TV Show with Han Geng on March 9

Author: Nike (pronounced as ‘NeeKeh’)

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The story I am going to write will be very long and unbelievable one. I am still stunned because I never knew such a thing would happen to me.

Although the length of this story is not kidding, I strongly believe that dear visitors at my blog will overcome this kind of barriers and hardships  :).

The story started from here.

At 9 pm, Monday, March 7, the following entry was posted at Geng fan Si Woo’s blog.

This entry enlisted Han Geng’s schedule in March.

Although I was scheduled to leave for the United States on March 13, I really wanted to make a visit Han Geng just once in my life time, which might cost my schedule change.

Thus, I planned to go and see “Han Geng and his Friends Concert” , scheduled on March 28. However, Si Woo advised me to try another opportunity since Han Geng would only appear one time at the finale.

So, I gave it up and decided to leave Korea on March 13 as scheduled.

BUT…………… the moment I read the schedule of Han Geng’s recording in Bei Jing, I desperately wanted to go and see him even though it’s only two days away.

Seriously, I was so determined to see the CHARMING Han Geng before he turned to 30 years old!!!!!!!!!!
Simply, my wish was meeting Han Geng when he is still in 20s!!!!! ( Of course, he will be still charming in his 30s, which will be a little different from the freshness in 20s).

Ok, think about it after checking out following pictures.

This cute boy (Ah… A fine child becomes a fine man ..ㅜㅜㅜㅜ)

After going through early 20s (ah…. he shouldn’t be looking like this way…is unrealistic…he should mind other people T.T)

He grew up like this. If you were me, wouldn’t you want to see him or not?

When “Sorry Sorry” made a big hit, do you remember the young man who walked out at the beginning? If you were me, wouldn’t you want to see him or not?

Do you remember the guy who made the only trendy remark at Human Explorers?  If you were me, wouldn’t you want to see him or not?

He is called as “A MIRACLE of 13 hundred million” and I , a person who values a look over a look, approved him as a handsome guy.


That’s why I wanted to go and see ” Han Geng and his Friends Concert” even though he would appear on the stage only one time, which might cost delaying my departure.

BUT the recording of “The Behind Story”on March 9, posted by Si Woo.

What if I could see Han Geng at the studio where the show would be being recorded?

But would this be possible?

When it’s only two days away?

Getting a flight ticket, getting a traveling visa in one day, March 8???

NO, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE? The success chance would reach to ZERO…


(“BUT…That…Really …Happened…”  “kkk” “kkk”)

An unbelievable thing happened to me.

I started searching for a flight ticket at around 12:00 am on March 8. Usually ticket reservation should be completed three days before the departure date. There was only one airline, “Chinese Eastern Airline” only one flight a day, had a spot at that time. It’s 9:00 am departure on March 9 and arrival at 9:30 am in the Bei Jing

time zone. The clock was just passing the midnight, it’s already March 8!!!!!!  Finally managed to reserve one ticket and finished making a deposit!!!!!! It’s already 01:30 am!!!!Ah….it’s too MUCH….

UH????? BY THE WAY???? Do I have to get a traveler visa from China? OH MY GOD???? I thought China is a visa waiver country, isn’t it????

These darn Foreign ministry people!!!!! What have you guys done while making all kinds of international scandals, you did not even get a visa waiver from the Chinese government???? (One pine tree note: There were some embarrassing international sandals among Korean ambassadors in China. )These gluttons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Therefore I had to apply for a “arrival visa”, a resident should invite me to China, which can be issued in one day. GOD’s Sake, it can be issued right away.

Anyway, it’s already early morning on March 8. I had better get some sleep.

As soon as getting up, I applied for a “arrival visa” (the processing fee was as expensive as the flight ticket T.T).

Since I was scheduled to leave for the United States on March 13, however, my calendar was booked with all kinds of appointments with doctors.  On March 8, I was chased by the packed schedule, three appointments with three different doctors. In addition, I had to purchase some presents for Han Geng in the evening.

Finally I was able to make it to only one appointment, by cutting across Seoul in a taxi. At night, I directly went to Myung Dong and started shopping after finishing personal matters at 10 pm T.T.

“Dear Han Geng, so sorry. I desperately want to get the present beautifully wrapped for you. I had something to give you.”

The presents I got for Han Geng were as follows:

1. The Love Message: This is the book that most touched me and helped my life when I was going through hard time. This book says that never get dejected or disappointed in any circumstances and get up and restart.

2. A small picture frame: The wooden frame engraved<“Blessing this family” in Korean, I thought, it would be perfect to place at Han Geng’s home since he seriously honor his parents.

3. Two cross  necklaces: One golden cross necklace has a marble from Jerusalem, which was limited edition of year 2002 from the Vatican, celebrating the birth of Jesus. This is so previous item for me, which cannot be obtained again from any place. As a Catholic, I prepared them from the heart that God always would guard Han Geng. The other one is crystal cross covered with leather, just right for a man.

4. Three rings I personally selected: While shopping around Myung Dong at very late night, I managed to find these men’s rings. Considering Han Geng’s taste for oversize and colorful accessories, I selected the golden, silver, and black chained ones.

I was going crazy!!!! I decided, “Let’s let them wrapped at the airport or in China” and came home around the midnight.


…………………….BUT the dream of wrapping the presents never came true…………………….( At this moment, I want to sing “A Goose’s Dream” (One Pine Tree Note : It’s a Korean song about a goose who dreams about becoming a swan someday :)).

Anyway, with the thought of going to bed for the early flight on the next day, I had to press down the fast beating heart. Barely slept through the night and got up early in the morning. Took the show crazily, packed the presents, checked the cell phone and left home.

Although I desperately wanted to look pretty to Han Geng, I did not have time. I discarded all of my clothings , because I was planning to leave for the United States, and didn’t have time to blow out my hair.



I just had to leave for the airport after towel the hair. To make things worse, I even left the cell phone home.

Then you can imagine how busy and hectic I was…..rather than that….in fact, I might be just being restless.

Anyway, the person who helped me was Si Woo, the friend of blogging. I was so moved when she said she would pick me up at the airport. How busy she must have been!!! Even in the early morning on the day, we chatted on line and she worried if I got lost. She actually came out to see me at the arrival gate of the international lines.

(Si Woo was very considerate until the last day of my trip to China. I want to say THANK YOU to her again.)

After meeting beautiful Si Woo, I went to “Bei Jing 789 Art District”  where the show would be recorded.


–It’s not lip service; Her eyes slant upwards slightly and she is stylish and pretty.

On the other hand, I did not even dry up my hair and did not get the presents wrapped. No matter what, I wanted to stop by a hair salon and find a place to wrap the presents.

(I even removed the braces on March8 , which was supposedly moved on March 9. I just wanted to look a little bit prettier to Han Geng T.T). However, after Si Woo got the message that we should come to the setting as soon as possible, I had to run putting every plan about getting hair done or presents wrapped. T.T



Now, I am saying this, I had to run at the Inchon International Airport, at the Bei Jing International Airport, and even at 789 Art District… I ran and ran and RAN……..becoming a steel horse!!!!!!!!



I almost missed the airplane at the Inchon International Airport. Because I ran too fast with bad condition, I kept coughing like a pneumonia patient, which completely cooled the atmosphere inside the airplane.  KKKKK.


ANY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, I didn’t have any tiny expectation.

If I could give the presents to Han Geng through other people’s hands, it would be enough.

If I could see Han Geng with my two eyes even far away, it would be enough.

That would be enough and with such expectations I tripped to China.

B.U.T… BUT… Si Woo and other Chinese Geng Rices (Han Geng fans) were really something…

They contacted the PD of the program, said “There will be a fan from Korea” and the PD promised that I could give the presents to Han Geng in person, and that, if not possible, he could hand them to Han Geng.

In addition, he told them, who prepared all video clips related to Han Geng, that they might get into the setting earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thus, Si Woo said, “We might be able to be seated in good spots”. Oh..My… God… once getting inside the studio, we found out that it was not just good spots, but JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!

It was the front middle raw, only 4-5 m away from the stage, it’s like nose’s distance from Han Geng. In addition, when giving a present, the Korean traditional Gift Set, I bought from the airport, to the PD,  he told me that he might make a interview chance between Han Geng and me!!!!!!!!

OH…………………..Couldn’t believe this…….T.T

Still, I didn’t raise my expectation high. It did not matter to me whether that would happen or not (Ah… this disinterested attitude….!!!).

Wait a minute, one comment here.

“But that really happened to me…. kkkkkkkk”

From now on, no words necessary, just go ahead with pictures.
Have I talked too much so far? No..No… these words cannot even fully describe my mind. T.T

Geng rices gathered in front of Bei Jing 789 Art District recording setting.

There were so many fans who came and see Han Geng, I felt sorry for getting inside earlier than them.

From the back, there was I!!! I was in the front raw without a camera.

Was my shoulder line so petite…?  kkkkk The right-side person was Si Woo who interpreted 🙂

This is “Geng Rices” who have seated at the studio.

The unique boards used in China were very beautiful.

If you look at the picture carefully, my face was not masked.

(There were two people who were not masked. Which one am I~~~??? KKK)

The recording started and Han Geng appeared.

(The atmosphere before recording was very friendly. Fans and AD danced and sang together.)

F%^$….The moment I saw Han Geng for the first time, what did I think?

I couldn’t think anything. By instinct, I just had only one thought.


(One pine tree note: It’s Konglish slang…which means… the hottest guy at the dating market)

Han Geng, he has an unrealistic body line. He was incredibly slender (which would be more accurate expression rather than skinny), the length of legs was unreal. Yes, unreal…absurd… I was speechless. I was at loss.

Han Geng revealed his various sides at the hostess’s questions.

Of course, I liked his smiling the most.

At the setting I have noticed that his right hand had black and left had had white accessories.

(He completed the matching by having a white earing on his left ear.)

Han Geng seemed to like rings, bracelets, and such items.

Now, putting aside Han Geng’s unreal long legs (…), I will admire how pretty his body line.

Han Geng majored in dancing through school years. He also won the 2nd place at the Chinese traditional dancing contest.

Thanks to that, he was S-line itself.

Han Geng’s shoulder was not wide, but in general, his body line does not have any flaw. In addition, his hip, very hip-up thanks to his dancing training, was very pretty from any angle.

Ah… ORZ… I am adoring Han Geng’s hip in my fan account all Chinese fans would read…….

But dear Chinese Geng Rices, your mind and my mind, our minds, are they same, aren’t they?

Han Geng’s hip was perfect. I became very unstable from the beginning to the end of the recording whenever catching his hip.

With the pure heart and intent, I went there to see Han Geng. But my eyes automatically turned to his hip.

Every thing was due to Han Geng.

Han Geng, it’s all your fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be responsible for my dirty thought.

(How dare I was!!!!!!!!!!! KKKKKKKKKKKKK)

From now on, let’s check out his unreal legs.

Can you feel them? His legs? I was speechless at first.

How possible…human legs…???

Anyway, Han Geng is Asian, isn’t he?…. but… this man who walked forward in front of my eyes….

Even after considering that suits usually flatter the line, what is this boy’s body line….? Wow…going crazy..

Since he was dancer, whenever he made any posture, his appearance from the top to the bottom, looked like drawing a beautiful line with a paintbrush.

How much GOD was devoted when he created Han Geng T.T

Compared to Nick Kun, too much energy on the face but slipped through below the nipples, Han Geng was perfect from the head to the foot.

May be one of scenes, martial arts performance, from the soon-releasing movie ____,  Han Geng and ____ leading roles.

Those legs are noticed? He literally possessed the golden waist-hip- thigh line.

If the waist is slender, then the hip could be flatten!!!

If the hip is cute, then the thigh could be poor!!!!

If the thigh is good, then the face could be ugly!!!!!!!!!

Han Geng, your own existence made me humiliated, really… T.T

You can tell, compared to the person behind, how excellent Han Geng’s body line is. The Geng Rice behind, I am so sorry T.T. But comparing my own humiliation, yours is nothing.

Ah……Han Geng… looking at your thigh, I felt my old heart oversupplied with the blood. Huffing and buffing..

Thigh….that thigh….

I am totally dying, looking at his whole body, revealing the S line, from the head top to the tip of the toes.

In addition, this is R rated (prohibited for under age 19)…since I am already passed age 19 long time ago,…..Han Geng’s front side is very much healthy. If you have read my entries, you will understand.

In this picture, the logo skillfully covered the middle part (…), probably they seem to consider minors.

Han Geng, you shouldn’t do that.

To mature ladies, hip-up, firm thigh, and healthy front (…), these three set combination….how important….hmm…you……that….

So…….what… I meant by…..hmm………………your…. that…. you… ah.. ah…. T.T

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This bad man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

(One Pine Tree note: This is not my writing…. I am just TRANSLATING T.T)

Ok, finally the time of humiliation arrived.

The hostess, pointing my side, said “ There is a fan who made an uneasy trip from Korea.”  At that moment, Han Geng’s eye were on me. But, I couldn’t keep eye contact with him from distance, since whenever seeing his eyes, I felt nausea and bashful (although I  was  staring at his eyes when I got close to him).

After hearing from the hostess, Han Geng gave me a big smile and walked long steps toward me.

I was thrown into a complete confusion. Since then, my soul escaped from me and wandered around the studio.

Han Geng is coming to me!!!!!!!!! Darn!!!!!!! What should I do? What should I do??????

…..meanwhile…in no time, Han Geng already came to me and stretched his hand to shake hands with me.

I, already got out of the mind, kept eyes on Han Geng’s legs and then fixed my eyes on his hand when he stretched his hand.

His hands were not that bigger than I thought ( I was worried if he felt my hand rough…T.T).

However, his hands were very friendly, calming, and giving out thrust and credibility. His hand was very friendly, closely “soft”. His hand felt very nice, which made me feel like his friend.

At that moment, although I did not catch…but Si Woo heard that..

“It’s has been very long time,” Han Geng whispered in Korean.

Very Long Time….

Later I found out that it was me who first visited Han Geng for last one and three months period. I was not aware of that. That’s why I did not catch Han Geng’s remarks.

He probably spoke in Korean, for me, no, for all the Korean fans.

(One pine tree note: GOSH… when I read this part, I literally cried.. T.T)

Dear Han Geng, how was you when seeing a Korean fan in one year?

I truly, truly wanted you to be happy, with all my heart.

After Han Geng and I shook hands, the hostess told us to get up the stage.  Then Han Geng helped me to get up from the seat by handing me, since the passage toward the stage was a step above.

I had one more chance to hold his hand and felt so happy with the fact that he held me T.T.

Han Geng’s hand is very soothing. Comfortable, very nice, and with such good feelings.


After writing this, ah..I really hit the jackpot. I was really blessed T.T.

Why do I enjoy such blessings? What did I do in the previous life???

I held Han Geng’s hand twice …..and….. he helped me get up…T.T

It would have been enough to look at him from distance…. how come…. T.T…

Anyway, Han Geng walked ahead of me and I went up the stage following Han Geng.

That picture is literally “WALK TO CANOSSA”;;;;;;

Nevertheless, my legs looked much better than I expected, I thought they would look much thicker than those of Han Geng.

Ah… one more point that surprised me.

I have to reveal this…my height is almost 171cm.

In addition, the heel I wore was more than 10 cm high.

So, my height was 171+10, more than 181 cm, strangely, still I had to look up to Han Geng.

Since I am not short, when wearing flatform pump, I am as tall as other men…while talking with Han Geng, Han Geng’s eyes position was above my eyes.

In Han Geng’s profile, his height is listed as 181 cm.

As Park Jae Bum’s height was listed as 175cm (…) (dear Jae Bum, I don’t have any dissatisfaction with your height T.T), I thought, Han Geng exaggerated his height as other celebrities. I thought he would be 178cm tall. So it was very strange. Now I am as tall as 181cm…why I am still looking up him???

Later Si Woo told me that Han Geng’s height in the profile is official record from his school, when he majored in dancing. It is not possible to exaggerate his height like some celebrities.

In other words, concisely, Han Geng is 181 cm tall.

Believe it since my body itself confirmed it.

The PD must have told Han Geng where a fan from Korea has seated before the recording, because Han Geng made eye contacts with me twice.

Every time he stared me, so shivering with excitement, I shunned his eyes.  Ah… why did I shiver so much…can I say that it was as if peeking at a man I secretly fell in love with?

However, once I stood next to him, my EAGLE EYE beamed!!!!!


With the thought that this never happen again, I only stared at Han Geng’s face without thinking anything else.

Without shunning his eyes, literally staring at his two eyes, on and on…

And much gratefully, Han Geng himself only looked at my two eyes without looking around as well. I felt the moment as eternity.

Han Geng’s face, no, his eyes, at close, were really something special.  I can clearly say that his eyes are one of the most pretty, beautiful, and kind eyes I have ever seen since I was born.

I am not saying this because I am his fan. Of course, I cannot totally deny such an effect. However, I am saying this from my own experience, away from my own personal interest.

Looking at his pictures now, I think Han Geng couldn’t put on too much make-up because he was too busy. He seemed to just check his hair, outfits, and his skintone.

His eyes… do not even have circle contract lenses, commonly found among Korean celebrities, or not even transparent contact lenses.

His physical feature from my own eyes rejected my thought, “His eyes are very huge” from his various pictures as a false one.

I was very impressed. His eyes are not that large; how come do they look so large and nice?

His eyes are light brown and very very transparent. They look like pure crystals.

Very bright and clear brown, glowing eyes with pure black pupils were still in my memory. In addition, very strong double eye-lids. Although I have always talked about how much I like his right eye, now only his left eye stays in my memory even after looking at his both eyes.

I have never seen such kind, good, and genuine eyes in my life.

His eyes are so beautiful. Han Geng was intensively listening to me while staring at my eyes, as if he wouldn’t miss any single word, and as if he would catch every single word.

His eyes are really glowing, beautiful… and…. sweet.

I cannot describe my feeling with words. As soon as I saw Han Geng’s eyes, I felt it as infinity.

I was very happy that Han Geng kept looking at my eyes without swaying his eyes. I felt we stood only 10-20cm apart. But in the picture, the real distance between us was 1m. But during that moment, because either my soul escaped from the body or my sight got suddenly better,  I strongly felt we stood that closely.

When I first the distance was 20cm in the fan account in English, I even measured it with my hand!!

At the end, the hostess asked me if I have anything to talk to Han Geng. So I said,

“I know Han Geng has gone through many hardships. Numerous people got encouraged after watching Han Geng work hard. In Korea, still many fans wait for Han Geng. In the future, I believe, Han Geng will soar higher and higher. Cheer up!!!”

Then, Si Woo interpreted my words and Han Geng replied to it in Chinese, looking at the audience. Although I couldn’t understand it, I kept staring at Han Geng’s profile to engrave him in my heart. I clearly remember his nose, ears, chin, neck, and even back head. Round and round…. How cute he was.

One time I went out and drive along the shore of Han River with Dad. I regretted for not bring a camera with me at the beautiful scene of the streetlights reflected on the river surface.

Then Dad told me,”You can take a picture of it with your HEART”

Han Geng’s pupils, eyes, gentle face, profile, and everything were inscribed in my heart.

Han Geng holding the presents I gave to him.

I felt grateful for him holding them, probably they might be hassle and uncomfortable, until the show was over.

Especially, every time the picture frame, covered only with the plastic bag, without gift wrapping, made rustle sounds into Han Geng’s micro phone, I felt embarrassed.

It’s very important how to make a gesture during sit-down talk show. Before he received the presents, he often used his hands as a gesture of expressions. He appeared to utilize his hands and all of his body when talking.  In the middle, he often peeked at the picture frame. Actually there was an envelope in which the card I hand wrote him between the frame and the book.

The card was attached with a traditional Han Bok of Korea, which I picked up, thinking it will fit in Han Geng’s image. I gave him the fresh and vivid green Han Bok, reflecting peaceful and beautiful mind.

After than Han Geng, in Chinese which I couldn’t understand (T.T), chatted and spent very good time.

I am really looking forward to watching the show on TV and very much curious about the content.

So now I am going to be on the Chinese network TV?Oh, MOM~~~~~~~~

Dear Han Geng, surely your smiling face was the most beautiful. By the way, who gave you the bracelet and the ring?  They appear to be your favorite items. I cannot deceive my eagle eye~~~~

At the end, Han Geng sang the title song, My Logo, from his first solo album, the Geng Xin. The second dancer from the right side is Korean, his last name is Kim, is being called “Jin Ge Ge /金 哥哥)’by Chinese Geng rices.

Jin GeGe danced so hard that his cap was fallen off. His eyes were sharp as well as handsome.

Now…. finally the closing part of this long and long fan account.

For the purpose of consistency, I want to show you Han Geng’s super long legs again. Once again, I emphasize, the Chinese government should preserve Han Geng’s golden S-line from the waist to hip to thigh as the national treasure.

If they lost this one, they will seriously regret it.

Han Geng can attract all those girls, sister fans, mommy fans, and even grand ma fans from around the world with his three line.

In addition, Han Geng, he… he….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is really FIRM!!!! And he is FINE!!!!!

His body is fine, his face is fine, his voice is fine, his dancing is fine…and his body is fine… (…….)

(One pine tree note: Nike mentioned his body twice… ha ha…)

His legs are ridiculously long, his eyes are ridiculously pretty, his front(?) is fine….ah… I am sorr, Han geng… yes… I am this kind of fan.


After the recording, Si Woo and Chinese geng rices treated me at Mae Hwo Han Geng’s mom is running (the one Han Geng bought for his mom!)

Because I was in a hurry, I couldn’t change enough money. I want to thanks to Si Woo and all of those Chinese Geng rices who took care of me, treated me very well, and even reserved the hotel,


Dear Han Geng, cheer up.

As I told you, so many Korean fans still wait for you.

I am fully aware that you have gone through many hardships and been misunderstood.

The only thing I can do for you is that let other people know the facts I know.

You have worked so hard. Your 20s is a full of ups and downs.

How the rest of your 20s will change again?

How it will change, if you are just as you are now, I always will support you.

I remember you, who was very glad when hearing a fan from Korea.

Please do not forget those peoples’ love and support for you.

Dear my star! Spread your wings freely!

I was very happy to see you.

2011. 3. 13. AM 00:19

Nike, your fan from Korea

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  1. bristlegrass says:

    WOW!!!! Pinetree, you made it!!!!!! It’s right on time, just before the show coming out ^^
    I love Nike’s fan account sooooo much~Translating such a loooooong article must be very time consuming, especially when you are extremely busy with your life and work! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m working on something now, will leave more comments later, just want to log on and say thank you for translating Nike’s fan account here 😀

  2. followurdestiny says:

    Thank you for the translation, ‘pinetree! This lovely account (well, at some points outright amusing XD) … it makes me eager to see Hangeng (and all his beautiful features) in real life someday…
    Gengfans showing care towards other Gengfans and Hangeng <333

  3. trueblue says:

    Aha…… one very incoherent fan-girl..hahahaha..!!
    Nike kept on and on about Han Geng’s legs…and body…hehehe..!!
    Well I’ve never experienced that kind of close-encounters with Han Geng so I can’t imagine what’s the feeling’s like but I can understand her exuberant excitement..!! The way she recounted her “meeting” with HG, makes the reader all excited too…
    Thanks Pinetree for the translations..!
    Just done watching the second part of the show and the producers edited it in such a way that Nike and HG’s encounter was somewhere in between..when the show started, one could see that HG was already holding the presents in his hands, and I thought that they had edited out that portion..but they did not..!
    Very exciting and interesting conversations in this second segment..
    New topics were unraveled in the I am waiting to watch it again on yt..heehee

  4. S2X says:

    Wow, thank you Pinetree for translating this super cute and amusing fan account! her obsession with his long long legs and hips is hilarious…and of course, his “healthy front” lol!!!! at first i was like, wth is she talking about? but then, when i saw the pic with the Gengbar logo “skillfully placed” there, i realized what she was referring to hahaha!!! even though i’m all alone here, i can’t help but blush and feel embarrassed looking at that…even if the logo is covering it, we all know WHAT it’s covering, u guys know what i mean? lol!*blushing*

    anywayz, what i loved the most is her description of his eyes: “His eyes are light brown and very very transparent. They look like pure crystals”, this description is so beautiful! i’d love to have the chance to look into his eyes the way she did. don’t people always say that a person’s eyes are the window to their souls? i think Geng has such beautiful eyes because his soul and heart are so pure and beautiful!

    i’m always so envy of these international fans who travel all the way to China just to meet him. i’d love to do that too but i live so far away, i’d never be able to make it in such a short period of time like they did…and besides, i don’t know anyone in China so i’d be totally lost. 😦

    • Mandy says:

      You are not alone. Let’s go together!

      • S2X says:

        Sure, I’d love to have some company haha! I’m actually planning on going to China this summer, I’m just trying to find company and it’d be even better if I can find another Gengfan to go with me! Unfortunately, I don’t know any other Gengfans here in Toronto…

    • szhang59 says:

      Hi S2X:
      I think I am the one you know in Toronto. We ever talked on this blog when I first came here. I mentioned then I was so ashamed of my English skills even though I’ve been in Toronto for more than 4 years…..
      It’s pity I can’t go back to China to meet Geng this summer. And It’s also a great pity that I didn’t know about HG in 2009 when I stayed in Beijing for a month.
      Every time I read about HG and watch clips about HG I always think of you. I just imagine what you would be like if you could be on the scene in person, how do you think of when reading news about HG…..because I know you are the only Gengfan I know in Toronto.
      Anyway, thanks to pinetree’s great work, I really enjoy it. I really hope we could have a tiny chance to meet HG like this way…..

      • S2X says:

        haha did i leave such a deep impression on you that makes you keep thinking about me? i also always think how it would be like if i could go on one of those TV shows and have a chance to talk to Han Geng (i’m sure we all think about that sometimes haha!). i think i’d be so nervous that i would either lose my speech or start stuttering and look like a complete idiot in front of him, which would be extremely embarrassing lol!!! and then my mandarin would totally fail me haha!!! 😛

        you didn’t know about Han Geng in 2009? so you’re a really recent fan then. btw, do u have msn/facebook/twitter/livejournal or an account on i’d love to have a Gengfan friend to talk with here in Toronto. if you’re not comfortable about sharing these information here, you can send it to my e-mail, which is: (i don’t mind posting this e-mail address in public since i don’t use it that often anywayz).

      • onepinetree says:

        haha i am so content to see visitors socialize here:)
        i hope we keep touch with each other at least this way … who knows? some day when i visit toronto i might have a chance to see you guys (but in reality i didnt even have a chance to meet fans who live in los angeles)

  5. Mandy says:

    I read the Chinese version first and now the English version. I still go “ha ha ha ha” while reading some parts of the fan account this time even I already knew the content.

    As I read the English version right after watching 2nd part of the Behind the Story where Nike and Siwoo were on, besides Nike’s frank admiration of Han Geng’s golden S-line, I could relate “How it will change, if you are just as you are now, I always will support you.” to the following phrases said by the MC:

    “If you live (your life) for other people (I guess more or less the MC meant you do what’s told instead of your own ways, own thinking, like a machine), then you may lose the truthful Han Geng that people like. The Han Geng that is most truthful and only belongs to yourself.”

    Tears dropped down my face 2-3 times while watching the 2nd part. Of course I also laughed out loud at some scenes. Han Geng’s parents really taught him well. I can’t say enough that I really like the way how Han Geng always talks softly and calmly to deliver the positive mindset and attitude that he has. No hype no fuss.

    • onepinetree says:

      thats why i like his song the simple man very much although i dont really know the meanings of the rylics…:)

  6. haibara says:

    hi….i’m smiling alone when reading ur story….so lucky u r…as i’m from malaysia, i’m always following his story through ur blog.thanx to u…i don’t know how to be his follower as his real fan since the fan web is in chinese…(i’m malay actually)..anyway, i’m too hope to have the same experience like u did…to meet him in front of my eye…;)

  7. polly says:

    Sorry but the “Bei Jing 789 Art District” might be “Beijing 798 Art District”. ^_^
    By the way, Nike’s words are so forthright and frank. Something which can only be sensed and can not be explained in words, is portrayed vividly here, …like the readers may see things through her eyes and other senses.

    • onepinetree says:

      thank you for pointing out errors although they are more serious errors in this entry….sometimes ignorance gives you unnecessary bravery…embarrassing ….

      when i have time i will revise the whole thing
      the more i read the more errors i am finding now T.T

  8. this part made me shiver and shed my tears.. he possesses a very wonderful heart..
    “It’s has been very long time,” Han Geng whispered in Korean.

    and this part made me laughed and zillion percent agreed.
    “I emphasize, the Chinese government should preserve Han Geng’s golden S-line from the waist to hip to thigh as the national treasure.

    If they lost this one, they will seriously regret it.”

    I know Han Geng has the total physical package that made him the most drooling object for many women. But I also know that our admiration for Han Geng is more than just physical appearance… we admire him because he also has a great distintive characters..

    This is really a beautiful fan story. Thanks for giving your time to do the long translation, onepinetree (and I love the way you put ur notes ^_^)

    ps. permit me to quote some parts when I am writing my own blog, of course with proper credit to your site 🙂

    • onepinetree says:

      uhhhhhh your comment just pointed out one of numerous errors i made in this entry ….sigh…it’s embarrassing….i should’ve double checked the post before uploaded.

      any way….i felt very sorry that no korean fans have involved in any kind of group support or group projects for han geng since the lawsuit

      i was not in a position to organize such supports due to my physical location and many circumstances. i often wonder if i can categorize myself as a korean fan although i speak korean and lived in korea until age 28. whenever i talk with other korean fans about complicate issues around han geng i often found my position is slightly different from

      living in la for more than a decade changed me a lot, i guess….probably that might be another reason why i fell in love with this chinese young man over so many korean stars.

      anyway, nike is running a project for han geng, finally han geng will see a fan project from korea…. i am just so happy for korean fans as well as han geng

  9. Keke.. It’s not easy to translate that long article dear.. and still able to touched my heart n made me continued reading it ^_^ really kudos to ur hard work.. and I do agree w you.. the more I follow HG the difficult to retreat from him.. he just exceptional..

  10. L says:

    He is too adorable for words!!
    She was so lucky to meet him! 😀
    Thanks so much for translating!!
    Is there a link to the show??

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