing this article. And I totally fall for his last picture.. the young cute boy is now the handsome guy.. ^_^

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