Dangerous Love


Dangerous Love

Oh 眼神別閃躲
Oh, don’t dodge your glances

Don’t be sneaking around

Oh 氣氛告訴我
Oh, tell me the mood

Hey U
Hey U

Indulge in physical temptation

Want your all to belong to me

My palm turns hot

Oh 燃燒愛的火
Oh burns the fire of love


Is the greatest attraction of love

The most fatal is not to see the signals of the one you love

Who let go of who’s irresolution

Is work the true intention

Who remembers to give up

Play heartbeat, play ambience

Let emotions go wild

It’s an embrace, it’s a trap

No one can guess

Give me this one second

I’ll satisfy all your wishes

Cause I need your love
Cause I need your love

Dangerous love
Dangerous love

Oh…oh oh oh Oh…oh oh oh
Oh…oh oh oh Oh…oh oh oh

Oh 說的就是你
Oh, I’m talking about you

Don’t be so mysterious

Dormant within your heart

Kiss me
Kiss me

The magical powers that love brings

Lets one become so obsessed

Be close to your breath

Cause one to be breathless

*Chorus x2

I don’t deny that there’s a little heartbreak

Don’t care that there’ll be any sympathy

Might as well think of love as something that is perfect

I cannot let time go backwards

Every moment can no longer be wasted

Use all to love there will be no regrets

*Chorus x

Let me springboard from the title of this song…Dangerous Love….

As we all know by now, Han Geng did not include it in his 1st album “Geng Xin”..much to my disappointment..

But I have a theory though..could it be that this song is not fitted for the album’s concept? Geng’s Heart? The ten songs in his album have some common ground and something pertaining to his heart.So being flirty is not in Geng’s heart?..hehehe..!! On the contrary..he has been very flirty and enticing at the last fan-meeting in Hong Kong..eh? The songs in his album talks about his journey in story form…and his metamorphosis.

I have always wondered why Dangerous Love wasn’t included in the album and pondered on the various valid reasons of why not? Just by looking at the lyrics, one would second guess that this song is truly very alluring and enticing..Just imagine, Han Geng, singing that song over and over again in the CD would make one’s heart flutter or melt..Just the lines….kiss me.….is enough to turn one’s heart and imagination crazy.. And pity those matured young Gengfans falling all over him when they fetch him from the airports..!! The results could be devastating..! Imagine Gengfans being love-sick and pining for him..!! That’s why it’s called Dangerous Love…! It is too erotic for younger fans who are still innocent to understand eros love…(love between lovers) I dare say that the majority of Gengfans are more into platonic love when it comes to Han Geng..there are the sister-fans, mother-fans, father-fans, Geng knights and recently the tiger-fans..(those who were born in the year of the tiger) and many others which I can’t enumerate here..hehehe!!

Well being a true blooded Gengfan has it’s perks and perils….one either being out-casted by other people or being abused verbally which arose either from resentment or envy…Gengfans have suffered a long time under the hands of those who do not like Han Geng and have been very patient and tolerant towards them because their love for Han Geng is centered on respect for Han Geng in order not to disgrace him in the eyes of others. In loving and following Han Geng, one learns to grow tougher and stronger against persecutions. One is able to withstand the storms in one’s life.

The perks of being his fan is the attention and love he gives to each individual fan..as if he or she is the only one in the whole world!! His care and concern for each fan is beyond what a celebrity would pay attention to. He appreciates all his fans and is kind towards them irregardless whether or not they purchase his album or patronising his concerts or attending his stage appearances. Even up to now, there are still those who can’t accept the fact that Han Geng is flying solo and every now and then there are still those verbal abuses coming from these people..

Take for example a recent case, an international fan was “hit on” by others when she attended a super show wearing a “Geng” T-shirt and having some Geng-support materials with her. The support materials were “taken away” from her and she was told to cover her t-shirt with a jacket..! ( I am not targeting anyone here with this story so just relax and read it with an open mind. It is a friendly reminder to all “international” fans who are Geng-biased to exercise wisdom when attending SS. My inclusion of her story here is to help her de-traumatised and to let her know that there are Gengfans communities where she can join and interact. There are international fans who are Geng-biased and who would attend these SS and I hope this story will give an insight of what may or may not happen.)

Actually, love is a risk one must take if one is to love someone. It has to do with opening up one’s heart and being exposed to hurt and sometimes ridicule.

Love is a choice that one makes everyday in life. One choose to love or not to love someone or something..it’s an ongoing and conscious choice. It’s  an emotion which we can control.

An excerpt from the novel “Midwinter Turns to Spring” by Maria Veloso

“Love is not just a feeling. It’s a choice, a commitment, a way of behaving toward another. Love is not simply an event that happens to you. Rather, love is something you choose to do. The state of being in love is simply a prelude to love. But most people make the mistake of thinking they’re one and the same thing. We are all given circumstances by which we can exercise the choice to love. That’s the thunderbolt that God supplies. It’s that instant attraction to another person, those warm, fuzzy feelings, that fever akin to drunkenness or madness that causes you to know that you’re in love. But it’s what you choose to do after that thunderbolt has passed that matters. You choose whether you’re going to continue loving the other person after the drunkenness has dissipated, after the frills of romance have fallen away. You choose whether you’re going to continue to seek the best interests of the other person, and care about him or her through any and all circumstances — and for how long. Love is a conscious choice.”

So in loving Han Geng, you have made the choice, be it good or bad. Be it dangerous or safe. Be it wild or tame. Han Geng can make your love for him worthwhile..every second you spent on him is worth your time. Take for instance, this devoted and determined Gengfan who traveled to HK to meet her favourite guy..you have read her fan-account and it was being translated into other languages. From the feedbacks, I learned that many were inspired by her story..but behind all this, there is a heart-breaking story..with her permission, I would like to share to you her condition..Behind her smile (just like HG) is one very strong and courageous woman. She is a teacher and she does charity on behalf of Han Geng…why? In order to make known the name of Han Geng in her tiny community and also it’s her way of giving back to society and “repaying” Han Geng for teaching her not to quit and for inspiring her to live life to the fullest..I will post her testimony in my next post if you readers are in favour of it..I would prefer that you learn from her first-hand because it’s her story…and secondly this blog is meant forhangeng. So in Rizka’s case, she made a choice to love…( If you guys like me to post Rizka’s testimony please make your comments…hehehehe..)

Now let’s see what Han Geng  is up to lately..

In Sapporo….

In Hawaii…..

Let’s cherish the time we have here while we can.

Let us choose to love and not hate.

Let us enjoy what is given to us.

Let us be thankful that in our lifetime, we were able to meet and know a guy named Han Geng…….

Han Geng, who wills us to love not hate, who teaches us to be generous in sharing our blessings to the less fortunate, to live life to the fullest, to take courage and not fear the unknown, to be the best of what we can be, to give respect to all irregardless of who, and to aspire for the ultimate through hard-work. And best of all to be focused and not quit on our dreams, ambitions and goals.

credits :

lyrics translations by babyskulledhead@Geng-bao.net

video clip HKlovegeng@YT



“Love is like a precious plant.
You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard
or just think it’s going to get on by itself.
You’ve got to keep watering it.
You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”

—John Lennon

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3 Responses to Dangerous Love

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Your article inspires many thoughts of me. I read a saying from others, “as a fan, if you can genuinely and deeply love and follow an idol for quite a long time, it must not be merely due to something like appearance, status, the characters he/she’s played, nor even his/her talents (unless you are under 18), the determinative factor is VALUES!!! ” I have to say, I cannot agree with this more, and I believe Rizka’s story and many other gengfans’ stories can prove the validity of this remark.

    I would love to hear Rizka’s story, if she would like to share 🙂

  2. polly says:

    finally I was able to browse the website!!! It had been blocked for quite a few months. I will read more…

    By the way, I admire Rizka for her great courage and pure emotions and I sometimes I worry for her— too deep emotions sometimes is a kind of torture, no matter it is presented in which way. Is it good luck or bad luck?

    Should there be a line in the feelings of the fans? What kind of love of a fan to his/her idol? Won’t it be a block in one’s real life when one wants to find his/her partner? Even between lovers, one who gives still hopes to get. I could not define the kind of feelings of a devoted fan’s emotions to his/her idol. It is really dangerous, as I see. The red light keeps screaming and one still could not control herself from going on.

    • bristlegrass says:

      I think such feeling always depends on how you perceive it individually. I wasn’t any celebrity’s fan before knowing Han Geng. I’ve ever questioned the relations between idol and fans before, and I was struggling about my feeling for him for a while, but now, I know he inspires me soooo much in terms of experiences, spirits, values, and mentality. I enjoy his performances and appearance. I have clearer goal in my life and become more persistent in achieving it. I feel happier and more fulfilled in my life. I do hope people around me who I like and like me, know and like Han Geng as well, because he has become part of my life, as an important friend, role model, one source of happiness and encouragement. Btw, I also know, Han Geng is NOT someone as the model of my Mr. Right, that’s quite a relief 😀

      I am a devoted fan of Han Geng, and my substantial support for him is my appreciation to him and source of enjoyment. I think each mature gengfan has their own reasons to support Han Geng. As long as fans feel happy and gaining something in supporting an idol, I am glad for them to be a devoted fan, that would be treasured and perhaps encouraging experiences and memories in one’s life which not everyone can possess, unless they follow an immoral person or they did things immorally in order to support or follow that person…

      I don’t have any presumption of Rizka’s emotion and reasons in supporting Han Geng before I know her stories ^^, but so far I can tell that she is truly happy, mentally healthy and optimistic, and seems she is able to fulfill herself and make contribution to her community in the process of supporting Han Geng. If supporting Han Geng can make her like this, I am truly happy for her. 🙂

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