Han Geng Is The Man

Han Geng has been doing very well in the arena of music…

He has been nominated among the veterans and also among his peers.

He has been collecting trophies left and right.

But this wasn’t an easy road for him.

He struggled each  step of the way.

He deserves to be successful and all those awards which he has won.

They are a tribute to his hard-work and his fans..!

Receiving awards is an affirmation of an artiste hard-work and recognition of the team and the fans who are behind him…

So let me bring you to Taipeh Arena where the recent Global Chinese Music had just concluded..In this event, Han Geng was awarded with 3 trophies..This show is the first event organised by 11 Mandarin radio stations in the world…!!!

Most Popular New Artiste, Most Dedicated Song, and Top 20 Golden Songs.

I cannot remember how many times has Han Geng been winning on the Most Popular New Artiste/ Newcomer…but the ones which he has received for the songs are the ones which gave the authentication to his efforts..

Top 20 Golden Songs- “Say No”

Can I safely presumed that this song was being requested in music radio stations and dedicated to listeners that it became a hit song..? Can I also presumed that there are people out there in the world who were like Han Geng and were able to relate to the song because they too couldn’t “Say No”? So in a way, this song is an inspiration for those who are stuck in situations whereby they can’t refuse their bosses or to move to another new venture..?

Most Dedicated Song- “My Logo”

Well there is nothing much to say except that this is a recognition for the people behind the creation of this song..the staff and crew. This is sweet tribute for all the hard work put into the song and dance. Han Geng hasn’t release yet his 2nd album, and yet his 1st album is continuously winning awards one after another…That shows that it’s not just decorations only but there is substance and depth in Han Geng. He is not all image and packaging but stuff and quality.

Life is a test, you may win or fail this test, it depends on how hard you work for the end results..

Han Geng is just a professional at heart…though he was feeling unwell, he decided to proceed with his performance on that day…he didn’t have the heart to disappoint his precious Gengfans that’s why he made an appearance and kept his word..In this clip he mentioned that he promised his Taiwan fans that he would go back to Taiwan when he last visited Taiwan 7 months ago…and he didn’t expect to be so soon and on this happy occasion…Han Geng is a man of his word…!!There was a comment in Geng’s Baidu Bar which said that she was so touched when she heard HG’s speech..she mentioned that HG always keep his word and she really admire him and believe in him whenever he promised something to Gengfans…..

Congratulations Han Geng on another win and may you receive more blessings each year..May you be successful in the next year and year after year…!!

Credits…as tagged in pictures and videos..

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5 Responses to Han Geng Is The Man

  1. Lotus says:

    Thanks for providing another great entry for us to read 
    However, I must point out that you got the songs the wrong way. The most dedicated song for Singapore’s FM100.3 is actually My Logo and ‘Say No’ was one of the Top 20 Golden Songs.
    Congratulations to Hangeng!!! Looking forward to more awards and performances this week.

    • garnetblue says:

      heheehe..yup you are right..sorry…good that you readers know what you are reading…thanks…can’t be fooled..hahaha

  2. Observer says:

    It’s funny. Hangeng may not know me but I am rooting for him to succeed greatly in life. Why? Becos he truly deserves it. Ah Geng is truly a courageous man. From the day he left his hometown at a tender age of twelve and leaving for a totally strange country at eighteen with no guarantee of success, he has a ‘JUST DO IT’ mentality. Wow, I like brave men!

  3. YF says:

    PROUD. Proud of Han Geng, proud to be a Gengfan.

  4. bristlegrass says:

    Yes, Han Geng is the brave man, and he deserves all the awards he receives by now!!!
    btw, I am coping with a contradiction between my thesis which needs logical and rational thinking and the androgen constantly diffusing from Han Geng in many ways…so, I was thinking to post something about MengNui billboard award from last night, but I gave up…so dear Garnetblue, would you please help me focus on my thesis by posting about the MengNui billboard award?…T_T..thanks!!!

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