66 Responses to At Least I Have Met Him In My Life

  1. smile says:

    Thanx garnet for sharing her story, well I wanna add something of her story, hehehe sorry rizka if you don’t mind I share a lil’ bit of who you are ^^
    I’ve known rizka quite long but not that long enough. When I first know her she is like other fans who always worry about his idol. He always cry because of the Antis but days by days month by month she become stronger and when I knew she already make her move by herself and prove other that she is no longer hopeless fan but more than that. It surprising me that the Rizka I know had become so confidence. Proud of you rizka. Now you can push all the wave and make your own path. I will cheer for you like before and I hope others can take her story “Dream can become reality, there is no impossible in this world, if you have will you can do it” 😀

  2. bristlegrass says:

    I think I haven’t cried for a long time, because Han Geng is happier than ever before…but I couldn’t stop shedding tears when I was reading Rizka’s story, I know those tears definitely NOT come from any pity, I AM JUST SO MOVED AND PROUD!!! Also, I feel heartache…anyway, I am so proud of you, Rizka! Han Geng must be proud of you if he knows your story! Would you mind me translate your story into Chinese and post it at Gengbar? Please~~~~but please also feel free to reject my request if you feel tiny little uncomfortable about it. THANK YOU! Again, Rizka, Jiayou..!! Fighting..!! Bersemangat..!!

    Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH, my dear Garnetblue (I never call you Jie, because I know you would feel young without this title ^^), for everything you have done for this blog! 😀

    • polly says:

      Rizka is in hospital now. I think you may contact her sister at Sina Weibo. She’s there now. I am so slow in response! I used to read that she had revealed a little part of her pain at the weibo, but I thought it was a cold or because of a bad mood. I did not even comfort her and just talked again and again about the funny things. I am such a fool!

      • garnetblue says:

        Thank you Polly for helping to make others aware of what Rizka is going through..
        I was hesitant to share /expose her story even though she gave me permission to do so..
        There are good and bad people in the net..like what we saw in Sun Le’s case…..
        My reason was to let others know why she did what she did..by going all over Asia just for Han Geng..and for others to know of how much she loves HG…and yet hiding her pain..just like HG..behind that smile..
        The other thing was that this kind of story will also attract envy from others who commented that she was using her illness to attract attention for herself..that was the risk involved in exposing her story…

    • polly says:

      Think for the second time, I think it’s not a good idea to expose her illness publicly at Geng Bar where many reporters will browse. The last thing I want to see is that some media become interested and get involved in this. Rizka should not be used by the media in the issue. She is such a tender-hearted girl. She must be all well and live healthy and happily until 100 years old!

      • garnetblue says:

        I understand your point Polly, but let us hope for the best…
        Besides it’s a risk we must take in order to let Rizka know that she is not alone..She gave of herself so much and of course she also received much in return..
        At times, we don’t know how things will turn out, whether or not to our expectations or in our favour..
        Things happened for a reason just like Han Geng used to say..
        There is always a reason for everything..
        I can see that there are so many blessings for her at Gengbar and I am sure that when she feels the love of Gengfans, she will be motivated to fight against the affliction..and boost up her morale…

      • bristlegrass says:

        I did hesitate to do so for a while…same reason as Garnet and you have…Just reading her story again and again, I don’t see her kind heart, brave deeds, and pure love have any little tiny point to be stained by any human being…I hope Han Geng knows her more which she deserves, I hope she could receive more prayers and blessings, and I hope gengfans know what the true heart of being good is…anyway, let’s try to keep a bit faith on the good side of people for now. If something negative happens, I will ask Gengbar admin to delete the post. I do hope our society would not be that hopeless…

  3. Mandy says:

    Rizka, keep fighting! Our Gengfan family is very proud of you~

  4. S2X says:

    garnetblue, thanks for sharing this inspiring story with us! up until now i thought Rizka was a really lucky fan who got to meet Han Geng twice in person. but now, after reading her story i know that wasn’t luck. it was God’s plan. i don’t follow any kind of religion, but i do believe that we get repaid by the good deeds that we do in life. and all the things that she has done in the name of Indonesian Gengfans is just so admirable and moving, that’s why she deserved more than anyone else to be on that stage close to Han Geng more than once!

    dear Riska, you’re such an inspiration to all of us! Han Geng might not know about the things that you do for him, the people that you help might not know why you do such things, but none of that is important. you are helping spread the love that Han Geng has taught us all to pass on, and this, i believe can be felt by everyone around you. this makes you special, beautiful and full of life! you make me so proud of being a Gengfan and to have someone as special as you as part of this big warm family! i’m sure Han Geng would be so proud of you too if he knew about your story! God bless you and always stay happy! nothing is more important than happiness in life!

  5. polly says:

    I don’t know what to say. Even I know little about God, still I will pray for your health every day. You will be all well soon!
    I am ashamed for my thoughts and doubts before about the burden of love. I couldn’t help shedding tears when reading the story. I just couldn’t believe that. Could it be real? She fearlessly ran for Han Geng’s activity while she herself suffered great pain from disease? It is out of my current understanding about the real life. It is too much like the story I read on the newspapers or magazines but had never happend around me.
    Rizka… I am really happy to meet you on the net and … Jia You on taking care of yourself… Don’t push yourselft too hard, too. Be well in the next at least 80 years, a promise, OK?

  6. elena says:

    Dear Rizka, I don’t feel pity about you at all. You are the heroine of life , I feel proud of you , and movied by you. I know you from some fanmeeting reporters and videos . I thought you smiled very sweet ,and even misregarded you as a little girl (not my fault , you looks really young…^^). I happened to click this blog ,and heard about you .I just want to represent my grateful to you .Thank you for introducing HG to Indonesia , thank you for sharing gengfans’ happinese . kindness and love to others. You just act as an angel in my mind,I believe that God is too busy ,so he send you as a member to spreed love among human ,so he has no reason to make you retire so eary~
    Your story also remind me of a friend of mine ,she got Leukemia(a kind of cancer) when she was about 11, the disease is more incurable at that time than nowadays , but she was very possitive, and fortunately, she was cured at last ,and for nearly 10 years until now, she is healthy. So keep fighting ,I believe the happy ending will happen to you as well.

    Hope to see your smile in the future , take care of yourself , we wait to see you in China especially mainland(fell to find mainland cities…) and more and more place happy and healthy.

    Rizka…Jiayou..!! Fighting..!! Bersemangat..!!

  7. onepinetree says:

    Rizka, thank you for sharing your story. My mom is a cancer survivor. She told me that you don’t “cure” cancer, you “live” with it. I believe you already heard this from other people.

    Garnet blue, thank you for introducing her story here.

    And thank you, all of you, our gengfans family… for your warm-heart..

    Most of all, thank you, Han Geng, for being with us…

  8. followurdestiny says:

    My heart is warmed from all the love that has been shown here 🙂 …I’m proud to be a GengFan!

    Dear Rizka, may all this love and appreciation reach you and keep on living the way you are… smiling, following your heart and I hope you will overcome your disease. Just know that you have been enclosed in our hearts as well with your touching account. Wishing you well, the best! Fighting!

  9. shine says:

    rizka i will stop saying be strong to you.. becasue you are the strongest person i’ve ever seen..i will tell you that we have to make a big party when you finish the surgery this week..i’ll wait for you to comeback don’t let me down ok? you must see geng a gain he have many new things coming album ..concert and movies you should see them all..
    you have the faith and this is the most important thing don’t give up.. or i’ll be mad.
    it’s a matter of time..and as you said god have his plan for everyone .. hair will grew again and nose bleeding will stop . and your surgery will be successful .. god chose you for that it’s an exam , a test . don’t give up god will never hurt his us he’s only test us ..
    death?? it’s everyone’s last stop sooner or later , early or late .
    i’ll wait for you ..i remember when we first time we’ve talked on sina , hangeng wasn’t out of sj yet and we were waiting for him to comeback . we a greed to be sisters from that day. and i will never forget that.

  10. wendy says:

    Dear Rizka, I don’t know you personally, but it’s still hard to hear such news because we all belong to the Gengfan family. Your stories have been very touching and inspirational to many people. But when the times are tough for you, I wish you can look at our words and find hope and inspiration to continue fighting. Stay positive and remember that all of our hearts are with you.

    Rizka…Jiayou..!! Fighting..!! Bersemangat..!!

  11. noongeng says:

    Dear Riska … don’t worry .. every thing is gonna be Ok .. you forgot all your pain .. you were suffering .. but you were kept the faith .. I don’t feel pity .. and I want to tell you don’t feel embarrassed .. cancer is only a disease .. every thing is gonna be ok .. you’re stronger than it .. you can make it I am sure you can make it ..our gengfans family Proud of you ..

  12. garnetblue says:

    Hello everyone here…
    Yes Rizka is in hospital right now waiting for surgery..please continue to pray for a successful operation..thank you all..
    Love of Gengfans..will help her through..

    Everybody goes through pain and hurt in life but the way we go through it and still stay strong is what really matters.

  13. bristlegrass says:

    I just posted the translation at Gengbar, there have been many prayers and blessings for her~~http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1004964766
    Just hope she could know about Gengfans’ caring and blessings for her~

  14. hgatlanta says:

    Rizka, you will go through it. praying for a successful operation… Geng fans are praying for you. Be strong…You will come back with all other Geng fans to see Han Geng again.

  15. hgatlanta says:

    Being strong, Rizka. You are one member of big Geng fans family. We are all together to fight against the disease.

  16. lucky says:


  17. Candy chin says:

    Hello,I’m candy , I from the Chinese Zhengzhou, I saw in the baidu Han age a female student has translated your this article, I am very affected, also strong shocks for your this. Although we did not know, but, refuels!! Wants the earnest resistance illness diligently, we refuel in here for you! The age foods have you to feel proud, believed that Han Geng is also. You are lucky, I believed that this time very lucky will also defeat the condition.

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you for your support..
      Nice to see you here…
      Always good to make friends with GengRice in GengBar….
      Again we thank you…

      • Sharon says:

        Hi Garnetblue,
        I am asking for help, do you know Rizka’s mobile or address? I helped her buy the Geng xin Album but no chance to give her all the time. I hope to send to her these days or give it to my Indonesian friend at the begining of Mar so she could see it soon. Thank you. Please reply by email if you know, Thanks a lot.

  18. 梅花饺子馆11 says:

    Rizka, when I saw you this diary, I have a kind of unspeakable felling.. Is the pain? Is sad? Is sad? Or moving? ! Rizka, I think you really great! Thanks for everything! You a great GengFan! I really want to hope you can quickly alright! So that you can share with us more about 庚 everything! Is? Now 庚 should issue second album! You’d better hurry and rehabilitation! We are all in the pray for you! We all love you! Want to be strong! True, Rizka you is a very good girl! I think this is the god give you of the test, such nice Rizka, why would god do that? And now medical technology so developed, all disease can heal! Maybe you just had a bad cold? Don’t negative, cheer up! Stop worrying, Rizka you will be very healthy! It will be over! Want to be strong! Come on! We stay with you!
    Rizka, actually I have been think of you as a thought GengFan jiejie , I always remember that you in sina in reply me one:“just touched that i got sooooo many beautiful gengfans here.. they are my family now.. like you… aaa, if someday God gives me a chance to meet you, i will give everything to you, dear gengfans.. i love you….”

    Now I am going to put this sentence transmitted to you, terima kasih! I also know a lot of very beautiful GengFands, like you! You are all my family! If one day god to give me a chance to let me see you,i also will give everything to you, dear GengfanRizka.. i love you!be strong!!!

  19. Ruilei says:

    Hello dear Rizka, first of all, hope you can come over and become health early
    we don’t know each other before, but that’s doesn’t matter, I know you because of HG, hehe, the first time I saw you was at fan-meeting vedios, I told my colleague:” aha, see, a fan from Indonesia, so cute and beautiful”, I remember your smile and the pose when you dance “the Queen” following HG.
    Then I saw you and your lovely students at Sina, I sure you are a girl who has warm heart, a good teacher can make friends with student, the pictures that show you and your little friend on Sina are always so sunshine, let me feel very happy, I saw your smiling faces, and I smile together, I also hope all of your little friends become a kind of person like you when they grow up, strong, kindhearted, have a good dream and keep go forward to get it~
    You know, We Gengfans give you our best wishes, and I know Hangeng will also give his wishes~ come on


  20. Cylin says:

    Because of love~we are together……

  21. tiger0207 says:

    Dear Rizka,
    I’m a Gengfan in Taiwan. I knew you from Han Geng’s Singapore fanmeeting video, and then I saw you hugging Han Geng on the stage in HK fanmeeting when I was there, too. At first, I thought you are such a lucky girl to have so many chances of close interation with Geng. And now, after reading your story, I know you are a very strong and kind-hearted girl. I’m deeply moved by the strong love you have devoted to Han Geng, and the things you have done just to get more people in your country to know more about him. From you, I firmly believe that true love can arouse the utmost inner beauty from our hearts, and give us great power to fight for what we believe. Love can really make us better and stronger, even though we were not that good or strong enough.

    Rizka, you are not alone, you got this big warm Gengfan family ! You have all our love and support. Get well soon ! And let’s see Han Geng’s first movie on screen together. Let’s enjoy his second album together. And let’s join his first overseas solo concert together !

  22. syamimi says:

    Insya Allah,everything will goes well..she always believe God is by her side..eventhough she is someone that i dont know much but i heard about her a lot from other gengfans..apart from being an elf, i think gengfans is another great fandom..so,i am happy to be part of this family too..and for some geng fans that i know,we are like family..!so,rizka,semoga cepat sembuh~!get well soon.i’ll pray for you~!

  23. yan says:

    thank you for sharing the story..
    my dear Rizka, i saw you on the stage of singapore fanmeeting , your beautiful smile coming to my mind when i read your story. you will be healthy, you are not alone because your God is with you supporting you. you are part of the geng fans family, so do i..we are together and forever..just smile, everything will be fine..

  24. Minnie says:

    Rizka, I just know about your story from Gengbar. I’m so moved by all you have done for Hangeng. You are a very nice and brave girl! To be strong, I believe you can beat the disease down! All the best wishes for you! We are waiting for you to return to our big Gengfans’ family!

  25. 曹芳 says:

    庚饭懂的,加油 。。。

  26. 看庚的可可西里 says:


    Rizka 加油

  27. 卡洛 says:

    Moved by Rizka!Jiayou!希望Rizka快点好起来!

  28. Alice wong says:

    I’m sorry to hear that,dear Rizka .
    today ,from sina weibo and gengbar i know ur story .Thank you for always doing charity with name of international geng fans
    You are a good girl.Chinese and international geng fans have been with u together always!
    Please strong and get well soon! You are the best ,we trust u can do that!COme on! jia you加油!!

  29. Carrie says:

    Dear Rizka,

    Even though we haven’t talked to each other before, I did know of you since the video of Han Geng’s fan meeting in Singapore. Your smiling and dancing gave me a strong impression. So, when I saw you on the stage at the Hong Kong’s fan meeting, I told myself that “Ah, that’s Han Geng’s Indonesia Geng fan, she’s here”.

    After reading your diary, I feel I really get to know you. I don’t feel any pity, I just feel so proud of you no matter in which way!!! So, I know that you will be overcome with this fighting and I will see you another times in Han Geng’s coming events and get the chance to meet you. ^_^

    Rizka…Jiayou..!! Fighting..!! Bersemangat..!!

  30. szhang59 says:

    I am so sorry to know this story so late. I burst into tears when reading this story in Gengbar. I am firmly convinced that you will succeed in surgery because of your kind heart and strong personality. We are all on your side no matter where we are.

  31. 花花 says:

    亲爱的Rizka爱你 真的你是我们的榜样 全世界的庚饭都为你祝福和祈祷
    你一定会好起来的 祝你早日康复 
    加油 我在远方为你祈祷 加油 加油

  32. Sharon says:

    Dear Rizka, you will get well and will definitely meet Hangeng again! Pray for you!

    • garnetblue says:

      Can you please give me your complete email address through forhangeng email..please?
      My mail that I sent to you failed to send..thanks..

  33. jenn says:

    Everything will be alright.

    Don’t worry
    you will recover soon.

    God bless you:)

  34. 时光荏苒 says:

    Rizka 加油,,早日康复~~~~~~~~

  35. Nissahan says:

    dear kk ku rizka ..
    after i read ur story.. i really proud of u, u know .. i cant find gengfans in my FB or Twetter like u.
    i want to help u sist, i want help u to make Hangeng being known by Indonesian people..
    especially in jakarta. so get well soon sist , then we can meet , we can make project which will make people know Hangeng is, and we’ll make sure promotor for bring Hangeng to our country .. i wish we can make it true ^^

    I could feel the warmth of gengfans here ..

  36. Mish says:

    I like to send a good prayer for Rizka to get back her health soon. Such a lovely girl! Her passion for Hangeng, charity and her students, and her big heart for Love really move me. She is brave to go out of her world to pursue her passion and starts her own charity. She does not sit and wait. She does not complain about the outside world. She works hard on her own and always be grateful.
    I see many good qualities that we admire in Hangeng on her. Rizka is really a great Gengfan. Proud of you!

  37. garnetblue says:

    To everyone here…
    Rizka’s surgery is schedule in two days..
    Rizka needs blood and she said her family and students are donating for her…
    Rizka is very grateful to all of you for your prayers and cheers..She said that this is what that is giving her strength now..reading all your messages and well-wishes made her burst into tears..she is very thankful to all..

  38. Gengfan says:


  39. RIN says:

    Dear Rizka
    I’m Chinese Gnegfans study in Thailand, I can see the blessing to you from China and Thailand, and I know this page from my Thai friend’s facebook.
    I so sorry to know your story so late, I was so moving when I know your story,from your help other people,from your love about Hangeng…. We are stranger,but I feel we are know each other well. From your story,I can see something from your heart——kind, persist…and hope.
    Not only your family, your student, the people your help, but also “We”,Gengfans from different place, country,will always be your side.
    Get will soon, strong girl~

  40. cloud says:

    Rizka 加油!

  41. helen says:

    Rizka, Although I have is a college student, my English is poor, I feel very ashamed. you’re so kind ,you must be okey .Please stick to it,cheer up . Our Gengfan family is very proud of you~
    The express also don’t know whether it is correct, I hope you can see I’m far rooting for you.

  42. 丹冰ai庚 says:

    Dear Rizka, get will soon~!!!!
    Miss you so much! i want to see you soon in QQ! waiting for your answer~~~!!!
    jiayou!!!! I believe you can do it!!! jiayou!!!!

  43. garnetblue says:

    Can you see this Rizka…?
    We love you…
    You are not alone…!

  44. Smile says:

    Rizka! we all love you! I know you are a strong girl, fight it rizka……when it’s over you come back to us we will fight and bring hangeng international that’s what all we want don’t we? I wanna go FM with you and I’ll wait for that day to come….
    Rizka! Jia you!!!

  45. RORO says:

    Dear Rizka,=3= fighting…I don’t want to make it a sad thing, cuz i think everything would be OK, for u are a kind girl, god would help u… and u are strong! Let smile:) Oneday we can meet, so fighting!

  46. mylittleheart says:

    Dear Authors,
    I sent you my third message through email after my previous two got no response 😀
    I wish the last I sent can get a little attention from the authors. Thank you ^_^

    • onepinetree says:

      hi, it’s one pine tree. I just checked your email. That account seems to have some problems. I gave you my personal email account.
      please contact me through the email I gave you!

  47. Sarah says:

    Dear Rizka, how are you today?
    I hope that you will get well soon. I’m also Indonesian Gengfan but I can’t do many thing like what you did. I’m so glad that we – Indonesian Gengfans – have an Indonesian Gengfan like you. We are proud of you, Rizka… Please get well soon… Cepat sembuh ya.
    We Love you… Kami cinta kamu… Terima kasih atas segala hal yang sudah kamu lakukan untuk Hangeng Gege…
    I remembered that I know you for the first time in this blog when you want to order Hangeng’s Album “Geng Xin” then you send me an email. Semangat Rizka! Jiayou! Love from Malang, Indonesia ^^

  48. redwhiteblue says:

    how are you ?
    I’m from a small country-Macao,I’ve seen you at Han Geng HK fan meeting below the stage,at the time you laughed very sweet…
    I hope that you will get well soon & meet HG again again…(^^)
    Best Wishes~

  49. 莉莉 says:

    Rizka 你是最棒的!加油!因为韩庚而认识你 真好!

  50. 瞄精 says:

    Dear Rizka~You are such a kind girl.
    You are the model of gengfans.I feel moving by you .
    God will bless you.
    Dear Rizka,fighting!

  51. HG~ says:

    rizka , please figft for yourself and HG , we love you so much ~~~fighting !

  52. Sarah says:

    I just sent a message to Rizka’s number and I got reply from her sister, Rizki. She said that Rizka is not strong enough to do something, still in rest. She’s not really okay now because her heart is still weak to response. And when I asked her sister about a video above made by chinese gengfans, she said that Rizka watched the video today. Rizka did not do anything except crying, Rizki said that maybe because Rizka is touched. Then, Rizki said “Terima kasih. She will be okay for sure. Everyone pray for her.”
    Cepat sembuh Rizka ^^

  53. 莲蓬 says:

    Dear Rizka,I believe you are lucky dog and You will eventually recover .

  54. liber.zhang says:

    hello,Rizka : you know you are already very popular among han geng’s fans and I ,first time, saw you from a video about hangeng’s fan meeting in Singapore . you look very sunny and honest . I had already read some story about you sending charity to the persons who need help in the name of hangeng. In China, we always said one good deserves good return(好心人有好报)。 good luck to you !!加油。

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