Introducing Actor Han Geng !


In less than 12 months, Han Geng had gained  much ground by flying solo.

He had received so many awards in such a short spate of time, that it is looked on as a phenomenon. The fact which is he is still considered a rookie in China..and he has not completed the official 12 months since his formal debut in April 2010..! Official comeback was on The Great Wall  in May 2010..!! Words of wisdom and prophecy were uttered that day and it had come to passed!!

Looking back at the time he first received a Newcomer Award (of potential) at the 10th Meng Niu Music Billboard Charts in April 2010, one wonders how would he restart from zero……those fears were unfounded…!

As of now, he has too many awards and trophies under his belt . In the just recently concluded HuaDing Movie Awards Presentation, much to the surprise and unexpectations  of Gengfans, he won the Most Anticipated Actor trophy. This is indeed a credible recognition for Han that is respectable in the entertainment industry..That is no ordinary awards presentation event, according to my reliable source, that event is overt by the government. The formal inception of  Han Geng as an actor has been recognized..!Now the way is laid out for Han Geng in the realms of the acting world..Indeed that is his Tian Xia..!!!

He was the most anticipated singer  when he first came back to the folds of the entertainment circle, and now in a few short months, he  enters the movie world as the most anticipated actor…! Watch out comes actor Han Geng..!!

What about Han Geng’s anticipation? He hopes to get the Rookie Award for Actors.

What about mine..? I hope and wish to see him at the Red Carpet of The Oscars, come 2012 (under foreign film category) hehehehe….I have to dream big for him so that it will happen…hahahaha…!!! Think positively and think of the impossible that will become possible…!

The look on his face is  rewarding enough for me.. To see him smiling at his Gengfans with a proud appreciative look of acknowledgment for his beloveds confirms the mutual trust between him and them..The special bond that only he and his meals understand…No words are needed here..just eye  contact..!! It’s like him saying to his fans… “you wanted this too right? So I have done it..! It’s all for you guys..! Thanks!”

To Han Geng, there is no fandom only family..Each and every fan who supports him sincerely and with trust, he will repay with more outstanding works and performances which only he can give.

His thanks are spoken in the form of a simple kind word, a tender look, an affirmative gesture, a sweet smile, a nod of the head, his infectious laughter that rang out joyously like a child, his teary eyes and sometimes real tears which dropped out copiously without hindrance, his hugs are  warm and gentle, and his soft-spoken voice of appreciation dripped with honey and spice..hehehehe!! I could go on and on but then it will take up too much space and leave you guys with no words to praise him..? hahaha.!!

Han Geng’s family has also grown bigger..take a look..

Credits as tagged in pictures…and videos

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10 Responses to Introducing Actor Han Geng !

  1. Mandy says:

    Thank you for the post. You know what came to my mind after seeing the 3 pictures of Han Geng’s families first in China, next Singapore, then Thailand?!? The 4th picture of Han Geng’s family to be added will be with his international Gengfans at the Oscar!

    • garnetblue says:

      I really hope so, that by that time there will be a huge group of fans waiting by the red carpet holding the usual trademark banners and yellow flags!!

  2. szhang59 says:

    Each time I read garnetblue’s thrid I need to look up in the dictionary and pick up a lot of words I’ve never used before. However, I almost forget those words the following day. I am ashamed of myself…
    Anyway, thanks to garnetblue, my vacabulary is increasing at a turtle speed. Hehehe…
    So proud of Geng’s outstanding achievements as well as so surprised, though the movie DaWuSheng has not been come out in public. I can’t wait to see how many surprises will happen in the year of 2011…

    • garnetblue says:

      Thank you for these encouraging words..
      You are too kind…
      Didn’t know that writing about HG also helped you guys to improve your English..hehehe!!
      For me it helps me to brush up on my English..and a challenge for me too!!

  3. bristlegrass says:

    I almost cannot wait for DWS movie coming out…but have to be patient… 😦

    In order to echo the title of Garnet’s article, I would like to translate some comments from two professionals at miniblog, regarding Han Geng’s acting skill. I think they were invited to listen to the theme song music for DWS, but they were both impressed by Han Geng’s acting at the same time~

    杨炅翰:this is a music night full of surprises…just listen to the music clips created by 谭一哲 for the movie DWS, so exciting!! One thing can be sure, these music pieces are absolutely unprecedented innovation!! I used to hate the integration of traditional and Western music, because that’s very formalism! But tonight, I was so impressed…Mr. Tan is great! It’s so good that even make me wanna swear!! Han Geng acts unbelievably well!! The Best Actor’s aura has come out!!

    Then he replied a gengfan again, “Yes! Getting so excited by Han Geng!! His acting skill is exceptionally strong!!”

    郭丁尘:Still have that fresh memory from last night, listening to 谭一哲’s music created for DWS, getting more and more anticipated! Han Geng, brilliant!!!

    So, we know our Han Geng truly deserves this Most Anticipated Actor Award. ^^

  4. Mish says:

    It is always a joy reading Garnetblue,s post. The same here, I predicted last year that he was finally on the way to Oscars when I first knew that he was going to lead DWS. But I was astonished that he got a movie award before DWS finished production. From the video, it seems that he was surprised too. Well, Gengfans were definitely thrilled. Many could not control their excitement. Screaming were so loud! Ha ha.
    I love the presenter,s speech. “He is a prince. When he is on the stage, you have to focus on him. He has a movie dream since he was a child. His 3 part MV leaked his thoughts. In this dream, his figure would show up on the big silver screen. His name would be among the actors, name roll. In the next year and the next year,s this year, he had finally realized his dream. From this day, he would not only be known as Singer Han Geng and Dancer Han Geng, he is also Actor Han Geng.” Very touching!
    The second part about next year and next years, this year ……… I think came from Hunan Geng club,s project. It is somewhat fitting now because HG was nominated in this award in 2008 but did not win. He was not allowed his own movie under SM then.

  5. followurdestiny says:

    Cheering HG on if it’s in his singing, dancing or acting… I’m anticipating as well and my wish for him is also an Oscar XD… We’ll have to patient and see where to he’ll fly :D…
    I can’t wait for DWS though… everything I read an article or see pictures or hear about the compliments I get giddy feelings from anticipation and impatience XDD… *breathe* – will wait patiently XD…

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful words here, as always~!

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks for your wonderful and kind remarks…
      You are always here for us…hehehehe..
      This is what Gengfans’ traits are …helping one another, encouraging each other..

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