Sina Network Awards

Han Geng is moving very fast these days..that at times it’s so hard to keep up with him..

At times, there were no news about him and then at times he would suddenly appear all over the place. For instance, just last night he attended the Sina Awards night and scooped up the title of Male Singer of the Year yet again. Even the most avid of fans will find it hard to keep track of every title that he had ever won for the past year..The titles are either Best Male Singer/Most Popular Male Singer/Best Newcomer/Most Popular Male New Singer…etc

I have noticed one interesting fact about all those award shows that Han Geng went to or attended. All of those events that he attended were either those that could give him maximum exposure or would benefit him in his career. I find this very wise of him. Why? Because of time constrained..he has to juggle between shooting the movie and for dress-rehearsals for the Spring Gala Night on CCTV. Do not get it wrong, he is just being wise and to prioritize those that are important as his schedules are fully booked already…hehehe!!

Next on his schedule will be Hangzhou tomorrow for the Sprite Music Awards..Can’t even think of how he manages all his schedules..hehehe

Here are some video clips of the event held last night..


With all those award shows that he is attending, he has to keep a wide range of attire and outfits. Each award show is different from another and the audience attendance are also different…so his outfit has to suit each event. Like the one last night, Han Geng decided to wear a more sombre tone but could still attract attention. He moved away from his usual colours of black, white and gray..but I doubt that would be for long hehehe….!!

Still very stylish and one of a kind..he comes with style and sensation..and left an impact & impression  on those who came last night..whether they were media, celebrities or otherwise…!! Most of them left very favourable messages on their weibo and flooded Sina with their praises and accolades of Han Geng..

According to Bristlegrass:

“Hahahahaha~~~sina miniblog is bombed by Han Geng’s charm since the sina network ceremony yesterday until now~~~soooo many celebrities, professionals working in media and entertainment circle, and CEOs were posting positively about Han Geng at their miniblogs…they are so impressed by Han Geng’s charm on the stage, personality off the stage, and his popularity, it’s like Han Geng is the only star last night~~”

Here is another news clip regarding Geng’s attendance on Spring Gala Night and a cautious reminder from the Chief Planner.Liu Sai’s weibo

20th January 2011, 02:01PM via Sina Weibo:

Yesterday discussed with all the directors,
decide to issue this Weibo today,
everyone do not take the internet news as focus,
most of them are false,
Spring Festival Gala team for this year has imposed great Emphasis on confidentiality,
but the news on the internet seem to be even clearer than us,

There were many “false speculations” coming out in the internet regarding the programme and the line-up, that they were pressed to issue a statement to refute those “false speculations” please wait for the official announcement.

Credits : As tagged in pictures & videos…

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7 Responses to Sina Network Awards

  1. Mandy says:

    Thanks for the news! I watched Han Geng’s exclusive interview here
    and the interviewer asked him something about his company??? My Mandarin listening failed me again.

    • bristlegrass says:

      At first, I thought you talked about his previous company because the interviewer kinda mentioned the aftereffect of his lawsuit, then I noticed you may talk about his current company…if about the later one…he didn’t say much, just said, “very good, very comfortable, now I’m working happily, we all work together, understand and respect each other, I think we are walking toward a good end”. I think the company here is the one releasing his GengXin album, and the relationship is more partnership than employee-employer. The CEO of that company is Han Geng’s friend.

      btw, I think his health condition is fine now~~~love his big and sparkling eyes in this video soooo much~~~

      • garnetblue says:

        Hehehe our boy is growing up just fine..and for his sparkling eyes..who wouldn’t be when time and time again, he grabbed the Male Singer Award..and I’ve lost count on that.!
        Yes, I also deduce from the way HG is conducting his activities, that he is his own boss and the company mentioned there could be an associate or affiliate one,where it does not impose their restrictions on him. As what you said, more like a partnership relation than a employer-employee kind. hehehe!!

      • Mandy says:

        Thanks for the translations~ I understand now. Haha I look forward to the day when I will fully understand Mandarin. I know it will be very soon, because HG keeps pushing me!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    I love his voice in the spring gala rehearsal video~~~so soothing, feels warmth and sweetness, his voice can have such special power of softness which can easily reach others’ heart. I like his lines as well, “Suddenly there are tears streaming silently down the face, here is my home at this station, the air is full of warmth of familiar memories, Mom and Dad your son is back.”
    …I miss my parents now…

    • garnetblue says:

      I think we all miss our parents when we are away from them and especially during the time of the CNY where reunion dinners are so important and attendance is emphasised on. According to our culture and tradition, it is of utmost importance that we gather together as a whole for the reunion on the Eve. I hope this tradition will last for a long time because with this intact, then the familial bond & unity will not be eroded too soon.This is the strong foundation for any society and country. When family ties are intact,it will reflect on the society and this will keep the foundations strong for any country.!

  3. followurdestiny says:

    He’s so unbelievably cute in the interview video… his sparkling eyes, I’m looking at it with *__* eyes XDDD,.,
    And his voice … <333 *floating away*
    Getting better and better 😀 …

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