Gaga Over Geng

January 30, 2011… mark that day everyone..!

See what Han Geng did in Hong Kong..!

He crooned to a fan in English…

He gave his personal item to a fan..his watch..

He accepted a fan’s proposal..even accepted the candies. He gave back one to the girl and he kept the other..! How sweet of him..hehehe (Sorry I made a mistake here earlier..I mentioned rings but our friend pointed out it were candies..hehehehe..)

He agreed with a fan’s opinion that he will always be part of the thirteen brothers…

He danced a remix of Queen and MY LOGO….

He personally wished to a fan birthday blessings and greeted her a Happy Chinese New Year…since the fan’s birthday falls on Feb.3..

He used Cantonese phrases to greet fans and complimented that they are beautiful..

So here are some video clips for your entertainment, while waiting for the Spring Gala Night on Feb.2…

This clip  takes the cake..

Host: Make a wish before you blow the candle..

HG closing his eyes, clasping his hands and made a silent wish..

Host: He’s wishing for a wife soon…!!

HG : I already have so many down stage, no need for another..hehehehe…

What reactions would one expects from that kind of reply….

Definitely it’s  a high voltage gaga screams…

Not only fans were high on emotions..even the media were gaga over Han Geng…!!

Fans also gave him birthday gifts such as custom-made suit for him to Go International, an LV scarf of the World Map, a diamond studded letter G earring …. a scrap book of newspaper clippings from Taiwan fans..Charity project in HG’s name from Thai fans…and etc…

These are only the ones that were mentioned, and others were not…

Credits : to all whose pictures are tagged and in videos…

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8 Responses to Gaga Over Geng

  1. Windchime says:

    Thanks so much for putting that up, I’ve been having trouble to access baidu recently….

    Just two points tho~~ from what I hear from weibo and my friends who went, the girl who proposed to him actually gave him two candies instead of rings, and he did return one of the candies to her.

    Also, I’ve been hearing about that 13 thing all over twitter, but no one on weibo has mentioned it so far, and I watched the baidu fan cams of the whole thing and I didn’t see it~~ can you guys tell me when did it happen? I’m getting really confused .___________.

    Anyways~~ thanks so much for these~~ and hehe~~~ now the whole world knows that he’s our wifey~~ lol~~

    • garnetblue says:

      Ok thank for the correction..I will correct that part..
      You will notice that fan-cam where the girl called him oppa..and that’s where she said first HG didn’t catch what she said and she repeated it and he bent closer to listen to her..let me watch the clip again and mark it..

      • garnetblue says:

        Okay it’s in the 3rd video clip @3.12…ff
        She said she is ELF and they will always love him and support him and he will forever be one of the 13 brothers to them..!!

      • garnetblue says:

        Okay it’s in the 3rd video clip @3.12…ff
        She said she is ELF and they will always love him and support him and he will forever be one of the 13 brothers to them..!!
        She is holding a blue light-stick.

  2. Cindy says:

    That 13 brothers thing touched me too~ Yes, he nodded his head and gave a hug to the ELF, he was quite touched and the fans from downstage mentioned that his eyes were watery. This was captured in the 3rd youtube clip in this page from 3:06 to 3:38. Not sure if he knows about the car accident of Heechul and Leeteuk in Singapore… When Geng was in HK, SJ were in Singapore the same day. Just relief to know that both of them are alright, Geng might be worried because both of them had the major car accidents before.

    • onepinetree says:

      Oh, it’s so good to see you here!

      We cannot deny the fact that his initial fans are ELFs and they still support him although he is not part of SJ. Personally I have learned many things from them. I truly admire their devoted love for all those 13 members no matter what.

  3. onepinetree says:

    I really wish he would have a fan meeting here in Los Angeles, where the largest Chinese community along with other Asian communities in the USA. Then I will go there with three children. As you know, he usually pays attention to those fans who bring their child. Ha Ha.. .I can score in that part, ha ha…

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes pinetree go go go with your children..!! You have more advantage over all others are Korean and 2 you have twins…plus your eldest and your hubby..hehehe

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