Happy Birthday, Han Geng…(Edit With Video)

Waking up this morning, I realised that today is Han Geng’s birthday..

What can we give him on his birthday which he doesn’t have already..?

He now has fame and fortune..

He now has his freedom..

He now has returned to his homeland…

He now has his own way on what he wants and doesn’t want….

He now has the choice to be or not to be..

He now has his charm expanded further afield..

He now has fulfilled his filial duty as a son to his parents..

In short, he now has the world in his palms..!

Is that good or bad..?

Depends on how one looks at it..

Happiness isn’t just fulfilling one’s dreams and achievements..

Happiness isn’t just striving to get hold of one’s desires…

Happiness is just very simple..it is contentment and satisfaction of seeing one’s project falls into it’s plans and attaining the utmost in one’s limitations.The key word there is contentment…..

Han Geng, here is my wish for you…

That you will achieve most of your goals if not all of them..

That your road ahead will be less rocky…

That the wind will be behind you not against you…

That you will mature with age and wisdom…

That your future will be bright just like your name…

That you will soar higher and higher..

That you will dance as though no one is watching you, love as if you have never been hurt before, sing as though there is nothing to stop you, live as though heaven is on earth…

Han Geng, today 10th of Feb is still your birthday according to the Lunar Calendar..You are so fortunate to celebrate your birthday two days in a row..back to back..hehehe

So those of you who missed out in giving Han Geng greetings and blessings can do so today..hehehe!!

I would like to share with you a video made by  嘿嘎 uploaded by gengfans@YT..

It is quite rare to be able to celebrate one’s birthday back to back, because the Gregorian calendar & the Lunar calendar differs normally by one month. Han Geng is so blessed to be able to celebrate both days side by side….hahaha..!!

credits: as tagged..

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19 Responses to Happy Birthday, Han Geng…(Edit With Video)

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~~thank you, Garnetblue, for posting this! ^^


    February 9th is a special day for you and me. It used to be a happy day for myself, thinking back my past year and looking forward to growing for the next year. But after I met you, the Feb 9th during the last couple years, are quite different. In 2009, I just started to like you, Feb 9th is double happiness for me…in 2010, I really couldn’t describe my feelings, happiness, worries, anxiety, hope, sweetness, bitterness, etc..Today, I am pretty sure about my feeling, HAPPY, Pure Happiness, Double Happiness, and full of expectation for the next year! I hope my feeling on Feb 9th would be always like this for the next 20 years, at least 😀

    • onepinetree says:

      In my time zone, tomorrow is YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!!

      • garnetblue says:

        Ah Pinetree, no problem….I found out that tomorrow is still Han Geng’s birthday according to the Lunar Calendar..and today is his birthday according to the Gregorian calendar..hehehe!!!
        So rare to have birthdays back to back…..
        It’s really double bliss….

      • bristlegrass says:

        😀 Thanks!

  2. onepinetree says:

    Garnet Blue, you are SO RELIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO grateful that you post this.

    Dear Han Geng, although my own three boys fed up my life totally, you are still something to me. Happy birthday to you and I am so glad there are many fans who can share today’s joy with you!

  3. wendy says:

    This post says it all! Happy Birthday Han Geng! 🙂

  4. shine says:

    wow good job guys.. as wendy said.. this post said it all …thanks .

  5. followurdestiny says:

    Yes, to all of the above… the post does say it all!
    Wish you the best! 生日快乐!Happy Happy Birthday, Han Geng!

  6. Nissahan says:

    may I write a greeting to Hangeng here?

    Happy Birthday Our Man ♥
    always wish the best for you
    its already many time pass since i know you
    and it’s true , tears and laugh sometime show because of you
    i love you like i love someone who love me in real live
    i love you because you are hangeng
    you.. hangeng who let me know how to keep smile in hard life
    who let me know to confront the hard thing and not escape.
    so far .. i just can give my pray for you
    don’t be too tired .. and someday i want you to be like ordinary person
    find your love and show me your happines with her..
    once again ‘HAPPY BDAY Hangeng’ ^^^
    Thank you for your mother who give birth someone like you .

  7. Mandy says:


    • garnetblue says:

      Hehehe…in Chinese today..?
      Menu for today is….Chinese food..huh? Hehehehe…..

      • Mandy says:

        haha, my first time posting in Chinese…coz I feel the English words would be lost in translation…it’s just not the same. keke…

  8. ZenZhyn says:

    Wow, that vid is so beautiful , Thank you for share it!

  9. rizkahangeng says:

    Hangeng.. selamat ulang tahun… happy birthday…

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks for the video..I saw some familiar faces in there..
      Some I just make a guess, trying to place faces to the familiar names…hehehe!!
      Good work guys..!! Jia you..!
      You people need to get a pat on your shoulders..
      The best news is that chances are Han Geng was able to watch that video…!! hehehe!!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      It’s a great video, I like it sooooo much!!!
      Hoho~~~I believe Han Geng must has watched it!

      • garnetblue says:

        Yes I think he had watched it..
        According to those at Gengbao.International..they tweeted the vid to the two Japanese whom HG is currently having holidays with,asking if they could show the vid to HG..they agreed!
        They replied that HG said “thanks”…
        So from that reply..is it safe to say that HG did watch it..? hehehe!!

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