Geng’s Showcase On Spring Gala Evening 2011

Recaps of CCTV Spring Gala Night…

Han Geng opened the concert with a festive dance number together with other artists.   Returning Home for The New Year– is a catchy number and filled with exuberance and expectancy and excitement….to be able to meet parents and family members after months of being away from be able to reunite on the most significant day of the year. To receive and give blessings is such a privilege for all Chinese it signifies the start of a bountiful year.

Han Geng is the only professional singer among the other artists who are performing together with him.The others are actors..

Here are some video clips and pictures which will be implanted in our memories till time immemorial.

What better day than the  Spring Gala Festival Evening to showcase his talents to the whole world…It was such a joyous and auspicious day for us all to witness Han Geng standing on such a big stage, among the top of the line in the entertainment world..

To the Chinese public in general, the opening number is the most watched part of the whole affair..the who’s who of  the entertainment world would give an arm and a leg  to be able to stand on that stage on that occasion.

Since 1983, CCTV’s New Year gala has gathered the top performers in the country to celebrate Lunar New Year. It has been the country’s most watched variety show for twenty- eight years. The devotion poured into the show by the cast and crew is its key to success.

At CCTV’s number one studio, the curtains rises in a grand gesture to usher in the start of a new decade. The Spring Festival gala is enjoyed at get-togethers on New Year’s Eve throughout the country.

The annual Lunar New Year gala celebration started in the 1980s. Since then, it has been the most popular TV event, attracting a major portion of China’s 1.3 billion population each year

Han Geng is ready to soar higher and higher this year and the next and the next….!

Han Geng needs to stand on his own feet now, to gain the public’s interest on his own merit…!!

We, his fans need to take a step back and watch him mature and grow stronger and conquer the world by himself now; so that his fame and popularity will be recognized by the general public as  his own efforts and not his Gengfans….in order  for him to be valued as a top performer and  that it won’t be said of Han Geng that  Geng is popular because he has a strong fan base..!

It is time for us now to just stay on the sidelines and watch him earn the trust and confidence of the his own efforts.

We do not need to mollycoddle him now. Let us be his shadow now. Let us watch him silently but supportively from afar and give him our blessings..!

Han Geng, our pledge to you was that we will walk side by side with you for the next two decades and that we will..! We will still be here as long as you keep performing there..! The road ahead  still has a long distance to go, but we will be at your side..this is our pledge and we will keep it to the best of our ability for  the word “forever” is an illusion and is elusive..and the reality is in our presence.

We wish you good fortune, good health and success in all your future endeavours…

For the difficult days are approaching when you will be the target of envious, resentful and hateful people who can’t see your fame and popularity rising higher each day…!! In fact, it’s already starting right after your performance on Spring Gala Evening..

Just remember this, draw your assurance and strength from us, your Gengrice, who are ready to stretch out our hands to comfort you and stand by you…we believe in you and have the confidence in you that you will succeed and be respected by one and all..


Credits : as tagged on pictures and in videos..thanks

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12 Responses to Geng’s Showcase On Spring Gala Evening 2011

  1. Mandy says:

    I remember when I watched the interview, I did feel a tiny bit awkward when Han Geng replied that he would use his own ability to participate in the Spring Festival Gala next year when the program host said Geng should utilize the power of Gengfans in order to bring him back again. The host did not sound like he had any hard feelings, but I guess some people such as the two hosts who just start getting to know Han Geng is through the power of Gengfans before they see Geng’s own ability and professionalism.

    Anyway, it’s so good to see Han Geng’s smiling, so cute that his eyes almost form like a straight line~

    • bristlegrass says:

      I don’t think the host had any hard feeling, and he was kinda making a tiny but straight joke…because it is true that whenever these professionals posted about Han Geng participating the Spring Gala and relevant shows at their weibo, gengfans’ enthusiastic responses always surprise them. They start to know Han Geng better through Gengfans, rather than just a celebrity’s name. However, the way this host phrase this “joke” was a bit offensive to an artist who are working devotedly to prove his own talents and professionalism in entertainment industry. I knew Han Geng would respond like that when I heard the host’s comment.
      I’m always glad that Han Geng never really relies on Gengfans’ power, he appreciates Gengfans’ support and love so much, so he knows that constantly improving and demonstrating himself is the ultimate way to pay back Gengfans’ support and make himself prosperous for long in this industry. He really doesn’t want his fans worried about him so much, he wants us proud of him and happy for him. ^^

      • onepinetree says:

        Even without understanding Chinese, I got a feeling that the host was not nice to Han Geng… Ha Ha…

        Well, this is a just process Han Geng has to go through while growing up to a bigger star. One day… no body won’t question about Han Geng’s ability. And WE know that.

      • bristlegrass says:

        😀 my feeling is that the male host was nicer to the lady, and the female host was nicer to our Han Geng…well, that’s human nature, hehe…

    • wendy says:

      Honestly, I think the male host just misspoke. And after Han Geng corrected him, he was a bit embarassed. It is obvious that both hosts don’t really know about Han Geng. They learned about Han Geng by reading comments left by gengfans on the internet. Soon, people will know Han Geng because of his own merits and not just because he has a big fan base.

  2. onepinetree says:

    The lyrics of the song were something to Han Geng.
    I don’t clearly remember but I was told that ” Daddy, Mom, your son came home” like that.

    Thanks to Han Geng, I found about this Spiring Gala evening; how big, how significant this is to the Chinese public. To me, Han Geng is a cultural ambassador. Thanks to him, I got to know so many things about China and the Chinese.

    When he was in Korea, there were so many Korean fans who became fond of China and Chinese thanks to Han Geng. Now, he went back home. But still he will be one of the most influential Chinese cultural figures to all those young people around the world.

    Son, I am really proud of you!

  3. proleptical says:

    I really liked this performance. It made me smile and once I read the lyrics translation, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Not to mention that his voice is just precious and soothing. So proud of him.

    I used to be very upset when I’d see people criticizing Han Geng. Like, seriously upset. Then I realized that whenever undue criticism of an idol suddenly increases, it’s an indication of their own popularity and relevance with the general public increasing. Frankly, it’s no surprise to me to see how a lot of the people criticizing him on Sina Weibo happen to be fans of artists that are deemed his competition (and a lot of them who didn’t get invited to the Gala). It just shows that his increasing popularity it’s seen as a threat and, I predict that it will only increase. That’s what notoriety gives you – a great deal of love but also some undue hate.

    Fortunately, it’s very evident he just doesn’t care. He’s too busy being his usual 3 year-old self and bulding Gundam models and spending his break with his family and friends, hehehe. He’s a strong one!

    • S2X says:

      i’ve been hearing about some people criticizing his performance on The Spring Gala…what exactly were they criticizing him for? his performance was perfect! there are just too many jealous people in this world…tsk, tsk. :p

      • garnetblue says:

        Okay, I too was very upset with those uncalled-for criticisms, but then, come to think of is good.! It is a good sign when people reacted this way because it showed that HG is on his way up and those who were not chosen for that extravaganza resented him for being picked by the organisers of the event..!
        They resented that he was rising fast in that industry and garnered lots of praises from people who are credible and respectable..
        Now, we know why it was such a big deal to be up on that grand stage..!
        It was a world’s stage..! China’s showcase to the world..! It has the elements of prestige, grandeur, honour and glory..!! And best of all, …recognition as a top performer..!!

  4. followurdestiny says:

    So proud of him 🙂 As long as he’s happy, smiling, healthy and busy doing what he loves doing 😀 … I really liked this performance as well, love that he danced a bit of ‘traditional dance’ as well 😀 His voice is so soothing and sweet <33

    May the year of the rabbit bring all lots of prosperity, love, happiness and good health!

  5. rizkahangeng says:

    hangeng.. you deserve it…

  6. Tina says:

    who is the cute teen girl and guy couple sining

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