Man is a being with free will; therefore, each man is potentially good or evil, and it’s up to him and only him (through his reasoning mind) to decide which he wants to be.” by Ayn Rand Russian born American writer and novelist..(1905-1982)


Han Geng has been called many names but “COWARD” is not one of them….

He often describes himself as a simple person…but with lofty dreams.…!

In one’s life, one has to constantly make choices..while one is free to make choices one is not free to choose the consequences of the choices……!!

Ever since childhood, Han Geng has been given the privilege of making his own choices. His parents taught him well and trusted him to make his own choices and decisions…. If there is one thing that will leave a deep impression and impact in his life forever is the one profound advice given to him by his father to live by in life…that is to live a life of no regrets...!! When in making a decision whether it be right or wrong do not regret, just make the decision to work in his favour….That is why Han Geng’s life is so full  and  rich (filled with the spice of life..!) Whether one is watching a talk show or reading an article of him in magazines or newsprint, one will be enthralled to dig out a rare gem in the clutters of the questions thrown at him..!

In the recently published Touch Magazine (Thailand) there was a questionnaire interview done to get to know Han Geng better…..but I  find it “boring” because firstly, the questions are repetitive and secondly, Han Geng’s answers are boring…hehehe…! Do not get ruffled up when I say this…! I am saying this because I find him simple and adorable… and I am honest  enough to not be delusion by my own perspectives on that interview and what’s the type of person is he..He doesn’t answer questions to please the viewer nor the reader..I find him very straightforward in his answers…He is always playing it safe on many of those occasions when he is in this kind of interview…Also, I noticed a few of his answers which were consistent, like for example…what is his favourite colour..?Answer: black, white & gray………which in the world of physics are not considered colours..!!

I will just link to the questionnaire because it is too long and I am only going to highlight a few of the questions which I find “interesting”..this article was translated by a Thai Gengfan so credit goes to her…

Now to pick a few of the questions and answers which I find quite innovative on Han Geng’s part…based on the translations, I hope I get the parts rights….

On Traveling

Q1 : Where is your favourite place for traveling?

HG : Home.

Q6 : Where is (your) favourite place for hangout?

HG : Home

Q26 : Where is the country that you want to go to the most?

HG : Italy

Okay, Han Geng, from these three different questions and answers, I concluded that ….your favourite place to travel and hangout is home….and the country you want to go to the most is Italy…hehehe…Han Geng what are you trying to do to us..? Place to travel is HOME..???? Country to visit is ITALY …? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE, HG? hehehe..did I get this right..? Doesn’t going to Italy, involve traveling..? Oh Han Geng…you are so precious…your mind is making mine boggles….So you readers don’t get it wrong here, right? I am trying to “read” Han Geng’s mind and what makes it  ticks….hehehe!!

On Food

Q8 & 9 : What is your favourite dish? Drink?

HG : The dish my mom cooks. Water.

Q29 & 30 : What is your favourite Chinese dish? Thai dish?

HG : I like all kinds of Chinese food. I like all kinds of Thai food.

So Han Geng likes his mom’s cooking, all kinds of Chinese and Thai cuisines…as well as water..! Simple right? No it’s not that simple. On the surface it looks like he is easy to placate when it comes to food right? But remember his favourite dish is cooked by his mom…!

The questions posed on his favourite Chinese and Thai dishes, his answers deviated a little…he answered food not as in dishes..see how clever he is…he wasn’t specific in his choice of dishes, he was generalising the food….hahahaha…!! (ps: I am basing this on the strength of the accuracy of the translations. No offence to the translator..hehehe) Very cautious answers….


Dish – definition – is a particular item of prepared food.

Food – definition – what is fed upon; that which goes to support life.

On Sweets and Desserts

Q32 & 33: What is your favourite ice-cream flavour? Favourite desserts?

HG : I don’t like ice-creams. I don’t really like to eat anything sweet.

Now what is wrong with this? Any discrepancies here? Yes, seemed like he contradicted himself..he likes sucking on lollipops…!! Isn’t lollipops sweet or candy?…hehehe….Indeed he is still at the age of 3…Is he or is he not cute with his replies..? Do we or do we not get exasperated?..heehee…!

There are 95 questions in total..and I only picked the ones which to me I find them contradictory and humorous..

Here are some humorous answers to these questions..

  • Q35 : What kind of person do you like? HG : A normal person
  • Q40 : What part of your body you hate the most? HG: I don’t have any.
  • Q45 : Which is your favourite planet in the universe? HG: Earth
  • Q56 : Light skin or tan?
  • HG: Not too white but not too much tan either.I like to have it in natural colour..!! (Oh Han Geng…you are the death of me..hahaha…!!)
  • Q81 : Do you like blue eyes or brown eyes..? HG: I like  all.

I have summarised what I thought about some of those questions on that list…Now for some very serious questions…

  • Q78: Who is the hero in your heart? HG: My father
  • Q44: If you could be a woman for one day, who would you choose to be? HG: No one.
  • Q42: If you were not an idol today, what would you be? HG: A dance teacher.

From those questions and answers I gathered that HG is not only an intelligent and wise person but he is also humorous. He is serious with life and at the same time embracing it with vigor and an open outlook…..

His choices are very simple and yet very sensible. He is cautious and yet careless. He chose to stay happy despite the many hurtful accusations thrown at him..He chose to look for the best in others despite their worst..He chose health over wealth. He chose family over fortune and he chose to be what he is to be and not what he perceived to be…

He treasures family and friends the most. His life is revolved around his family, friends and fans..His most favourite place is ….HOME….so I submit to you that …

HAN GENG IS A HOMEBODY… for all that he portrays outside of home, in his heart, he is a homebody…!!

So as I conclude, Han Geng, is just like you and I. Take away the glamour and the glitters that surround him, and one will find that he is just a little boy in need of love and care too…..especially today April 8th….his mother’s birthday…!

Here, let us wish for blessings and good health for the mother of Han Geng as she celebrates the anniversary of her birthday….


A man is happy so long as he chooses to be happy and nothing can stop him.

Alexander Solzenitsyn


Credits: to those tagged in the pictures..and to Kerojung




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4 Responses to Choices

  1. followurdestiny says:

    Happy Happy Birthday, Han Mama :)!! Wish you good health and a prosperous year!

    And this article again… also the one before this, which I haven’t commented on… Han Geng inside and out, there are so many facets to a person. I’m glad that some people take the time to explore these facets and don’t look at one side only while not being able to be swayed to another opinion as well…

    Freedom to choose, it’s a precious thing and it’s what makes a man (person) <33

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Happy Birthday to Han mama! Thank you for bringing Han Geng to this world, raising him up and educating him so well! ^^
    😀 LOL at some his answers…I could even imagine how frustrated the interviewer would feel when hearing his answers. He does have really open mind, and also he appreciates much more of emotions and sensations, especially around family and fans, than tangible materials.

    • trueblue says:

      I can’t really absorb how his mind function…hehehe
      His replies are real frustrating….
      Most of the time his answers contradicts each other….
      The one answer that I laughed the most was …..he likes a normal person..? Or is a person who is natural ? Who doesn’t act weird..? hehehe…And does that mean the majority of the world are abnormal..? hahahaha…!!!
      Yet he is a fascinating character….
      If I were a bio scientist, I would dissect his brain and analyse it…!!!
      There are some questions which gave me a new insight into his life though..
      He prefers long hair….! That’s something new to me..!
      He doesn’t like ice-cream…I can relate to that..!!
      In the end, it’s like …ask a silly question, you ‘ll get a silly answer…hahahaha…
      Oh well…. what can I say…
      Next time, I hope there are more interesting and bolder questions…
      He is doing “rock” music in the 2nd album so his image is ..should I say rockish..? He hinted at it…hehehe..can anyone imagine HG as a rocker..?
      Idek…just wait with an open mind, so that I can be surprised…!

      • mish says:

        Well, I think we know the answers to most of the questions already because they have been asked before. Keep in mind that the questions were asked in Thai, then translated to Chinese. His answers were translated to Thai. Then our nice Thai gengfans translated them from Thai in the magazine to English (then from Englisht to Chinese by Chinese gengfans), so we have to allow for some meanings being lost in between. However, from his short answers, I felt that our simple boy was answering whatever comes to his mind first (without thinking?). Remember that Moon festival program in Taiwan when he was doing quick answers last Aug, some of his answers were hillarious.

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