The Man Behind the Story (edited)

Han Geng and Gengfans have done it again..!!

The Behind Story  was aired on the 20th of March right on the dot of midnight.!!

What kind of a slot was allotted to air Han Geng’s story…?

Who was behind that time-slot..?

If Han Geng’s story was not interesting  or intricate enough, who would want to watch it in the middle of the night..?

Who derived that “plot” to have it aired in the wee hours of the morning, when almost everyone were already asleep in preparation for work and school on Monday…?

Did the “plot” backfired..???

YES IT DID…!!!! Despite the very late screening of the show, it garnered the number 1 spot in ratings nationwide..!!! Hah..!!!


Come to think of it, probably there were others beside Gengfans who were watching it..people like the mainstream public…!! So that may be also one of the reasons which contributed to the high ratings….!

That episode which was aired on Sunday was only the 1st part of the whole show…

The continuation of the show/ story will be aired this Sunday 27 March, same time, same network..!!! Hope all of us will watch it…there are more exciting stories in the next segment…!!!

1…Han Geng lives for the life of flying with freedom.

2…For the very first time, Han Geng opens up from his heart in truth.

3…The disappearance of one man plunders the world into loneliness.

4…Having you there is  more wonderful.

5…”The Power of Love” held up by “The Wings of Love”.

Watch out for these  stories behind the back of the story..!! Very exciting topics and stories coming up in this Sunday’s episode..!!

credits : as tagged in videos..

This is another one of Han Geng’s projects, by lending his “popularity” and “power” in helping to spread the awareness of the rampant child-trafficking in society, soliciting the help of the public to curb or stop it.. It’s a song on anti child-trafficking beseeching the public to help return and restore those children back to their families and homes..To help save those children….

Another good example by Han Geng….He was approached by Anson Hui to be one of the artistes participating in the song, and he agreed on the spot..! At that time when Han Geng was contacted, he was vacationing in Hawaii. Anson Hui related that when Han Geng heard of his request, Han Geng immediately agreed without any hesitation and cut short his holidays by changing  the date of his returned flight.. It shows that if there is anything that is close to Han Geng’s heart, that would be children..His priority, can I say, would be children..? The title of the song is “Children”. Let’s listen to it…

The making-of the MV……behind the scene

The completed and official MV of “Children” …I like Han Geng’s voice….warm and soothing with full of feelings….hehehehe (my bias)

credits : HanGengisHome@yt

Bonus : fancam of HG’s arrival in HK..I find him so cute at the end of the video..waving to his fans…

credits : HKLoveGeng@yt

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4 Responses to The Man Behind the Story (edited)

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Two parts of this show impressed me the most so far. One is in the first video clip, starting from 11:21…The host said she wanted to leak out a little secret, that she was often rejected by Han Geng. She invited him to play characters in her TV episode two times, but he nicely rejected both eventually, so she asked him why…Well, I just say it here frankly…considering Han Geng was reading dozens of scripts, about 70? at that time, as well as the quality and type of the TV episodes her company usually makes, I totally understand why Han Geng rejected her. But I like Han Geng’s response, he laughed with a bit embarrassment and said, “Sister Xiang, are you complaining here,,, then I’d better just listen.” This response is very honest, and so Han Geng style…it would definitely not a good idea to speak out his real thoughts in a show, and he just couldn’t make up a lie, so he just laughed and listened to the complaints…smart and frankly, NORMAL people wouldn’t take that response as an offense. I bet the host knew the reasons even before she raised the question, she was just complaining and wanted to give him a bit hard time before introducing his movie.
    The second part is in the third video clip, starting from 9:14. He said, “I don’t know if my thought is problematic or not, but I just don’t care about the ticket sale, album sale, or box office…” When heard this, I was like…Han Geng, you don’t have to be that honest…people may think you hold yourself aloof, some may think since you don’t care, fans don’t have to support you in that way…you know, as a gengfan, I care…other people care…but then, he continued, “no matter how many people come, I just feel it doesn’t matter”, host: “even if there was only one, I would sincerely sing for you.” HG: “yes, because this is the thing I want to do. I said this before, during my lawsuit period, even if all others stopped supporting me, paying attention to me, or didn’t understand me, as long as there was one, I would try all my best to make a good album.” Then the host said, “now, I know why your gengfans support you like this.” To me, I have to tell myself again, Han Geng said, he is a simple man, yes, he is! Initially, I support you not because I feel you must compete with other celebrities in terms of how much money you make, how popular you are, also not because you asked for it…it’s because you firstly devoted your priceless heart to your work and to those who love you, so I want to give back a bit. If our support can give you power to fly higher, can make you stronger, I want to support you from the bottom of my heart. 3 years old boy? Maybe…but such simple and pure heart can be powerful and priceless in adult world, at least he wins countless Gengfans’ hearts…Interestingly, after this show was on air last Sunday, I saw several media people posting about this show at their miniblogs…they were literally impressed and inspired by his mind and attitude toward work.

    Looking forward to this show on the coming Sunday!

    • trueblue says:

      Thank you for the translations B’grass….hehehehe…!!
      I was just waiting for a “good Samaritan” to do the translations, and you “volunteered” hahahahaha…!!
      Nice work..!! Thanks again…
      I am also looking forward to this the other Sunday too, waiting for the clock to strike at midnight, like Cinderella…but in a more anticipated manner…hehhehehe!!

  2. henny says:

    Thanks for the translate, u know i one of the viewer who waiting this show until midnight, even i have feel very tired, i take sometimes to sleep and finished my work before the show begin, i make sure there is nothing disturb me when i watch this show, and happy i’m one of many people who make the rating high…^________^
    I freeze on my chair just watching and hearing how he speak, and i just can feel his sincere. Love this man!

  3. henny says:

    Dear, Bristlegrass… there is something that take my attention in this show part two which aired on 27 March 2011, i’ve watched it. and i don’t know if i can ask it here, because this part is have not been translate here. The host ask hangeng about his relationship with the other suju member, and there is about if he still contact them, but there is hangeng’s answer that really take my attention, “… i want to protect them, and they also want to protect me….”.
    Can some one tell me if there is really this sentence, and if it is right, what kind of protection hangeng mean? My heart just feel ache..

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