Han Geng-The Man of Substance

Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold
Peas porridge in the pot 9 days old
Some like it hot, some like it cold
Some like it in the pot 9 days old.!!

This nursery rhyme is as old as time and it reminds me of what kind of people the world is made up of..!! Strange but yet so true…! The world is a kaleidoscope of scents and senses…!!

Take for instance, Han Geng, why is he so fascinating ?

Why do we like him to the point that we write about him, blog about him, brag about him, and spazz about him..? Why are there people of all ages go after him? Chase after him? Follow after him? I have no clear answer..!

Phenomenon? That must be the word to describe the whole concept of Han Geng…! Maybe, that is what his role is in the world at this time….Maybe, he is the instrument to revive China’s music market and showbiz…!! Who knows what will happen in a few months from today or for the matter, in the future..! What I do know now, as of right now, Han Geng is a sensational phenomenon whether on or off stage…!! He can stand on his own with his peers…..

and yet at the same time he can be simple like this….

And then he can be as dorky as the next person….

By now, we have already seen 3 of his dimensions, what do we have next? This..? Lord of the Manor…?

Or this one…? The Rocker..?

And this one too…The Prince..?

And The Gentleman….?


There are so many facets of him that one tends to get a little lost and bewildered at his changes just like a chameleon..!! hehehe….!!

Han Geng is so simple a person that he harbours no ill thoughts in his mind and not even have a bone of malice in him….but yet there are so many controversies about him..!

In this present day and age, just by being an ordinary artiste is not sufficient to become a star or superstar.. These days one needs to be multi-talented to break into the harsh and demanding showbiz world and keep that position intact  for all eternity as long as there are still people out there waiting to see them….!

The public  have become more demanding and expect a lot from an artist/star…To be able to succeed and still stay on the top is such an impossible feat these days.. One has to be all-rounded and well-learned to be able to catch hold of the public’s interests and not to let go of it…. One needs to constantly upgrade oneself in order to keep up with public’s expectations and attention….Generally, people are very fickle  so it’s not a surprise that there are constant and frequent competitions among the stars..

Han Geng used to say at almost every awarding event in his “thank you” speech, that he will continue to upgrade, improve himself so that he can present more newer and exciting shows/performances and image of himself…!! There is this driving force in him which pushes him to greater heights and demands. He is never contented to stay still in one place..He will always try new ideas and ventures just to satisfy his own urgings. His contention is with himself, not with others..and I wondered why others would want to involve or include or drag him into their scandals and controversies..!! The world is so big out there and I am sure that there is enough room for all kinds of entertainment and enough fans to go around.

The one thing different about the fans of Han Geng is that they made a pledge to him that they will follow and accompany him for the next two decades…This will act as a time-line which is sufficient enough for  Han Geng to spread out his wings and focused on developing/expanding his career..by not being distracted on how to gain more supporters or to please the public. It is this assurance of total commitment of support for Han Geng that enables him to concentrate and focus on his work, free from unnecessary and unwanted distractions…!!

In this current generation, the trend is that one has to keep offering new ideas and styles in one’s career in order to hold on to public’s attention….Competition is so intense in the world of entertainment that sometimes, one needed to be associated or be acquainted with bigger stars or celebrities or some very prominent people in order to shine brightly as a star….This is the measures that some would adopt  just only for the matter of staying popular or in demand like a commodity..unlike Han Geng who does not aim for popularity but for productivity..He has the substance not just the shell…!! Where there is a demand ,there is the supply..

So far, from what I’ve “known” of Han Geng, I can safely say that I “know” the work style and character of Han Geng by his consistency in his attitude and forbearance in the face of provocations…! Many times he would turned the other cheek when he was provoked and seldom seek to pursue those who had done him verbal harm. He knows what he wants in life and is pursuing it with every fibre in him…he just works towards that goal that he has in mind and do not allow himself to be distracted by useless and vainless issues which do not generate into benefits and profits..To him, those are worthless pursuits which is a waste of precious time…

He did keep his word of accompanying his fans in doing some charity when the time and location is right. As we all know, he did go with his Gengfans to the remote mountain schools in Hebei and lent his muscular arms in fixing some maps on the walls of the classrooms..Some of us will just brush it off as trivial and that  doesn’t need Han Geng to do those handy jobs..those were just very simple handy-work.. But the point here is that Han Geng was there to lend  his moral support and to give  his encouragement to his Gengfans who selflessly gave of their time and money for the betterment of others (who are less fortunate). They have been doing this since 2007 and let the love fly for the many people whom they have touched with their kind deeds..Han Geng is aware of the existence of the mission for charity and his appreciation towards Gengfans’ contributions, has made their sacrifices more meaningful and worthwhile..!! He is a celebrity and yet he is not…!!

In that mission to the mountain schools, Gengfans even brought with them some magic shows for entertaining to the children..so at least once in their lifetime, they were able to witness a magic show up-close and “live”..and to top it all, the children were able to brush shoulders with one very famous and popular megastar…Han Geng…..!!!

Once again technology failed Han Geng…he sang without the function of the ear-phones…! THE MULTI-TALENTED HAN GENG…!!

Credits: as tagged in pictures…and in videos…thank you….

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14 Responses to Han Geng-The Man of Substance

  1. onepinetree says:

    WHY DID I CLICK THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Garnet Blue, if I am still in the program next year, then it’s all your FAULT T.T

    Ah… I got to post these pictures at my personal blog… T.T… Han Geng you are …KILLING ME!!!!!!!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Knowing Han Geng for more than two years now, my heart is easily melting whenever I see his smile, his laughter, his songs and words which are always full of sensations, because I can feel all his expressions are so sincere and truthful.

    At same time, my heart is getting tougher and stronger, as I know this man is going to be stunning and eye-catching in his entire life as long as he wants to. People need him, no matter they like him or not, no matter if they have kind intention to him or not. Just like what the host said in the Behind Story, the disappearance of one man brings loneliness to one world. The interesting thing of being a fan of Han Geng is…you have to learn different sides, good or bad, of society and human beings, you have to train your heart and thought in order to appropriately perceive and respond to the information from various sources. Eventually, you may become more and more like Han Geng. To me, it’s a wonderful thing ^^

    As long as he is in the process of growing, annoying things may keep coming out from various sources. Seems like my Geng is doomed to lead an exciting and splendid life, and Gengfans are doomed to get through all kinds of wind, rain, and storm with him. I, personally, will walk with him to the end, yeah,,,just thinking my life is going to be much much less colourful without him 😀

    • trueblue says:

      I can’t imagine how your future husband will handle this…!
      Yes, Gengfans are growing with him as they accompany him….!
      We have to be tough as nails when we are prepared to walk with him…!

      • bristlegrass says:

        Haha~~~don’t worry, I believe one day, I will say the same to my husband~imagining to be a happy lady, having three or four most important men in my life, my father, my husband, my son (if I can have a boy) and Han Geng, hahahahaha…

  3. onepinetree says:

    ok….came back to ME…

    i cannot agree with you any more about promise of 20 years commitment.
    as fans we will suppport han geng no matter what for 20 years, which will be enough time for han geng to fully establish himself in this harsh entertainment world.
    after that he will be by himself….

    thats why i was very moved by geng fans promise

    they are not foolish to promise the eternal love….that’s blank words….

    but 20 years…thats realistic…thats possible… for me three years already passed 17 years left…time really goes fast

  4. wendy says:

    Han Geng IS a man of substance. He not only have the talents, he also have the heart. He has the heart to help others who are less fortunate and in need. He has the heart to overlook when others spread lies about him behind his back. He has the heart to see the good in others and give them the benefit of the doubt. He has the heart to forgive when others did him wrong.

    Han Geng is a man of substance, so much substance that we not only continue to discuss and admire him, but we also constantly learn from him and his examples. He inspires us to do good; he teaches us to be strong. He gives us hope because he himself have been through the worst.

    Han Geng says he is a simple person and I used to agree. But from being a fan for only about a year, I’ve already seen all sorts of slanders and injustice being flung at him, and this is after he went solo! This is just a taste of what he had to endure all these years. Having to come out from all that and still carries a positive attitude towards people and life…I don’t think he is a simple person, I think he is a great man.

    • trueblue says:

      You have analyzed him so well…!! Almost all the good attributes are already being used by you…hehehehe..!!

  5. Mandy says:

    Han Geng is unusually patient in the face of controversy, never losing his composure. He has a quiet dignity about him. He is a man of calm determination. He has the star quality to be successful AND for a long time.

    I am just so Geng-biased.

    • trueblue says:

      Yes I agree with you, the quiet and dignified calm and composure..whenever he is interviewed..unlike other stars who reacted and responded with sarcasm and rudeness which eventually touted by the media as “acting like a big shot” in a negative way..
      I have watched other big stars who were (ambushed) interviewed by the media especially on their private lives, and I found them very agitated and flustered in their responses…
      The best way to describe Han Geng’s attitude may be like this idiom….like water sliding off the duck’s back..

  6. followurdestiny says:

    I’m so biased as well 🙂 All his dimensions/sides, his heart in the right place — wanting to protect him… though believing in and knowing his own “strength”…
    My ‘love’ for him from the beginning since I got to know about him (in 2006) has only grown — and it’s still growing. Will not get enough of him anytime soon…XD
    These posts, seeing him smile, doing what he loves to do, makes my heart swell <33

  7. John says:

    Han Geng.. Whenever someone takes that name, I get butterflies in my stomach, and when I see him, I get all squeaky like a girl (though I’m a guy, but I’m bisexual, so what the hell..).. My eagerness to meet him will lead me to meeting him, some day or the other..

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