The East 3 Years Ago, The West 3 Years Ago

In this blog of ours, we the authors, usually write our own stuff based on our perspectives and experiences of Han Geng. In some instances, we would like to share with you readers on what other Gengfans experienced and their from Baidu Gengbar.. So in this instance, we found this post by a faithful Gengfan who has followed Geng for years..This is her reflections on the man whom she had followed for years and her love which is loyal and yet at times very painful because of helplessness….After reading that, I am sure we more or less share the same feelings and thoughts with her..


Yesterday, our treasure attended Sina network ceremony (Just now many Chinese gengfans would like to use “treasure” to refer to our precious Han Geng). Those talented people from gengfan family will have lots of fancam videos pretty soon – showing all types of (aspects)  handsome, adorable, and proud.


Some gengfan girls joked at miniblog that, others were there for awards, our treasure was there for negotiating for works, settling future schedules, consolidating networks, and BTW receiving award.

Look at him, so proud, so humble, so warm – those bosses were surrounding him, those VIP minibloggers were showing off his pictures they took, ingratiation came one after the other.

Just three years ago, this boy’s timid and lonely figure showed up at a 10 year celebration activity, now, he has grown into today’s returned King who are not disturbed either by favour or disgrace. The entertainment circle is Vanity Fair in real. Our treasure and gengfans have seen so many different faces, and our loved one has been able to bear the winds and rains, and he has been covered by glories. So today, we all can smile calmly and delightedly.

Actually, I think many gengfans have almost forgotten the past…because in our heart, there is never particular setting for him, we always love this man in front of us. In the past, he appeared, we love him; now, he appears, we love him. We love this man who are constantly making breakthroughs of his own. Do not stay in the past, do not feel tangled by some issues around him. We have been with him for so long. Shouldn’t we know him well already? Nothing is more reliable than this man.

About that 10 Year Celebration, I think we wouldn’t think of it if I don’t mention, just still feel a bit loss and disappointed when thinking of it – three years ago, at that wine party, he was still a young boy with Korean style makeup, standing in the corner alone.

A blank sheet of paper, starting from nothing.

Years of bitterness, going through trails and tribulations.

Returning to original state, starting all over again, in his home country.

What this boy has is his smile with tenacity and persistence.

What this boy has is the support from a group of young people who cannot do much for him.

How many people are there having such courage to start all over time and time again?

How many people are there having such warmth to melt down intricate hardships?

Today, three years after that event, he was standing on the mainstream stage, with full aura of uprightness.  He re-starts all over again as a newcomer.

The fickleness of the world, various looks of chasing fame and fortune, haven’t we seen so much? That’s why our eyes are sharp enough to see through all of these. However,

He is still humble and generous, just like three years ago.

He is still persistent and never giving up, just like three years ago.

How many people are there who can be such indifferent to the fame and fortune and still have a pure heart after being exposed to winds and rains for a long time –

perhaps, it is no longer naïve, because he is growing up;

perhaps, it is no longer blankness, because he is growing up.

but, its purity never changes.

There’s always a piece of pure land in people’s heart, no matter how bleak and nasty the human world is. You own that pure land, unless you contaminate it by yourself, no one else could reach there.

This is the man I’m looking at, what he has done is far beyond your greatest imagination and expectation.

This is the man I’m looking at, the comfort he brings is much more than what you have given.

How many people are surprised? How many people don’t understand?

How many people are confused? How many people envy?

He didn’t have a song which is widely known, he didn’t have a work which is very famous, he even didn’t have a solo CF, or any other solo opportunity. However, just being like this, he got the highest vote in Beijing and the 8th vote in entire China in the ballot for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game Torch Bearer; just being like this, he has been put in the richest piece of soil land at the bottom of those pure hearts belonging to numerous young people, gradually he has been bred into the lush green.

Didn’t release a solo album, no hype up, no strong background, even himself would not have thought that, his first concert would set a new record of the fastest concert tickets online sold out in Asia; he also received a 10-minute VCR showing the best wishes from many frontline stars, the words from each of them are full of sincerity.

Who would believe such thing could happen in entertainment circle, if it never actually did?

Who would understand how many and how big the storms he has ever confronted, and how much bitterness and sadness he has ever swallowed to make such thing happen?

This man is truly a person with great wisdom and humility. Facing the media, he never has much skillful trick, just be simple and sincere, have walked along with him for years, have seen him for so many times, he never changes. Facing Gengfans, he never has much sweet talk, feeling pain, he never wants to cry out, feeling bitterness, he never wants to say it. This man, is just like this.

To be a fan of this man, we always gain much more than the cost. A while ago, when I looked at him, I could write things full of rhetorical flourishes, sounded like I know him so much, never lack of worries and missing sentiment each day. Now, when I’m looking at him, my words get simpler and simpler, cannot be sentimental at all…Am I infected by him?

Three years old, as a nickname we give to him, isn’t it a good wish for him as well?

May you confront with less rains and winds, and have more smooth and achievable success. Shouldn’t the Heaven pity and bless this boy? Well, actually, I think I am still overanxious.

How could Gilded Drake be something just swimming in the pool? It would turn into Dragon once facing rains and winds.

Isn’t it an enjoyment for you to stir up rivers and oceans?

How can I not feel proud to follow you in raging waves?



Translations by Bristlegrass (Take out with full credits)


Here is the original link

I also found a video clip about that event 3 years ago (SOHU 10th Anniversary Celebration)

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4 Responses to The East 3 Years Ago, The West 3 Years Ago

  1. wendy says:

    I saw that video long time ago. Nobody really knew who he was back then. Even the president of SOHU didn’t know he was Chinese and seemed uninterested. I was sad but somewhere in my mind I knew Han Geng is going to come back bigger and greater and all those who snubbed him will feel silly. Han Geng, however, conducted himself very properly and elegantly. He might have gotten criticisms from fans for not trying to mingle more with the “important” people at that party. But if he did, he wouldn’t be the Han Geng we know and loved.

    Seeing that clip again, I really want to give him a big hug! 🙂

  2. S2X says:

    oh i remember that event very well for some reason, i was watching it at school during my break lol! at that time i got excited whenever i saw him appear in any event in China because it was an opportunity for him to shine individually, and get exposure because he was running as a candidate for one of the Beijing Olympics torchbearers. i think at that time SME probably sent him there to get connections with people from the entertainment industry in China to prepare the ground for SJM’s debut. while watching the video i kept thinking “poor Hannie, he must be bored to death” cuz there was no one he could talk to, just kept on walking around aimlessly. but it was also from then onwards that we started to see Han Geng in the Chinese media more and more often because although not many people in the industry knew him, he already had a huge fanbase so that did draw some attention from the media. even back then, when he had nothing as an individual artist, he already carried an aura of a king, he already had this natural brightness in him that couldn’t be contained for long. now, 3 years later, whenever he attends any event, he doesn’t even have to do much, everyone is dying to get a piece of him, all celebrities, music producers, reporters, directors and people from all levels of the industry wants to talk to him, to take a picture with him, or even just to get close to him. isn’t that incredible?

    “To be a fan of this man, we always gain much more than the cost” – i so agree with this sentence. all the money and time we spend on him is nothing compared to what he has taught us and given us. maybe he doesn’t even know it, but i had learned so much about humility, kindness, respect, working hard for my dreams, overcoming hardships and fears and many more things from him. he’s like an angel sent down from the heavens to teach us how to be a better person. i often wonder how can such a perfect person exist? being a Gengfan is one of my biggest prides.

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Thanks a lot, garnetblue, for posting this ^^

    Same here, I watched that video clip long time ago. After I wacthed it, I thought he had a long way to go, maybe 5 years, 1o years, I even decided to wait for such a long time…I have to be honest, when the first time I decided to be a gengfan, I never imagined or never dared to imagine he could be like what he is now, I couldn’t thought of that this boy can be such special and almost perfect. Sorry, my teasure Geng, I did underestimate you. But now, same as S2X, I often wonder how such a perfect person can exist! And now I can freely imagine about his future, and I also know he can be even better than my imagination. That makes me feel sooooooo good!!!

    BTW, about that cover for Harper’s Bazaar Men China, the editor said this issue is going to be a birthday gift for Han Geng. There have been about 40 celebrities on the cover of this magazine, all of them are the most successful and famous male celebrities in China around that time, including actors, directors, star athletes, other professionals working in fashion and entertainment circle. Han Geng is the youngest one among all of them by now!!!

  4. trueblue says:

    Yeah I too notice that he was so out of place there on that occasion..I felt so sad watching him trying to find a familiar face..and now he is wanted by almost everyone in that field.
    One thing, I know is that, Han Geng is aware of the fact that popularity is just temporary and as real as the sun rises and sets each day so does popularity..!! Right now the heat is on because he is considered a rookie in China and his nonentity before he came on to the scene..that’s why Han Geng doesn’t let fame and popularity go over his head. He is very focused on what he wants and how he obtains it and the direction he moves going about his daily chores…
    Unlike other stars, they flaunt their fame and fortune and their attitude..Han Geng keeps his two feet firmly on the ground and won’t be swayed by the popularity that he is enjoying now..! He won’t allow himself to bask in the glory just yet because he still has a long way to go and he knows that he did not earn the popularity entirely on his own merit..he shares it with his precious Gengfans knowing that they fanned the flames for him and his rise to his present status was because they let the world know who Han Geng is..! They went on every website that they can possibly find to make his name notable vote for him in almost every available chart, contest,competition and category.. and to flood the shows’ websites with their requests and recommendations.. !! That’s the power of Gengfans..hahaha!! It’s a great partnership……Geng & Gengfans Inc ..hehehe!!!!
    Knowing that his fans were doing all they can to help him, therefore, he does his part by proving that his fans were right in recommending and exposing him to the public..and not letting them down.!
    My hope and wish is that he will become a household name and become evergreen in the years ahead just like other stars/celebs before him..!

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