A Beautiful Sight

It was such a beautiful sight to behold at the Sprite Music Awards ceremony last night in HangZhou..seeing one’s loved one receiving those major awards..!

Just simply amazing and incredible to see Han Geng winning in 3 categories..such as

Best Male Singer of the Year 2010

My Favourite Idol of the Year 2010

Golden Melody of the Year 2010

Never could have imagine that he would sweep away those awards in one fell swoop in only just one event..!!!

Personally, I felt not only pride but vindication as well..

Over times, we have been defending Han Geng and disproving those harsh critics wrong and yet those people won’t stop. Even more so now, they won’t stop because Han Geng has proven them wrong again and again..!

They will come back with more ferociousness and viciousness. Why? It’s because they can’t accept the fact that they were wrong..! They were adamant in putting Han Geng down and to dampen his spirits & enthusiasm in 2010 because Han Geng was a newbie. For a newbie to be able to receive so many awards just in his debut year is just unacceptable and also because Han Geng won’t fall into their game-plan. Many times, in interviews, they tried to draw Han Geng into making a false move in order for them to “skin him alive” but Han Geng was a pro in evading those “hot” topics and he is the master when it comes to dangling the media on a hook…by being mysterious is Han Geng’s best weapon yet.!

The other reason would be that Geng is so much loved by his fans and even from people in the entertainment industry. Never have there been such a celebrity so well-loved by almost all people of different genre..Usually, a celebrity is well-liked and loved by his/her fans but not so much by his/her peers..So Han Geng is an exceptional star..the one who shines the brightest in the morning & evening.!

For us, we know that Han Geng is true to himself and his Gengfans, and that I have never doubted it…..the prove is here below. This weibo entry was done by his dancer and it touched my heart to know that Han Geng will only wield his influence when it is necessary and when it concerns his precious and beloved Gengfans..He never uses his power/influence to benefit himself , his crew or his family!! He uses it for the benefit of his Gengfans..!!

(110121) Eleven11x’s Weibo Updates
Translated by: sltan @ geng-bao.net

21st January 2011, 08:29PM via IPhone:

GengFans at the venue without tickets take note~~~
at door number 4 there is a kind sister who will give 8 tickets to you~~~
hurry go and find! Just need to hold high the “Geng” signboard~~~

21st January 2011, 08:40PM via IPhone:

Limited tickets, only have these~~~
tickets, Brother Geng said to give, Sister Sophie went to ask for them,
my classmate went to the venue to collect them,
we are busy preparing for the performance,
everyone, bear with us~~~pay attention to safety!

(T/N: Eleven is one of Han Geng’s dancers.
After knowing that there were GengFans waiting outside in the cold
without tickets for tonight’s Sprite Music Awards,
Han Geng had asked for tickets to be given to them.)

Source: Eleven’s Weibo

That is why the “old” Gengfans are falling deeper in love with him and him gaining more new fans everyday..! But there is a little problem here again..hehehe his other “wives” & “concubines” would be envious of the fact that he gave free tickets to his “concubines” in Hangzhou..hahaha!!!

Remember that time in Thailand, he serenaded to his Thai “concubine” on stage and danced sensually around her..? He was “berated” by them the moment he touched down in Beijing..hahaha!! Then there was that time of the Concept Book event where he gave lollipops to those who attended..and a few days later he flew to ShenZhen, and here his “concubines” reminded him that they too want candies..at the airport..!! Hahaha..! How will he appease to their zeal and fervour in all the cities where his Gengfans are….eh? Let us wait and see what new tactics or moves he will use to captivate the hearts of his fans..Ha..! so much  for a guy who said that he is not a romantic..and yet look at what he had done to make those hearts aflutter !!

The next known event will be his fan-meeting in H K, let’s see what he will do there..watch out H K  Gengfans..!!

Last night, in that auditorium, the moment Han Geng appeared on stage, the audience went wild & crazy..they stood on the chairs because they could not contain their exuberance and joy in seeing Han Geng..and Han Geng he worked up the crowd into a frenzy by going down the stage while singing..! imagine the whole place was a riot..!

He also integrated the song My Logo with dance steps and music from Queen & Fire..(Remix)

Credits: as tagged in the pictures and videos

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9 Responses to A Beautiful Sight

  1. Mish says:

    I love this remix version of My Logo. The additional machine gun and “Fire” dance steps in the middle of ML. was really powerful. No wonder all the audience stand on seats cheering for him. A newspaper article reported that Han Geng made the award ceremony into his own concert and all audience became his fans. Unfortunately there was no good fan video because everyone went crazy in there.

  2. bristlegrass says:

    I’m soooo in love with that remix especially those moves like shooting, being shot, and then back to alive like a robot, creative choregraphy, and Han Geng’s moves are accurate and powerful!!!

  3. wendy says:

    I also love how Han Geng changed it up on his “My Logo” and gave everyone a surprise and brought the house down! 🙂 I cannot stress enough how his dancing is just incredible. We may forget sometimes because we see the same routine over and over again. His robot dance is simply the best!

    Also I just don’t know any artists who will go that extra mile for their fans except for Han Geng. He always says he loves his fans but he also shows it through his actions. I feel very fortunate to be his fan.

  4. followurdestiny says:

    😀 He’s the best and makes definitely a beautiful sight…
    Love this variation of ‘my logo’ performance, so creative and tight <33
    And his thoughtfulness towards his fans, warms my heart <33

  5. garnetblue says:

    Hey girls, what I like about HG is that he actually reads the messages left on his weibo and I am sure he goes to read from his Baidu Gengbar too..
    This makes it so personal and exclusive for us..that he cares and take note of what his precious GFs want..and expected from him..
    So in his recent weibo entry, he mentioned that since the majority liked his dance remix which he did at the Sprite event, he will come out with something new for the fan-meeting in Hong Kong this Jan 30..hehehe!!
    See how he captures the hearts of his GFs..as in “girlfriends” hehehe…
    So those of you who are going to that fan-meeting, do take note..!
    Pity Mandy, you are back in the U.S, otherwise you could be there too…hehehe!!

    • Mandy says:

      garnetblue sis, why stab my already bleeding heart? *crying*
      mandy, please claim down, Han Geng will be in LA for the US premiere of My Kindgom, then you can go support and see him! *cheering”
      hahahaha happy happy~

  6. garnetblue says:

    Maybe some of you would like to watch this too..

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