Han Geng, For a Free-flying Life – the Story Behind Show on March 27, 2011

I had this strange feeling after watching the Story Behind show, especially the second episode, full of different kinds of emotion…strong feeling to express myself…too many thoughts in my brain, but, really not sure where to start, how to write it down, blame my poor language skill…almost wanted to give up writing anything, hehehehe~~~but eventually, I feel still want to find a place to keep a record of my feelings and sentiments about it. I guess many Gengfans have a lot to share, so, using a Chinese idiom, 抛砖引玉, “throw out brick in order to get jade”…I’m translating the parts which impressed me the most, and also writing down some my “bricks” now, please leave some jades here if you don’t mind 😀   

Part 1

About news on his lawsuit – (3:34) Geng: “Some news are true, some are not, they just made it up. This is normal, just ignoring it would be fine, let it be. If that fake news could be made up by them like a real one, I accept it!” (laughter) (Well…now, we know Han Geng would rather be treated wrongly than help any hype-up.)

About reading comments about him on Internet – (6:15) Geng: “my father and friends kept saying, stop reading, stop reading. I said, don’t worry, reading those comments wouldn’t affect me. It’s not like I’ve never been sworn at before, it’s not like I have ever been very rich originally…I said I could accept all those comments, just start over all again.” 

Host asked if he ever felt any regret.

(6:44) Geng: “I never felt any regret. Just like how my father taught me when I was young. Doing things, making choice, and solving issues, should never feel regret after you’ve done it. If you feel regret, then you cannot find a way to succeed again. My father always told me that. I have walked to this step, although I was afraid, I was a bit flustered, never been through this kind of thing before, but since I have to face this kind of thing, thinking about how I can solve it, how I can make it better, then I need to be calm, have good mindset, this is the most important thing I need to do, so I just do it that way.” (I think, we can all learn something from his remarks here. This is how I felt about Han Geng’s decision-making long time ago. I was wondering if he had ever felt regret for signing the initial contract with sme. By knowing him better, I know, for him, as long as the decision has been made, whether it is a good decision or not wouldn’t matter anymore, he would do all his best to make that decision become a right decision which can lead to certain level of success, until he find no little tiny chance to improve in it.)

(7:37) Geng: “Because I saw many people swore at me on Internet, at that time, the more I read, the more I was thinking, I must prove to those people. Why cannot I survive if I come out from the company? I want to prove to them, I can. So, I talked to my friend, let’s work hard together, no matter how many people there are, even if just two of us, I want to prove them that, Han Geng can do it, no matter singing, dancing, or acting. I said, one year, we want to work as hard as we can, just do it.”

In the video recorded at his place – (10:25) He talked to Teacher He: “my health condition during that period of time was really bad, remember? I told you that sometime before, you asked me, can you continue to survive?” (Laugh)…(Han Geng, is it a joke???? How come I couldn’t laugh at all???? How can you always joke about your poor health, which make me feel heartache even more! The first time I got such feeling is in the show of Have a Date with Lu Yu, you said, you felt lucky when the doctor told you that your broken arm was grown back together without any treatment, because you can save money…again, you laughed…but you knew that your money was not saved, the doctor had to break the bones again, in order to put them back together properly…) 

About mistreatment to his mother (Han Geng asked for concert tickets for his mother and friends, but got really bad seats. All other members’ parents came as well, and they were sitting in the middle of the stand right in front of the stage) – (11:24) Teacher He: “Why? Weren’t you the most popular one (in China)?” Geng: (laugh) (shaking head) “I think, let’s just point to the things not the person. Because I walk to where I am today, all because they brought me in, the SME company. Since I got there in 2003, they trained me, and I debuted in 2005 till now, they were with me all the time. I felt very grateful for them. They gave me today, gave me such experiences, but, there are still some frictions due to the privity issues and understanding issues during work, which can be accumulated, then I wouldn’t feel comfortable.” 

Teacher He: are you afraid of not being popular anymore after come out from the company?

Geng: I’m not.

Teacher He: Right after your lawsuit news broke out, you must read Kyuhyun’s blog post, do you think he was the one writing that?

Geng: “I cannot be sure. Actually, we were together, said to always stay in SME, not to separate, super junior forever, but possibly I was…because I never mentioned this thing (lawsuit) to others, all the sudden, to be like this, even if a very good friend might not understand why, why to be like this suddenly…” (Han Geng is a person, who is able to accept all the hurts on him own, but always try his best to understand and not to hurt others.)

The entire show gave me a deep impression of his laugh…I have to say, Han Geng is the only person whose laugh and smile give me so many different kinds of feeling, Sometimes his laugh and smile can melt my heart, full of sweetness and happiness; sometimes it can break my heart; sometimes bring tears in my eyes; he uses laugh and smile to express so many emotions, happy, glad, moving, helpless, embarrassing, self-mockery, shy, bitterness, etc.. Seems like he can laugh toward any good or bad thing that happen to him. However, I can only tell one emotion from his tears, in public at least, moving…being moved by his parents and fans.  

Hehehehe~~~just not sure if there would be someone considering what Han Geng brought up about the mistreatment of his mother as so-called bad-mouthing the ex-company. His words have been distorted or exaggerated for quite a few times after all. Well, actually, even if Han Geng didn’t say anything, Gengfans actually have already known so much. I actually hesitated to write the following paragraph, but then I feel I should just use this opportunity to make a closure of my feelings about Han Geng and his experiences before he went solo, at least I do hope to make a closure…  

That incident happened in 2008, but the things got even more intolerable for Gengfans in the second half of 2009, at that time, although Han Geng didn’t say a word, we could still observe things on site or from various sources, hehe, what a memory…just remember I felt heartache, depressing, helpless, and even cried after almost each SJM’s activity in 2009…Yes, we never mentioned those on this blog, because Han Geng was still in the company, and many things were complicated, could be confusing…Of course, now, I don’t want to recall those things and feelings unless I have to…Han Geng has moved on anyway. However, since this incident has been in public now, I just want to add some tiny details to it, no other intention, just hope our blog visitors could understand him better. All his fans would know how important his mother is in his heart. The concert Han Geng mentioned was on Nov 22, 2008 in Shanghai, that was the first SJ concert in China, Han Geng’s home country. In this video clip http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/723yh3CXgK4/ at 4:55, Han Geng had been pretty quiet, but all the sudden he raised his head and shouted to one direction of the stands, “I love you, Mom!” This tiny detail happened after the entire audience sang happy birthday song in Korean to one member’s mother…What’s that taste to be digested? Only Han Geng knew at that time.

Just want to say, family and self-achievement are human being’s basic needs, and they are Han Geng’s bottom-line. We can tell he is a person who values highly of self-achievement just from the facts that he gave up a stable job with high benefits in China and decided to open up his own career and break into a new world. When these two bottom lines were constantly to be trampled, leave became necessity. Yes, Han Geng was the one making decision to leave, but who forced him to take that step. I know, people who hate him wouldn’t read or care what I have written here, but I still believe the majority including those who are in silence have a fair judgment in their heart.   


Okay, let’s turn this page over!!! Now, we know Han Geng is truly happy. ^_^ Let’s walk down this path with him happily.      

Ah hum~~~, my pretty pretty boy~~~  

Is that wine glass too big, or his face too tiny???

Part 2

Geng and Nike (we have much much more detailed account in the previous post ^^ so just translate some of Han Geng’s words here) – 3:37 “Actually, I feel really grateful for my fans in Korea, they still remember me, still not give up on me…I should do something.” 4:37, he said he felt very happy with a sweet smile of happiness~ Yes, he finally can be sure that there are devoted Gengfans waiting for him in Korea. Thank you, Nike, for everything you have done for Han Geng, wish all the best to your “Waiting for Han Geng” project!  😀 

Talk about 717, 718 Concert in Beijing – 7:50 “I felt all my efforts…just like written in the song, you guys are truly my wings, walking to the present, to that stage, a concert belongs to ourselves. At that time, I felt not only happiness, warmth, but also so many other emotions, so I was truly very excited, very moved.”

Host: Did you ever think about why there are so many people supporting you, loving you?

Han Geng: yes, I did. (laughter) I feel…there are many people with better looking than me, singing better than me…”

Apparently, Gengfans didn’t agree with him on these points, hehe~~~

Host: but you are the only one in their heart.

HG: I think it’s about we share something in our heart.

Host asked Gengfans why we love him so much…I would like to translate part of this Gengfan’s remark which moved me the most, “I remember that when we were singing the song of ‘the simple man’ together, you told us, ‘you guys are the best’. I hope, 20 years later, on the day when we fulfill the commitment between you and us, you can still find a place, even if it is a small place, we will be there, listen to you singing “the simple man”, and saying “you guys are the best!”  

Geng’s facial expression when listening to this fan’s speech~

20 years commitment, this is one of the most beautiful and moving commitments I’ve ever heard. Ha~~~~I admire those Gengfans who were at his first solo concert soooooooo much…I missed that forever…T_T

Talking about the reason of muscle being pulled before the concert, he said, “because practicing so hard, so feeling suddenly cold and suddenly cool, suddenly cold and suddenly cool…” (well…we thought he’s supposed to say, suddenly cold and suddenly hot… = = Those bad bad fans…just laughed at my boy without any sympathy in the show…he is only 3 years old, what are you guys expecting??? Hum, my boy just gave you guys a “ruthless” glance! )

But gengfans screamed again, “so adorable~~~” (Okay, Han Geng, forget it, Gengfans won the teasing game this time~ =V=)

Part 3

Sun Le’s words for Han Geng, “No matter you like to hear or not, I would like to say it!” Imitating Sun Le chattering to him, “eat regularly, sleep earlier, study more, read more, play less video game, eat less, don’t get tan…” (Look at his expressions…so reluctant…but Han Geng~ your friend is right on all these things!)

Listening to Gengfan talking about charity activity, so seriously~~he must be thinking about how to join their chairty activity on March 13~

After Gengfan’s talk, he said, “I believe my fans also want to tell everyone, fans are not always crazy, fans are not always rational” = = (poor boy, seized by these “mean” Gengfans again for his tongue slip), yeah, he corrected immediately, “fans are not always irrational, so they want to tell everyone, we can do something for the society, we can gather our forces to help people who are in need.” (Such simple words, but make me feel so warm, sounds like he was speaking on behalf of Gengfans, Haha! Yes, we just know each other so well~~~we are together!)

His final remark, “Hope you guys could continue to be like this, living simple life, happy life, I also hope my work could get better and better, present more and better works to you guys.”

(I personally hope that the love between Han Geng and Gengfans could always be like this, friendly intimate, mutually trustful, warm, simple, and pure.)   

Use some pictures to end my rambling~~~Even though I am not lucky enough to see him in person by now…I still know…his legs are terribly longggggg!!!!

I want to be that little thing on his thigh!!!

Just show more things for you to laugh at him~~~ we are evil fans!!!!

A Collection of A Master of Astractionist Shool – Han 3 Years Old

A picture painted for a psychological test…Can you tell what he painted in the picture?  😛

The cake is not bad though~~~~

PS: please see the tags for the credits.


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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19 Responses to Han Geng, For a Free-flying Life – the Story Behind Show on March 27, 2011

  1. onepinetree says:

    “I think it’s about we share something in our heart.”

    Hmm…. I have been wondering why I have supported and loved this Chinese young man. Although he can speak Korean, know about the Korean culture, and worked for the Korean company, for me…. there is no clear reason to be a fan of him, despite language, nation, and cultural gaps, over so many popular/talented Korean celebrities. I even thought it as a mental disorder.. like an obsession… ha ha… Probably I just started paying attention to him by chance and got involved in too much…so too late to quit???? ha ha… I was really looking for an answer for why? why?

    Well… Han Geng gave me a GOOD answer.


    Although it’s my job to figure out what is “something” but I want to leave it as it is… I am sure “something” will change time to time… place to place… as Han Geng grows up…and I grow (…) up….

    By the way… Thank you so much for all those comments for Nike’s account. I will reply to all of your comments soon… (why I am explaining this here????) and definitely need to revise…my posting… ha ha…

    • bristlegrass says:

      Haha~ I think it’s similar for most Gengfans that there is no clear reason to be fan of him…since I have been reading many similar comment from different Gengfans…what is that “something”? It might be varied for each Gengfan. It’s hard to tell…and sometimes there is so much to tell.
      But, I think there is one thing we may share, that is devoted Gengfans do not view him merely as a star, there is more than that.

  2. followurdestiny says:

    😀 Such a lovely post again. I watched this episode again as well… I love his relationship with his gengfans, it’s so close — it’s almost like they are all just sitting in his living room… the teasing, the laughing, the smiles, the caring words… as long as he’s happy 😀
    And those drawings, absolutely adorkable <333

    • bristlegrass says:

      😀 Han Geng and Gengfans almost made this show into a big family gathering~ I’m glad the host didn’t have restrictive interview structure to follow.

  3. henny says:

    Dear, Bristlegrass… there is something that take my attention in this show part two which aired on 27 March 2011, i’ve watched it. and i don’t know if i can ask it here. The host ask hangeng about his relationship with the other suju member, and there is about if he still contact them, but there is hangeng’s answer that really take my attention, “… i want to protect them, and they also want to protect me….”.
    Can some one tell me if there is really this sentence, and if it is right? My heart just feel ache..

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yes, he did say, “I want to protect them, and they also want to protect me…”
      He had said the first part of the sentence before…so he has been pretty consistent on that…as for the second part, the only thing I can say is, Han Geng is doing what he said in the first part…hehe~~~

      • polly says:

        Your last sentence could easily get the readers confused, dizzy about the first part and the second part. But I know what you mean. 🙂

      • bristlegrass says:

        Thanks for understanding me, hehe~ 😀

  4. henny says:

    I’m sorry actually, i have write the comment above on The Man Behind the Story (edited) before, but i think u maybe not read it, so i write it again here.
    For today, hangeng’s sentence “we share something in our heart”, yeah, it’s a real, i have share many same feelings with Hangeng, when ever i see and hear he talk. I never like a celebrities like this, ussualy i will like a celebrities for his talent, handsome, and cute acting, but for hangeng, i falling to his personality, he is so true with his heart, and so honest, not like a celebrity at all, but like a good friend or a brother. Many times when hear he talk, i note “How come there is a big celebrity like him, but have a similiar opinion with me, more than that his view of life is more clear and brave”, as for me sometimes i just dare to think about it, but never dare to do something about it.
    Sorry everyone, if my comment is confussing, just try to explain my feeling for him, keep try to find the right words….T__T

    • bristlegrass says:

      I think one interesting thing about Han Geng is, he seems really normal just like everyone of us, we can always feel we have similar thought or personality as he does, and gradually, we find this normal guy can achieve so much…then, we are inspired. Is he normal? I think he is not, but it’s really hard to tell how his normality and uniqueness can fit together so perfectly.

      • Henny says:

        Wow you discribe it very well, yes…it’s true!!
        and i understand what u mean about the first and second part, but i just thinking, when hangeng say about his friends in suju, sometimes i think, what he want to mention is just some of them who really he consider as his friend, not all of them, but…as he said, he want to protect them, so he said as it’s for all member. It’s just my opinion, because sometimes i do that too when i don’t want to point to someone clearly.
        Anyway he is have a BIG HEART…^__^

      • bristlegrass says:

        hehe…I can only tell that Han Geng is much more understanding and forgiven than I can imagine…however, when he is saying nicely about others, others are hurting him at same time. How ironic is that! Sorry in advance if my statement hurt you, but as a devoted Gengfan following Han Geng for a while and knowing too much behind scene which happened off camera, I don’t think the so-called friendship around Han Geng in SJ is sincere, period. Han Geng is honest, but his friend in sme doesn’t have to be an artist, can be staff…

  5. Smile says:

    Thanx for sharing. His word, his attitude always amaze me. A bond between him and his fans make him different from other celebrity. From a fans who admire his dance now all I can say I love him because of who he is….

    • bristlegrass says:

      “From a fans who admire his dance now all I can say I love him because of who he is….” Haha~ yes, I has been through the similar transition process ^^

  6. mish says:

    Wonderful posting, Bristlegrass. Thank you. I have watched the whole show twice and also some fancams for the unaired cut interview. It is a great interview. Hangeng is still his usual self, a natural, honest, kind-hearted and courgerous youngman. It is so good that the program decided to make it into two programs so as not to cut too much content. Although they were broadcasted at midnight Sun night/Mon morning when most people would be asleep, both programs were national no.1 rating in audience numbers. A few parts in the early June 2010 interview caught my heart the most and reminded me why I love him. One is when he talked about his mother being mistreated. Then he said lets point to things not the people. He again said thanks to SME, etc. One is when he was asked about his ex-member and defended them. And his warm smile to the friends present and said “I have friends helping me. I am so lucky. I am so happy.” This was in the midst of lawsuit, before his concert and album, when his future was still unclear, and the media had a lot of negative news about him. How can one person be so positive inside and out? The sun seems to come from his within. His smile was so beautiful.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Yes, I was also impressed by his remark of “let’s point to the things not the people”. I truly like this attitude, and such attitude belongs to intelligent and mature person. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. I can tell Han Geng can do it, that’s why he can have insightful understanding of controversial issues, and never point the finger at others.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Hangeng, the more I know you, the more I love you.
    You are a gift from above to make this world a better place.
    Without you trying, your story and experience have inspired many, and given hope to plenty.
    Your consistent excellent attitude and gracefulness in handling setback, has set a good example, you have taught everyone some life lessons.
    For one, I have definitely benefited a lot from you. Thank you!

  8. Pingback: When a Misunderstanding becomes a Fact, or Truth… | Because You are Han Geng

  9. trueblue says:

    Thanks B’grass
    You did a great job …I have no further comments..hehehehe!!!!

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