30 Responses to Hangeng Is So Different – Rizka

  1. ZenZhyn says:

    I don’t know how to say… after read it, I feel so good , happy , warm and priceless .
    Han Geng and Gengfans is wonderful person.
    I can’t wait for 26 feb to go to fansmeeting in Thailand

    Thank you so much for translate!!

    [I’m so sorry for do not often comment , Because I’m very poor in vocabulary , I afraid to make a mistake in words 😦 {cry}]

    • garnetblue says:

      Zen, I too wish that you will have the fortune to meet HG and to interact with him too…
      Yes, meeting HG just for once is already fortunate but to be able to go on stage twice..is a bonus!!
      Rizka is one very fortunate girl who is loved by Geng and Gengfans..!
      Even HG was defending her in the game by pointing out that she can’t understand the language and that she is from Indonesia..
      I thought that HG would remember her but for him to remember the word “terima kasih” is just mind boggling…!

  2. noongeng says:

    Rizka .. you are so lucky .. I am happy to know a lot of gengfans .. our Big family is getting bigger and bigger

  3. wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing. I always love to read fan accounts, especially the ones that is filled with so much love.

  4. onepinetree says:

    “Luck is what happens when preparation meets the opportunity”

    I always have thought this saying literally applies to our Han Geng when pursuing his dream. Now, I can tell this also applies to his fans. I don’t think she is simply lucky. She deserves such a luck.

    Thank you, Garnet blue, for posting this fan account.

    Just one question, what is the original source for this account?
    Did you happen to know her and get the account directly from her?

    • garnetblue says:

      Hehehe…sorry Pinetree, I didn’t make it clear..
      This account was written by Rizka in her own hands..she sent it to me and asked me whether it was okay..and I asked her to share it. She didn’t know where to post it so I suggested that she can post it here and she agreed to it. That’s how her fan-account landed here..hehehe..
      Yes I know her..we chat on FB

      • onepinetree says:

        Oh… then would you ask her if it is OK to translate her account into Korean and post it at my Naver blog? I already started translating her account into Korean.

      • garnetblue says:

        Pinetree, Rizka gave the “go” signal..hehehe
        she is happy that you will translate to Korean, even Japanese or Chinese, she doesn’t mind. hehehe

      • garnetblue says:

        Okay I will inform her..I think she won’t mind…but I will still ask her…thanks Pinetree..

      • bristlegrass says:

        I started to think about translating it into Chinese, Ahhhhhh~~ I truly hope I could find time to do it!!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      I totally agreed! Rizka deserves this luck! ^^

  5. Nissahan says:

    Rizka u’r so lucky .. im so happy read ur story .. im so proud to be an gengfans and also really proud to gengfans .. we’r familly right ..
    may i know rizka Fb? i really want to be her friend even we’r from same country ^^

    • garnetblue says:

      Please wait for Rizka to respond to you..hehehe
      She will be back to “civilisation” once her teaching assignment in the remote area is over.She will come to this blog so I will let her reply to you..ok? Hehehe
      Thanks for coming here and let’s be friends here too..

      • Nissahan says:

        ok .. thank you after and before .. ^^
        thank you for creat this beautiful Blog ..
        thank you for share news about our star ..
        let be friends .. we’r GengFans ..

  6. S2X says:

    aww her devotion and love for Han Geng is so touching, she is willing to travel anywhere just to meet him. when i saw there was an Indonesian fan on stage in the HK meeting, i was wondering if it was the same one from the Singapore fanmeeting. so it was actually her! so lucky to have been able to meet him twice on stage, i might never have such an opportunity since i live half a world away from him 😦

    the help that she got from other Gengfans is also so heartwarming, Gengfans are just as amazing and sweet as Han Geng. when he says that he has the best fans in the world, he really isn’t exaggerating. i think the best thing about being a fan of Han Geng, besides learning so much from him, is being able to know other Gengfans, who are really like family, no matter in which part of the world they are from, they’re all so generous and kind. like idol, like fans. i am so proud of being part of this beautiful family!

  7. deeyn says:

    omona~ T___T she is so damn lucky! i wish i was her. :3 thanks for sharing your experiences Rizka and for rewrite the fans account Garnetblue! 😀 anyway, i’m a Bruneian Gengfan! lets be friend and spread the Geng’s love! ^^ ❤

  8. rizkahangeng says:

    hay everyone, i am rizka.. it’s nice to know all gengfans and you all are willing to read my fanaccount.. actually i dont know how to express my feeling after meeting hangeng in HK fanmeeting.. hehehhe

    i am lucky? i dont know too.. but many gengfans said that I AM SUPER DUPER LUCKY.. heheh. yes, Hangeng knows me.. that’s enough..

    i did not get a watch from Hangeng in HK FM, i did not stand on the stage to give him a birthday party or show him what my charity activities, i did not sing a song for him and hold his hand..

    but all i think i know is that i dont get a gift from Hangeng, only a hug, but i get so many gifts from Gengfans in HK whom i never met before.. their hugs, their warm to me,, we are from different countries, but we are one.. because we are gengfans..

    hangeng.. terima kasih…

    • Nissahan says:

      k’rizka, im nissa from jakarta .. may i know ur FB id. i want to be ur friend. mungkin dengan berteman dengan kk di fb, qu juga bisa minta share pengalaman kk bertemu hangeng.. atau berbagi cerita tentang hangeng lebih dalam ^^

      • rizkahangeng says:

        sure… it’s Rizka Hangeng.. pengalaman ma Hangeng.. heheh… sedikit kok, tapi bermakna…

        you will be lucky as me, or even more luckier than me…

  9. ZenZhyn says:

    Hello again! If you would like Happy Birthday to Han Geng , doconcert (Thailand) asked to send birthday greetings on this link


    they said it will be sent directly to Han Geng. ^___^ (sorry for my poor English)

  10. syamimi says:

    i am new here..but just love it.,glad that geng know how to say terima kasih..anyway..he has fans in malaysia too~!

  11. garnetblue says:

    syamimi…I am Malaysian…hehehe..!!

  12. Vivian says:

    I just read this article…. I miss Rizka, I hope she will be fine!!
    And I am waiting to see her again in Hong Kong!

  13. Lily says:

    it is just so touching. T_T
    i don’t even know why i’m crying right now.
    i wanna do like what Rizka did too.

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