Geng’s Legacy

Many times in history, we come across some great people and have their names  engraved in the halls of fame..or in history books, autobiographies and etc. Captured for all eternity in films and movies, so that the future will know of the past….!

Throughout history,we have seen some prominent people and they can be  found in almost every century….They didn’t call themselves prominent or great or famous…it’s history that judges them.


Gift for Han Geng

Some of them were remembered for their great achievements and contributions to mankind and the world.For example, Marie Curie for her work on radioactivity. For Benjamin Franklin who invented the lightning rod and discovered electricity..and many others.

Others were remembered for their tyranny and cruelty..their thirst for power and Hitler and Stalin and others which I don’t have to elaborate and which you would have known anyway..!

Yet there is another obscure group in the world which made up the biggest fraction in the history of mankind….that is the ordinary you and me….People whose names were not engraved in the halls of fame or any other prominent museums or mausoleums.People who have not made a mark in those fields and have not dented the minds of the majority. They may not be noticed by the world at large but they are no less important or significant. They are the people loved by their own families. Their good works and great deeds were recognised by their own kind. They are equally important and essential in the world to keep the balance. They are the unsung heroes…( for want of a better description).


Birthday Gift

Now here comes Han Geng, a guy with big dreams from a small town in the vast expanse of China. His family background is just as ordinary as the next person. He did what he could with what he had. He didn’t rant and rave at society for the unbalance in wealth distributions..He didn’t cry with self pity for what life had given to him. Instead, he became somebody of worth, somebody who can rise above the status in his own determination and diligence. He set a very good example for those who happen to know him and follow his career. He is the motivation for those who aspire for a better life and better career. Not only Han Geng instills aspirations in his fans, but he also imparts love to them..His desire to help elevate the life of people around him has turn into a mission for his Gengfans..


Diamond ear-studs

Han Geng is not only known as a celebrity but also as a philanthropist too. He has imparted this desire to his Gengfans and they have been doing charity towards  society under his name..

After all is said and done, Han Geng will be remembered for all the charity done by Gengfans under his name..This will be the legacy left behind by Han Geng towards society…..Glory and glamour won’t last forever but his charity works will leave a legacy in his name..

This brought me to say something of what Gengfans have done recently towards a fellow Gengfan in the faraway place of Indonesia..It also gives me an opportunity to make a closure on that matter. As you all know, this blog has 4 other authors and each author has her own style and perspectives.

Allow me to make some clarifications on my previous post on Rizka and then make a closure. When I first knew of her story, I could choose to ignore her plight or I could offer some comfort and help by letting fellow Gengfans know of it..(because they already knew who she is). In this way, Gengfans have a chance and opportunity to show their support and love for Rizka who is also a Gengfan like them, just like what they did for Han Geng in 2007, when Han Geng was in his most vulnerable period of his life; when he needed the encouragement, support and cheers of his Gengfans, they were there for him..They composed a song for him to cheer him up and gave him their undying support. What follows after that is history..!

That was my purpose of sharing her story to others, in order that she too can feel the cheers and support of Gengfans and have the courage and motivation at this crucial point in her life. Now that my purpose was achieved, I felt accomplishment in that. I did what I did because I don’t want to  feel regret later for not doing anything when I was able to. The result is that Rizka was able to feel the love and care of fellow Gengfans just like what they gave to Han Geng. Her brain surgery was done yesterday despite some complications. You Gengfans, have done your part and I too have done my part. Now it’s Rizka’s turn to do her part by having the will to fight for survival. ( I won’t give out details here because some of you might misunderstood why I am that concern with one particular Gengfan).

So now let’s move on to what Han Geng will do in Thailand this week-end. His itinerary for this week-end looks quite full.

24th February, Thursday – Arrival in Thailand and Harper’s BAZAAR photoshoot

25th February, Friday – 11.00 Toh Khow Bunteng (โต๊ะข่าวบันเทิง) (Ch.3), 13.00 TOUCH Magazine photoshoot, 17.00 Channel[v] Thailand

26th February, Saturday – 11.00 go to Siriraj Hospital (to visit the Thailand King who is currently unwell), 13.00 OK!Magazine interview, 16.00 Press Conference, 18.00 Autograph of <<Han Geng 1221>> Concept Book

27th February, Sunday – 7.25 Return to Beijing

Let’s look forward to him resuming his activities again..



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11 Responses to Geng’s Legacy

  1. followurdestiny says:

    These meaningful words, are beautifully written, as always 🙂

    I hope that Rizka is doing better than yesterday and can recover well! 🙂


  2. onepinetree says:

    Dear Garnet blue, we all understand and feel
    your heart. You dont have to explain or justify your post. We support and love Han Geng with heart, not with brain.

  3. Mandy says:


  4. MM says:

    Hope that fans can vote for Geng. I think it is really important for Taiwanese to know that Geng is not only popular in China but Taiwan too. I want him to be able to participate in more Taiwanese variety shows and award shows. Taiwanese variety shows are more popular in Asian countries as compared to China variety shows. Since Geng is already so popular in China, i think by being more active in Taiwan, it will help him gain a lot more Taiwanese fans and Asian fans.

    Geng is still relatively unknown to a lot of non kpop fans in Asian market. So please vote for him.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Thanks Garnetblue. I managed to cast a few votes consecutively.
    I suppose there is no boundary set for this voting system.

  6. bristlegrass says:

    LOL, our No.1 snowboarder and his self-made video~~

  7. Wow … I really really love the “hoodies”. Where can I have buy one too >o< ?

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