When a Misunderstanding becomes a Fact, or Truth…(Updated)

what do you do?

I am throwing this question to all of you, dear visitors at our blog.

I thought I had enough of this since the lawsuit, December 21, 2009.

I thought I had overcome all those false accusations or misunderstandings about my lovely boy Han Geng.

But…this is a never-ending story.




Thank you for all your comments.

After a half day passed, I realized that I threw tantrum here.

I already felt regretful about my entry.

As Bristle Grass pointed out, understanding is Han Geng’s part, not mine. Why did I even try to be like Han Geng simply because I am his fan?

Dear Han Geng,

Soar and soar high…

Fly and fly high…

My job, as your fan, is enjoying your journey.


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41 Responses to When a Misunderstanding becomes a Fact, or Truth…(Updated)

  1. Charmaine says:

    If Hangeng can understand them, we should understand them because we love Hangeng.
    Hangeng obviously has made the right move to leave SME. I felt so sad after reading this article. In any case, I truly believe there are still many Korean fans support Hangeng no matter what happen.

    • polly says:

      “If Hangeng can understand them, we should understand them because we love Hangeng.”

      I totally disagree on this point with you, hehe… There is no effect relationship in this situation. Why should I understand someone only because Han Geng could understand? Han Geng has his position. I have mine. If Han Geng won my respect, that is because he is the person who did many things which made me think he worth my repect and admiration, but not others. If he did some thing I do not respect, I shall point it, too. If other people who want to win the respect of mine, they shall do something worth to be respected, but not just staying there talking on others. At least right now I could not see what is worth to be respected and admired for me of Han Geng’s ex-colleagues. Neither do I have interest nor do I have responsibility to know them or understand them.

      Sorry, I am a little critical on this part. Meant no harm to anyone.

      • onepinetree says:

        No it’s OK, don’t be sorry. We don’t have to agree on everything because we love the same star.

        I was more like Charmaine until this interview. Now I am more like in your side for my own mental health.

        But I know probably next week I will be more like Charmaine again. Ha Ha.

      • Charmaine says:

        Hi polly, my apology on my statement. I should have use “I” instead of “we” in the statement.

        If Hangeng can understand them, “I” should understand them because “I” love Hangeng.

        Since this is my personal thought and opinion, I should not use “we” in the statement. I made that statement yesterday simply because I can see why Hangeng can understand them. He chose to forgive and understand them is because of his kind heart. Because of this, I love Hangeng even more.

  2. trueblue says:

    I also feel like what PT felt.
    I tried to give SJ members the benefit of the doubt even if I find it hard to understand them..and resented them for all those fabricated stories and intentional misunderstandings..
    In my thoughts, I want them to at least be truthful or neutral when it comes to HG…they have not only tarnished HG’s name but also trampled on it by their insensitive comments and views…With their comments, it also revealed their own true characters..when one is pointing a finger at others, 3 of the fingers are pointing inwards towards oneself..!!
    I really hope that they would be man enough to move on and not be like an old nagger who has nothing better to do but nags all day long and finding fault with every little things that come their way. It shows that they couldn’t live without HG. Why? Because they keep track of HG and his activities all the time..!!
    The more they are disgruntled with HG, the more it revealed their true character..
    They are more to be pitied than hated or disliked….!!
    Han Geng is better off than them and that’s why he can understand them..!
    Only Han Geng knows the actual working environment in SME and the entertainment world of Korea that he is able to brush off all these things unless it does serious harm to his career and the careers of his friends who are with him in this journey..!!
    If SJ keeps on doing this kind of things, it’s better off if they change careers and become the media so that they can berate HG 24/7.. Write their own columns in the newspapers and hold a gossip talk show on TV..! May be they will become famous that way at the expense of HG…!! The quote below describes HG best..!
    Quote :It is nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist on being right – especially when one is right.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    • onepinetree says:

      I mean.. that’s the strange part for me.

      Contrast to DBSK, SJ is totally fine with missing three numbers. The public does not even notice SJ missing three members. So, they don’t really need Han Geng that much, in fact. They will be totally fine even though they miss more members – -;

      SJ’s popularity is mainly rooted on SJ fan dome itself. Compared to girls generation, 2Pm, or Big Bang, SJ’s popularity or image is not that popular.

      So, the only times SJ made “HOT ISSUES” were either related to Kang In’s incident or Han Geng related news. When Han Geng was in SJ, Han Geng’s popularity and recognition in Korea was very very minimum (Sorry, Han Geng). So, Han Geng himself could not make news, either. At first, such mistranslation news did not gain any attention until Lee Teak tweeted. I mean, I don’t know how he even found out the news. I, Han Geng’s fan, got to know about the news after all internet media started reporting Lee teak’s mention. Thanks to Lee Teak, Han Geng’s public image got tarnished again.

      So, I guess you are right on the part, SJ/SME utilize Han Geng for making issues related to SJ. Since the public will only respond to news implying that the betrayer Han Geng lied again… hmm… it’s depressing….

      Well… good thing is that there are still Korean fans who support and love Han Geng.

  3. bristlegrass says:

    The contrast just proves me again and again that Han Geng is the person deserving my love and support~~~Sigh…just feel sorry and sad for Korean Gengrices who have to face all of these directly…seems some forces desperately want you guys give up upon him…I personally have no need nor intention to understand them…that’s Han Geng’s business. Since the Korean court gave him justice, I’ve felt satisfied for now…Time will tell the truth, people need patience.

  4. Mandy says:

    I had to put my music player on mute to finish reading this post. I need to set back for a few minutes to ponder my answer.

    I have tried to understand SJ’s position on Han Geng’s matters but my feeling for SJ is fading away or even died as a result of all the things going on around them for the past 1 year & 3 months. Only SJ members and Han Geng know what 100% is really gonig on behind the public eyes. In MY very own case as a fan, I must choose to be either a Gengfan or ELF. I initially didn’t think it was impossible to be both but when more things are revealed and said, I couldn’t find a balance anymore.

    Can Han Geng ever break free from SME or SJ completely for as long as SJ is in its prosperous days? As a Gengfan, all I can do is to believe in Han Geng and follow his steps.

    • trueblue says:

      “Can Han Geng ever break free from SME or SJ completely for as long as SJ is in its prosperous days? ”

      I don’t know Mandy…..(sigh!)
      I am only sure about myself at this moment..
      I am not sure of what the future is..
      I am sure that at this present time in my life, I encountered a boy named Han Geng who showed me that wisdom doesn’t only come with age, it comes with experiences too..hehehehe!!!
      He make things happen and not wait for heavens to open up..!!
      He creates inroads in his career and not roadblocks…
      He is the only artiste I like after a very long time since my teen years…hehehe

      • trueblue says:

        Let’s look forward to tonight’s performance..and then on the 8th to 10th when he attends the awards shows in Taiwan…!!

  5. Mish says:

    Sometimes I feel that it is not a single event. Since last year, some force has been in effect to blacken Hangeng,s name in Korea to make sure that he cannot go back to Korea. Take an example, this mistranslated event. It so happens that someone mistranslated HG,s one sentence out of so many things he said. It so happens that Teak saw it and tweeted a damaging report in a few hours. After original video was provided and English sites (not sure about Korean sites) posted corrected translations, Teak did not correct his tweet but spread more rumors. Chinese media at Taiwan, HK and China helped spreading these lies days later while SJM did their promotional tour….. Everything seems pretty coordinated. As a simple fan, all we can give Hangeng, the simple person, is our trust and support.

    • onepinetree says:

      You are pretty much on the point. I think SME is behind of all these nonsenses. All the Korean ELFs knew about mistranslation. So they defended the leader’s mention as “talking to those reporters who reported false information”. Unfortunately, the leader himself proved that he specifically targeted Han Geng. What an irony..I just felt sorry for those ELFs who spread words here and there with two messages: Han Geng did not lie, it’s all mistranslation. The leader’s mention was not targeting Han Geng, but those reporters. What a pity.

  6. Tiffany says:

    With his determination and perseverance, plus the support from his fans and friends all over the world, Hangeng will eventually soar above all these adversities, and become a greater man of tomorrow. Only the truth will withstand the test of time. Korean Geng fans will be rewarded with more, by then. That’s my thought.

  7. S2X says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t think I can be as understanding and forgiving as Han Geng towards the other members. I am really tired of all these misunderstandings and lies. I’ve tried to see things from their perspective, tried to sympathize with them when they first misunderstood Han Geng. But when that happened time and time again and they still chose to believe in rumours over facts, it just proved me that they are not worthy of my respect and understanding anymore. When someone just chooses to hate you for no reason, there’s nothing you can really do. But it’s ok, the more they behave the way they do, the more I see their true nature and it becomes more clear to me of who to believe.

    I think now I can see why Han Geng chose not to tell them anything about his departure. Maybe they never really treated him like a real friend, never really tried to listen to or understand him. The language barrier issue is just a lame excuse; the truth is that there was never really genuine trust between them. SJ being a family is total BS!!! The only reason why they insist so much on sticking together till the end is because they are only good for as long as they remain as a group. Because if they all start going solo, I don’t think any of them would be able to achieve as much individual success as Han Geng did. Especially Teuk, he’s the one who talks the most but does the least in the group. If he really wanted to be a good leader, he should just STFU and do his job well. He should learn from Geng, talk less and do more.

    Honestly, I don’t even want Han Geng to be associated with SJ anymore!

    • polly says:

      “When someone just chooses to hate you for no reason, there’s nothing you can really do.” I don’t think it’s just a personal emotion such as “hate” thing, it has totally become a public strategy of that company based on interest conflict. management of fans’ reactions and emotions, such as?

      There is one more word for those “someone” ,”someone who want to get other people’s respect should learn how to respect others first.”

    • Mish says:

      The advantage of being in adversary is that you can find out who your real friends are. There are friendships, and then there are friendships.

      I would not be too harsh on the other members, since they have to go through the conflict of their careers with their friendships. Whatever they chose to do would make a mark in their lifes.

  8. polly says:

    “Han Geng is betrayer and liar. He promotes himself by selling out his experience in Korea, SME, or Super Junior.”
    Unfortunately such misunderstandings are being spread by members themselves. It’s shameful but I can still UNDERSTAND THEM as did Han Geng.
    The first sentence might be the promotion strategy of SME now. It is what they want the pubic to believe and perceive. As for normal person who always get false information on someone may natually have negative opinion on him. As for those members who follow the suit of SME on spreading the misunderstandings, it might reflect one the bad part of Korean Entertainment. They are just puppets, so what do you think about the reliability of their public statements?

    “I will delete this post tomorrow. ” —— I don’t think you have to delect it. Yes, there are some negative parts in it. But we could still learn from it on how to observe and judge the real world and other people. A good lesson for many people, it might be.

    In The Analects of Confucius, there is such words of confucius,
    “At first, my way with men was to hear their words, and give them credit for their conduct. Now my way is to hear their words, and look at their conduct. It is from Yu that I have learned to make this change.”

    I think the words of confucius might be a little bit helpful for those needs to observe and judge people, especially those they first have good opinion of.

    • onepinetree says:

      Well..I just don’t like degrading our blog with something not directly related Han Geng. As I said at the updated entry, I already felt bad about my tantrum. I have noticed that any Han Geng related news get eventually translated in Chinese and got spread anyway. So, I just wanted to let my visitors know what’s going on. It’s very well organized Han Geng tarnishing project directed by SME and performed by SJ members. The period.

      • polly says:

        It might be really hard for the gengrices in korea. The matter has turned totally beyond the line of entertainment. Only those who are brave enough and could insist on the fair side and even have to have quite insightful ideas of life and the world, and are mature enough to get the whole thing right. With all of these things, they might be able to bear those negative things and face all those tarnishment rationally. It’s really a hard thing.
        In my opinipn, if you see through all those tricks, it might do no harm to you at all. Just live your own life happily, to the fullest and positively. All complicated things become simple. If they could never affect you or your feelings, it does not exist in your eyes nor in your heart.
        What is the original intention to be a fan? To find the good, beautiful side of the world, right? Then why should I pay attention to the dark side? If someone get lost in the pool of all those negative emotions, such as hatred, envy, arrogant, self-abased, self-accusation, unhappiness, sadness, vacuous, etc, they why should they be a fan? What do they want? What are they looking for? To learn how to behave like a dirty guy and , neve dare to face themselves, live life with an upright and dignified attitude and have a fair play?
        Confucius said, a gentleman is open and poised; a petty man is unhappy and worried. The saying really means a lot.

  9. Tiffany says:

    Dear Onepinetree,
    I started following Hangeng from last Oct. I have been reading this site since then. Knowing that a Korean Geng fan – Nike is working on a project “Waiting for Hangeng”. Cos I don’t understand the language, so am unaware of her status, even if I visited her blog.
    Since the perception of the general Korean public is negative towards Hangeng, I hope Nike is coping fine.
    Thank you.

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes, Nike is daily updating her blog regarding this project. So far 10 people participated. two more weeks to go, so I am projecting about 30 people? Even though we have only 20-30 people in the project, I would be happy about it anyway. Because this will be just a beginning, not the end. I sent her my clip, although I am thinking about sending another one again, since the first one was taken in a hurry, I really looked too OLD in the clip. Ha Ha…
      I had better think about some event style clip 🙂

      • Tiffany says:

        Looking forward to viewing the end product! Please kindly send my best wishes to Nike and all the participants. They are not swayed by the voices surrounding them, I admire that!
        And thank you Onepinetree for the update! See you in the video soon! 🙂

      • Charmaine says:

        I believe you have watched “Behind the Story” already. I really like the part when Hangeng talked after Nike was on the stage. He said ” I really thank my korean fans. They still remember me and did not leave me. What should I do (for them)?” Then he has his bright smile on his face. I can tell he really appreciate his korean fans.

      • Tiffany says:

        One thing to add – this project is especially meaningful now, as it is a proactive move, indirectly, to curb the whatever conspiracy going on against Hangeng. Nike is a very brave girl. Regardless of its impact, she is doing her bit in helping Hangeng to path his way back to Korea. Hangeng is a blessed boy to be loved by so many. And he is appreciative.

  10. followurdestiny says:

    Then I guess, I didn’t miss anything XDD…

    May Han Geng fly higher and higher :)! May the road/the sky before him be smooth and clear… <33

  11. wendy says:

    Some people are so set on believing on what they want that they ignore the truth even if it’s staring at them in the face. I am sad that certain SJ members and their fans believe the false information, but angry that they help instigate the problem and spread the lies to tarnish Han Geng’s reputation. Even now, they won’t let it go. It’s one thing if you get mislead by some news. But it’s another when you knew you accused someone of something he didn’t do and still have no remorse at all and felt justified in doing it. A lot of young fans look up to Leeteuk…so what is this teaching them? I guess the only thing we can do is to continue putting the truth out there so people can have an opportunity to make an informed decision.

  12. Henny says:

    Just open this blog again today, and i just get little shock with Onepinetree sister’s entry.
    There is something happened again beside the mistranslated Hangeng’s words and Leeteuk’s tweet? Please someone tell me, and beside Leeteuk and Euhyuk (from the korean show mentioned in this blog too before), who else from the suju’s member who help to tarnish Hangeng? Please…please…some one help to tell me, when i think everythings going better now…

  13. Smile says:

    I try to be silent on this matter but as I read all the comment, I like to give my point of view too, some maybe knew what would I write. As a gengfan I myself are angry and cannot tolerate with this issue & my priority is HanGeng. So everyone can read my mind: “HanGeng is my priority” if he hurts then me too. Every words that come from his mouth hides with 1000 meanings.
    Quote: “The facts that you see the real me makes U hurt even more, when I don’t hate U, U hurt yourself”

  14. sihui says:

    i can understand leetuek making that tweet, perhalps he really belive it since he heard it from a reporter and hence thought it was true.
    what i could not understand however is when he learnt of the truth, he did not clarify the matter. A simple sorry is sufficient, he did not need to name HG because everybody will know is meaning.
    Sometimes, i really think that HG’s best friends are those who never say anything like heechul who instead help him in subtle ways.

    • mish says:

      I have learned to judge people by what they do, not by what they say. Leetuek said that there is always an open space for HG in SJ. But what he has been doing is to close that gate by tarnishing HG’s name in Korea. As to why, is it important? Maybe he really misundertood. Maybe it was planned strategy by company. Maybe they were never friends. Maybe he was defending his own interest. Only he would know the real reason.
      About best friends, only those involved would know in their hearts. As a simple fan, I have never concerned about that.

  15. ms says:

    I still don’t know what Leeteuk has done that’s so wrong. He was writing after being given false information, but it wasn’t ‘an attack’. Didn’t he say that they ‘never let go of your hand’? That doesn’t sound particularly damaging to me. Maybe he and Hangeng sorted it all out privately after that. As far as a massive conspiracy against Hangeng, I don’t see it. I may be missing it because I can only read English and don’t follow every news story, but don’t they all just avoid mentioning it? Please tell me if there is other stuff going on, but as far as I can see there isn’t anything weird going on between the members.

    I wouldn’t actually put it past SM to pull something like that, but it must be one hell of a subtle plan if it is, and I can’t really see the members going along with it.

    • trueblue says:

      Let me put it this way…

      Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
      Don’t wash your dirty linen in public.
      Manners maketh man.

      Think before you speak is criticism’s motto;
      speak before you think, creation’s motto.
      E. M. Forster
      Check that you are clear on what is ahead of you before making a decision that you cannot go back on.

      From a worldly point of view, there is no mistake so great as that of being always right.
      Samuel Butler

    • wendy says:

      To me, calling someone a liar openly on twitter is an attack. Many fans believed him and it went as far as being brought up in many Asian news articles. It could easily tarnish Han Geng’s reputation if one does not have the facts. The worst part is even after Leeteuk found out it was a misunderstanding, he felt no need to apologize. Yes, it’s true the news made a mistake, but he still should’ve cleared the whole misunderstanding up if he either removed his twitter post or made a mention on how he made a mistake. He didn’t do either. Instead, he felt his actions were justified and felt no remorse. Han Geng, in the same situation, were asked about Kyuhyun’s comment after his contract termination. Han Geng’s answer was “I can not be sure. But if he did, I would understand.” Now, would you treat your friends the way Leeteuk did or the way Han Geng did? Or, how would you like to be treated by your friends?

      • Charmaine says:

        I totally agree with wendy & trueblue. Also, Leeteuk is a leader. If you are a leader, you would think twice before writing such statement in public.

      • mimin says:

        saya setuju, twitter bisa menyebar keseluruh asia atau mungkin di seluruh dunia. seharusnya he memikirkan itu…

    • Mish says:

      Ah, our nice Onepinetree had already deleted the fact part in the post so ms has no idea what happened a few days ago and what we we were discussing. Please do not be too concerned, ms. It is ok not to know.
      About HG and LT talking in private, I cannot see it at all. In LT,s program in 2008 with SJM members, everyone was complaining that LT never called them, not even answered their calls. If they did not call when working together, why would they call when not working together? Now that the lawsuit is still going on, I hope HG,s lawyer advised him not to contact any member. It is not good for him since they have conflict of interests.

  16. sihui says:

    i always feel troubled when reading these kind of comments..maybe i’m just naive but the first time i read about the b-t-s, i was shocked. i never ever imagine it, i only thought these kind of backstabbing only happen in movies, yet for hangeng to endure all that and to be so rational, so forgiving…i really admired him for that. i sincerely belived hangeng treat and will treat SJ as his BF, and no matter what happens in future, what kind of hurt he suffered, he will still forgive them and protect them because he is hangeng, and he is the leader of SJM and perhalps in someways the most understanding and mature of them all.
    And like in all movies, the good will always triumph, to that day, i will look forward to.

    • polly says:

      Suggest you to re-read all of the comments and think more about the real situation, not imagined ones. Hope you could learn sth about life and… grow up a little. Good luck.

  17. trueblue says:

    Translations to Mimin’s comment…

    I agree, Twitter could be spread throughout Asia or perhaps in the entire world. He should have thought about it …

  18. niea says:

    everything that happen now, between Hangeng and SJ members, it’s all the effect from the result of Han’s lawsuit. i don’t really can understand the matters, because personally, it didn’t happen to me. but from my point of view, it really hurt both side, Hangeng and SJ. still thought that this is all SME fault. Forgive me, if i thinking like that..
    Sometimes when i read article about Hangeng talk bout SJ, or SJ talk bout Hangeng, it feels like truthfully they still want to be together. if they could meet each other, talk about it carefully, and then finnally they will get understand each other. weither the result is they still together or not, but if there are communication between them, that scandal wouldn’t happen. it’s so pity, the missunderstanding happen between them without the trying to clear and communicate this thing up.
    being a leader and have to be wise in the same time, i things it’s not easy. i think right now, Leeteuk got depressed. with all publishing news about Hangeng and them, and he must get soon do the military service, i think he still don’t want to leave other member with some missunderstanding problem. i guess that’s why he tweet things like that. please don’t blame him bout the tweeted. and also, i read in some blog bout SJ, they already know about mistranslation news, and they keep believing Hangeng and SJ still be friend.
    I love both of them. Truthfully, it make me sad to see Hangeng leave SJ. but i think, this is what he want, so i support it. I know he got capability to be a solo. and he proof it. it really a happy thing. and so many times Hangeng said that he never forget the time he spent in SME because of SME he can make his dream come true. i really appreciate that (although i still blaming SME)..
    I so sorry, but i didn’t mean to judge Hangeng. i don’t wanna be in one side. Like i said before, i love Hangeng and SJ, so i hope, whatever happen between them, they still have a good relationship. although they didn’t meet each other, and some of mistranslation or bad rumour doesn’t effect them all. thank you..

    • onepinetree says:

      yes all of us hope they can get along no matter what.
      thats their matters not fans matter.
      i already deleted the interview part done by Lee Teuk so please no further discussion on this matter

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