The Star For All Seasons

Take a look at the following pictures…

Can anyone spot the difference (Han Geng)..? This was brought to my attention by this person in Gengbar…..坊坊么么韩小毛….. Quote ” If not for brother Sammo who stood beside you, I would have thought that it’s the same photo...!!!”

With his stance like that, Han Geng can be picture perfect; sedate, stately, smiling and staid…He held up himself with such dignity and grace, that one can’t help it but admire him on his composure.

Lately, for the past few days, Han Geng has been gracing two big and prominent events. In both events, he opened up the celebrations with his winning song “MY LOGO”. Whether Han Geng opens up or closes the shows, he always receive thunderous applause. The audience would wait with bated breath to see or witness his stunning performances…The thing with Han Geng is that whenever he performs, all eyes are riveted on him from start to finish. He can rouse up the atmosphere and drive up the temperature  to a boiling point..!

Just by being on the red carpet alone, Han Geng could drive one’s adrenalin up to the fullest point. A case in point, at the recently concluded Eastern Billboard Awards night, while waiting for Han Geng to walk the Red Carpet, all one can hear was the buzzing and humming of voices. The moment Han Geng stepped out of the vehicle which brought him to the venue, the whole place was erupted with a thunderous noise of cheers and shouts..! Even shop attendants nearby rushed out of their shops to catch a glimpse of him when they heard the welcoming MC mentioned his name..(as related by one of those who were there) this clip carefully and you will notice one of the shop attendants rushing out to the crowd..!!

A little summary on what the male MC said..”In my opinion, this cheers and screams must be one of Han Geng’s Logo just like his song MY LOGO”..hehehehee..!! Female MC..”Look at him(struts down the Red Carpet) even the way he walks is different and that must be due to the years of training as a dancer ,it’s especially beautiful….!!!” “Each stride of his exuded energy (a force) and feelings..“( male MC commented)

In the arena itself, one can see the temperature in the atmosphere is very high..Han Geng re-enacted his MV of MY LOGO by arriving in a chopper…


HanGengisHome@YT, onlyhangeng@YT,sheracheung@YT, ChinaHangengBar@YT

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Han Geng was crowned as An All-Rounded Artiste and won the Golden Melody (Song) for MY LOGO.

Needless to say, that was expected of him..each time he is scheduled to make an appearance in these award shows, I anticipated and expected that, somehow, he will be awarded with at least one title…hehehehe….!!!

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18 Responses to The Star For All Seasons

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Haha ^^ Our Geng’s aura is getting stronger and stronger~

    Ummm…dear Garnetblue, not sure if it’s just me or not…I couldn’t see the first pic, I think baidu’s pic link doesn’t work here.

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Flying higher up in the sky 🙂
    It makes me feel so proud and happy for him …

    Thank you for sharing <33

  3. henny says:

    Hah.., i have waiting the new news of him. The first picture of him and Samo hung make me laugh, i must to hold on my self before making weird sound at office.
    (Because i’m at office when see that picture)
    Ha..Ha…Ha…., i don’t know Sammo Hung can be so funny, i’m confuse now, which one the adult, and which one the 3 years old here……

    • bristlegrass says:

      I can tell Sammo likes Han Geng so much. Our Geng was a bit intense on that stage 🙂 It’s okay, he will get used to it in near future~~hehe~~~

  4. Mish says:

    Good jobs, Hangeng and Gangfans! Now the movie world has taken notice of the arrival of new force. Those Hong Kong media who did not know or undermine Hangeng finally realize his popularity and potential. “The Kingdom” has earned recognition by many movie insiders and sold to many countries film market after the 12 minutes promo trailer was shown. Hangeng looks great in the movie poster on the cover of Screen magazine. Go Go Actor Hangeng!

    • garnetblue says:

      Thanks for the wonderful news…!
      WOW now we are talking about Big Money..!!! hehehe…
      Most importantly is that Han Geng gets the recognition that he deserves….
      Hope this will be a breakthrough for him…

  5. onepinetree says:

    i have been very upset with some trash korean media these days regarding han geng’s news and the ridiculous remarks by you know whom. the bottom line is that i dont care any more whatever they talk….as han geng said on his concept book ‘talk is cheap’ just let them talk …i will just enjoy han geng’s growth…

    • bristlegrass says:

      Haha…that’s the attitude, girl!
      Talk is not always cheap, but mostly it depends on to whom we talk ^^

    • garnetblue says:

      As HG often say, “as long as my family and friends know who I am really and understand me, it doesn’t matter what others say”….
      The thing is that Geng & Gengfans are always the target even if the issue is not about them..!!
      So when I see those who reacted to these things in public, I concluded that … HG is a force to be reckon with – since he draws attention from them to him as they can’t get their eyes off him!
      And that they are still following closely to all the activities of HG to a point of obsession whereby every little detail is known by them.
      But for HG, his private thoughts are kept private…unless media decided to draw out from him some provocative answers,which he always deftly evade or twist it around to his favour. I always admire HG for his neutrality in controversial and provocative questions. Most of the time, he never answers a leading question directly which will result in a controversy or speculation..! He has so much composure that one wonders how high is his tolerance/patience with those irksome media…hahahaha…..And it shows to me that his heart and his mind is really pure..!!
      I am with you on that, Pinetree. hehehehe…!!

      • bristlegrass says:

        Haha~~~this reminds me a story…a writer was always attacked by the other writer, but he never responded, a journalist asked him why, he said, that writer attacked me all the time, because he needs me in his life, and I never respond, because I don’t need him in my life.

        btw, Geng is so cute here~ ^^

    • Mandy says:

      I am leaving a comment now just because Onepinetree sis mention about it here because I don’t even want to bring it up.

      It was good that Han Geng could perform for the AFA and made his first appearance as the main lead of My Kingdom at the AFA alongside with Sammo Hung. And HKG Gengfans gave him their best support when he walked on the red carpet and performed for the AFA. While I was happy reading all these good news, I found out about the “mistranslated” news. Ya right, mistranslated… Okay, I “understood” the purpose of the so-called mistranslated news by some media, but did someone need to tweet about it publicly and sound so forgiving?!? IDK… It upsets me because some media KEEP reporting these trash news to tarnish Han Geng’s reputation. Once? Okay, fine, you need publicity. Twice, okay, I could tolerate, but they keep doing it after Han Geng left for 1 year and 3 months!!! I didn’t know Han Geng was that big of a celebrity in Korea.

      And if you ask me to translate what Geng said in the interview, I would give a slightly different interpretation for what he said at 0.13. Instead of “it’s ok now” (or others translated as “But now, it doesn’t matter anymore”, in my opinion, he was asking the reporter “but (he) is fine now, right?” Garnetblue and Bristlegrass, I heard Han Geng said “但現在沒有關係了嗎?” It was a question, not a statement. Look at his eyes, he was questioning! And in the background, you could hear the female reporter then answered, “應該是吧” “(he) should be fine” as a statement.

      As a Chinese Gengfan, I feel sad for Han Geng. Onepinetree sis, I am sure your sadness doubled mine as a Korean Gengfan.

      • S2X says:

        yes, thanks for pointing that out! finally someone also noticed that he was asking a question, not making a statement. he clearly asked “but is he ok now?” as a question, showing concern, but again, some wrong interpretations made it sound like he was just being indifferent saying “but it’s ok now”. see the difference between a question mark and a period?

        and i totally agree with you, it’s so funny and ironic that Han Geng became even more famous in Korea now that he left. no one seemed to notice or care about him when he was in SJ, when he actually needed all that attention and publicity. now their attention is just uncalled for and a pain in the a$$ for him and all Gengfans. seriously, it’s so frustrating sometimes to see people misunderstanding him because of a bunch of unprofessional reporters, stupid translators, ignorant people who are willing to believe in ungrounded rumours and certain hypocritical group members who seem to be dying for some attention themselves because even after Han Geng left they still can’t beat his popularity.

      • garnetblue says:

        Yes he did say that …….spoken as a question, not as a statement…
        As what you have interpreted and translated…HG was actually asking a question…
        Thanks for making it more explicit for those who are watching it….
        Tone of voice and mannerisms are also important…hehehehe…..
        Thank you all Gengfans for caring enough to make this right….
        You people are so understanding and caring…!!

  6. onepinetree says:

    i am really looking foward to seeing my kingdom in hollywood. here is the pefect place you can catch a foriegn movie. we have many places thay show exclusivy foriegn movies and i am sure my kingdom will be shown here even though it is not officially released in usa market.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yes, I think you will be able to see it somewhere in Hollywood…I admire everyone who can watch My Kingdom in theater T_T
      Some news about movie sale for now
      My Kingdom is expected to complete its post-production in late April and to be released in multiple territories in August or September. It has so far sold to distributors in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

    • Mandy says:

      I hope My Kingdom will be in theaters here but the chances may not be high. I may need to go to New York to watch it in theaters. Will see…

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