Geng’s P.R Skills

In 2006/07, Han Geng was just one of the members of a big group..

His role there was simply just to market himself as the Only Chinese Member in that group..

Aim : to garner interest,popularity and to harness the vast & lucrative Chinese market…for the group.(and of course the company too)

This was only the preparation ground for the company’s bigger plans..

When the time was just right, which happened to be the year where China hosted the Olympics..2008, this company had the opportunity to put into actions the plans which were just waiting to be implemented.Why just be an outsider when the opportunity to be an insider is within one’s grasp? Why just get a slice of the pie when there is a chance of having the whole pie? It was here that Han Geng’s ethnicity came into play..they made him the “leader” of a group..Talking about hitting two birds with a stone..from all aspects, everything was in place and intact. Everything was just peachy and perfect and ripe for them to pluck the fruits..!

Aim: Conquer the Chinese Market..

There is nothing wrong in that when in business where there is an opportunity there is a potential market to sell their products..

This time Han Geng is no longer just a Chinese member of a mammoth group of people.

This time  he had a slightly bigger and responsible role to play..being the captain of his own small group – a band made up of 7 members..!

In 2008, he had the responsibility of leading a group of  7-member band  into an untested and unfamiliar ground of Chinese Entertainment World..

Why untested and unfamiliar? The simple fact was that his group was made up of foreign members..4 from SK, 1 was a Canadian of Chinese origin, and 2 from Mainland China including himself..!

So with this diversity in ethnicity and culture, Han Geng had to lead this group and venture into the Chinese Entertainment World singing Mandarin songs…!! What a gigantic task for such an inexperienced guy.! From member to leader to promoting Mandarin songs with a group who can’t speak Chinese at all..!! That  wasn’t even a promotion for Han Geng..! That  was a torture and a suicidal venture just by thinking about it..!! How was he going to succeed..?

Can anyone imagine such a huge task ahead of him ? Can it be possible to accomplish what the company wanted by breaking into the Chinese Entertainment Market? Only a miracle could help him then and it did..!!

How ? Little did the company know that Han Geng is not only gifted in singing and dancing..he is also gifted in foresight ! Years ago, he already had this gift of social networking, by making,connecting and keeping friendships intact..Whenever he had the perchance to meet people irregardless of social standings, he made it a point to cultivate their friendships and maintain good comradeship between them. Through all those years of sincere friendliness and connections, Han Geng managed to obtain commitments of promotions from his personal social networking group. He was able to promote SJ-M through these connections and the hidden advantage there was that Han Geng developed his social skills from all these challenges thrown at him..

He never wasted an opportunity presented to him..He could have rejected the responsibility placed on his shoulders but he didn’t..He is his own rival..he competes with himself…to give up before trying or testing things out is not his nature. His positive attitude is to try and try and try until it gave way..! Until there is no more room or no more roads to traverse the limits is probably his motto in life..!

And because he did that, (he was able to benefit from that experience of leading a diverse non-Chinese speaking group in a Chinese speaking country..) he gained not only social skills but also public relations skills..! He has developed the art of manipulating Questions & Answers sessions in press conferences and interviews in his favour…hehehehe..!!!

I remembered an awkward situation where he was questioned by reporters whether SJ-M deserved to win the title Most Popular Chinese group & Chinese Rookie group of that year..when the majority of the members were not of Chinese origin..( the emphasis here was the term Chinese)  I knew that was a trick question and it was a sticky one too..It was also a test on his public relations skill too..He knew that they deserved that award and yet what the reporter said was also true..they were not a complete Chinese group..that’s a fact and the truth..Everyone can see that they were not and yet they won the award with the title Chinese group? When this question was posed to HG, the implication was so meant the ethnicity of Chinese origins..So the “safest” way for HG was to reply that the songs they sang were in Chinese and that they were developing and expanding in China..and doing promotions wholly in China and in Chinese.

So if you were in Han Geng’s place, how would you defuse that situation without admitting the glaring truth and also to avoid telling a lie..? That’s why I say that throughout those years, Han Geng has mastered the art of manipulating answers to tricky questions..!

This one here is the most recent..awkward questions posed by one  Hong Kong reporter  at the airport during his arrival on the 28th of this video clip..

I will try to translate what the reporters asked..

Reporter : Are you in contact with SJ?

HG : They are all very busy..

Reporter : Where will you spend your Chinese New Year (holidays) ?

HG : At home..

Reporter : So you are going back to Korea ..?

HG : My home is in Beijing..(still smiling….)

Reporter : Will you be able to go sight-seeing while you are in HK?

HG : I have activities here..

Reporter : Will you be meeting up with your friends in HK..?

HG : If I have some time free..

Reporter : Who is it ? What’s the name ?

HG :…………….!!!! (keep smiling and no comments )

Hehehe…….from this I notice 3 ways of  how HG responded to those questions..

1…..his answers were evasive when the questions were sensitive

2…..his answers were direct when he wants to clear misconceptions/misinformation

2… comments just keep smiling when the questions were an invasion into his private life…and also when it became outrageous..!!

I don’t have to pay to attend a course in Public Relations skills and social networking…I just learn these from watching how Han Geng replies to reporters’ questions..!!The 3 pointers of Public Relations Skills are…

1.The art or science of establishing and promoting a favourable relationship with the public.

2.The methods and activities employed to establish and promote a favourable relationship with the public.

3.The degree of success obtained in achieving a favourable relationship with the public..

So I hope that we can learn something from Han Geng’s Public Relations skills here..hehehehe..

It’s a piece of cake..!!

Credits : as tagged in pictures and video..thanks

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4 Responses to Geng’s P.R Skills

  1. noongeng says:

    the reporter needs to do some search before he makes this report hhhhhhh
    his Qs are so weird ..
    But HanGeng was so smart as always ..^_^

  2. gengggg says:

    really. hangeng so smart when he answering the question and the questions really tricky.

  3. S2X says:

    yeah, Han Geng always says that he’s not good with words, that he doesn’t really know how to speak well but when the situation requires, he knows exactly what, when, where and how to say the rights things. and he always does it so naturally, like a real pro! 😀

    that reporter at the airport was a joke, how did he even get that job? he clearly has no idea what he’s doing…tsk, tsk… :p

    • garnetblue says:

      I think that reporter is not really under the main stream media..
      I think he is more like paparazzi and selling his stories to tabloids..(gossip newspapers)
      Real reporters actually do their homework before “interviewing” a potential subject..
      That reporter looked like trying to pull HG into a controversial topic..and since he failed to draw any dramatic reactions from HG he changed the topic and he also failed at that..!! hehehe!!!
      Oh my gaga…!! I really “gaga” and “lols” when I watched that clip..

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