Today In History

April 11, 2010

Exactly one year ago, Han Geng made his official debut as a solo artiste on the MengNiu Music Billboards as newcomer in the entertainment scene. That day was April 11, 2010..!That is exactly one full year today or 365 days..!!

Who would ever have thought that he could succeed and succeed he did in a big way in such a short time too… Actually, I believed that he can succeed, but not in such a short time with a trunk-full of awards and trophies. ALL IN JUST UNDER ONE YEAR INTO HIS SOLO CAREER..!! That’s not just an achievement but a supernatural and phenomenal achievement..!! If I have my facts right, Han Geng would be a record breaker in this field by now..

He has accomplished so much in just one year…

His 1st solo concert

His 1st solo album

His 1st solo movie as the main lead..

He has so many “firsts” that I have lost count of the number..

Oh yes, he is the first person that MJ’s team worked with after MJ..That in itself was already an honour and recognition by people who are an authority in the field. It’s an acknowledgment by people of high repute and of international fame…And who was Han Geng then..? An obscure individual, unknown to the Western world of music and entertainment…! That person will definitely be included in the history of Han Geng’s life just as those who entered his life before…That person is none other than Mr.Travis Payne, choreographer of MJ….On his one statement alone...Because you are Han Geng….has catapulted HG into the success that he is today..! History cannot be changed and neither does one’s life..It is already recorded so it can’t be changed nor erased..!

It is the past that shaped our present that shapes our future..!!

April 11, 2011

Oh yes, today April 11, 2011 will go down in history marked as another milestone for Han Geng since his solo flight as an artiste in his own right. It was exactly a year ago that he stood up on that stage, all alone and uncertain..

P.S : What’s with his clenched left fist..? hehehe..!!

In that one short year, Han Geng has grown up to be more certain, more confident and more self-assuring.. He can now hold up his head high and have no fear of  soaring higher and spreading his wings wider..He has come a long way..!


This phrase is repeated too many times already..and I’ve lost track on how many..hehehehe..!! See what you did to us, Han have won so many awards that we can’t keep up with you..!

See Han Geng, your GFs were there at the MengNiu event since very early of the day. They  even have to drink your MengNiu sour milk yoghurt in support of you..hehehehe.. not just only spending their time voting for you.Oh the things GengFans go through just for you Han Geng..! They even played “Angry Birds” just because you did..and also played online game “Tian Xia” just because you promoted it..! Whatever you do Geng, you will always get the support of GengFans..!

Oh Han Geng, you also brought the house down with your finale performance at the MengNiu Billboards awarding night…You are truly a very considerate boss…you let your dance crew have their “spotlight” moment…hehehe…No wonder you are loved by many, young and old, males and females, mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas,students and teachers, children and youths, your peers, seniors and juniors..!!

Han Geng you did us proud..!! We thank you..!!

Oh by the way, there were many GengFans who went all the way there in support of usual his GFs filled up the place the most..and according to some, the award that Han Geng received was the top of the line….Most Popular Male Singer..and in a reputable music awarding show…where top contenders of music producers, composers and musicians vie for recognitions..


Hope to see you receiving more awards next year and the next….My secret wish is to see you receiving the Best Rookie for Actor award…hehehe…! Let us send blessings to Han Geng for a healthier life and a more successful career….!! Cheers Han Geng….!!

Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future. Faith is having the courage to dance to it today.

Credits: as tagged in pictures and videos…thank you…

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29 Responses to Today In History

  1. Mandy says:

    Allow me to quote Geng’s words from part 2 of the Behind the Story with Li Xiang, “I wanted to prove that I could (d0 it)…Han Geng could (do it)…I said that this year we would work tirelessly”. Han Geng, YOU DID IT!

    • trueblue says:

      Hehehe…the past year seemed like it was too long and too short at times…
      Not only Han Geng was on the roller coaster ride, we too were on it with him…
      AAAhhhhh at times we were spinning around like the loop in the ride, not knowing whether we were on our feet or heads…hehehe….and then diving down almost hitting the ground but then climbing up again slowly and steadily…!
      It was like dancing the tango, one-step two-step forward & back and then like the cha ha, two three chachacha……hehehe….
      “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity” by Henry Van Dyke

  2. S2X says:

    it was funny when that hostess in the black dress in the red carpet video said “I know that many fans really wanna hug him, right? Can I represent you guys and hug him in your place?”, and everyone was like “NOOOO!!!” lol!!! was she just trying to find an excuse to hug him? cuz i know i would haha!!! XD

    anywayz, i can’t believe it’s already been one year since he appeared on that same stage, uncertain of his future but still giving his best in that breathtaking opening performance. so proud of how far he has come in only one year!

  3. Observer says:

    Hangeng has a winner’s mindset with good EQ. He could have withered under tremendous pressures both mentally and physically in many aspects. Instead, he must have surprised critics when he steeled himself heart n soul to centered on the essence of success, ignore detractors and finally reap the fruits of his labour. Let these achievements spur him on to greater dreams and super stardom!

  4. followurdestiny says:

    Just beautiful <33

  5. henny says:

    Excuse me, can some one give me a link for i can download mp3 of Hangeng singing “Betrayer” in studio version? I have looking for it for a long time, sorry if my comment not have any relation with this post, anyway i also love him as you all ^___^ , is that enough?
    really…really…love him….T_T

    • trueblue says:

      I don’t think there is a studio version for “Betrayer” not sung by HG anyway…hehehe…..
      Maybe there is one that is sung by the original singer…~~~~<3<3

    • mish says:

      There is no studio version by HG. He only sang it a few times in SJ SSII (HK, Shanghai, Thailand and Nanjing) so every mp3 out there are from fancams (with fans screaming).

  6. bristlegrass says:

    Ha! On 411 in 2010…I still remember how I felt on that day, before he showed up on the stage, I was literally nervous and anxious for his performance. But this year, I just feel full of expectation and curiosity, I was confident that Han Geng would bring us a fabulous show, as always, he didn’t let me down, actually he impresses me again with his improvement in dancing and stage design, since he choregraphs it, and I can tell that’s Han Geng’s dance with his signature!!!

    • trueblue says:

      AAh Yes that day was still very fresh in my mind…!!
      Comparing the two videos that were taken one year apart, I can feel his confidence more and more…hehehe..
      My one very hidden desire is to see him win the Best Album Award…in the next awards show soon!
      He has won so many popular titles already but what I wanted was that Best Album title for him to cap it all…hehehe..The culmination of the entire year’s work, comprised of the composers as well…!! hehehe…

  7. onepinetree says:

    I think I already watched the performance hundred times, but still couldn’t figure out where the sunglasses was gone. Where did they go??? Is Han Geng Magician, or something? He did not just throw it away, right??? Speechless…. I know Han Geng is a good singer, but…. he is FANTASTIC DANCER!!!!

    • trueblue says:

      Hehehe…Pinetree, YES HAN GENG THREW AWAY his shades….and I was like …how many pairs has he thrown away just like that…?
      You can notice that right at 2.34 in the fancam clip. He simply took them off and flung them away to his right..! hehehe..!!

    • wendy says:

      Here’s a fancam that shows you what happened to Han Geng’s sunglasses. You can just jump to the very end of the video. 🙂

    • bristlegrass says:

      Name one stuff having most tragic life experience in the world – Han Geng’s sunglasses…

      I watched that part for many many times, still couldn’t figure when exactly the glasses were off his hand. Han Geng’s moves can be amazingly fast, powerful, and with gracefulness somehow~

      • garnetblue says:

        Hehehe…B’grass…try watching the clip by Claire..that is the best fan-cam by far…
        Right at 2.12 you can see when HG took off his shades and flung it to the right and see where it landed..on the left side of the screen…
        You have to be ready by that time and can see it…THE SHADES DIDN’T EVEN BREAK…!!!

  8. henny says:

    ~___~ poor shades, i hope someday there is shades which made special for him by one famous brand. The Dancer King’s shade, will never broke no metter how many times you throw it in your show…^__^

  9. henny says:

    Hi, anybody know about this?
    110110 Hangeng 2011, I am Coming!《跳,还是不跳》
    seems new…^__^

    • Mandy says:

      just in case you don’t already know about these two YT channels…you can find lots of Han Geng stuff subbed in English @ chinahangengbar and gengbaochannel.

  10. henny says:

    ok sorry, maybe it’s me who just see this. The date is 10 Jan 2011 T_T
    Sorry everyone….

  11. bristlegrass says:

    Just read a story at miniblog, such story is not new at all, but this one is kinda hilarious…just for fun ^^
    A conversation happened on a bus, sounds like a little girl doesn’t like to eat, mom said, “you have to eat more, then you can grow up, and be pretty.” The girl said, “so what, I cannot marry Han Geng anyway.” Mom replied, “you can wait for his son…” The girl said, “you couldn’t wait to get him but ask me to wait for his son, no, I’m waiting for him…” her dad was like…please imagine…

    • szhang59 says:

      Hahahaha…..I really can’t imgine that poor dad.
      Regards that poor shades, you guys might check this
      You can see the whole process, especially at the end of clip which shows how the sunglasses were picked up, such hilarious….

    • bristlegrass says:

      hahahaha~~~so funny, his dancer had to run back and pick it up for him.

      Just found out the follow-up story…the miniblogger didn’t hear clearly what her dad said to the little girl, sounds like he tried to convince her not to think that way, but she replied, “how about you two produce a little sister for me, ask her to wait for his son, I’m waiting for him…” People in the bus just lol…

    • followurdestiny says:

      Haha… such an amusing story XDDD…
      ohh the love <33 😀

    • mish says:

      Haha. It is very funny. I can imagine the parents’ embassement in the bus. The mother must be a gangfan. It reminds me of another 4 year old little girl who danced with Hangeng last year, dressed like a little lamb. Hangeng loves children and children love him. In a post I read before, a gangfan found that his (or her) baby nephew would go to his (or her) room everyday to stare at and talked with Hangeng’s poster on the wall. I wonder if it is due to his baby face or innocent eyes.

      • henny says:

        O My…. Ha..HA..HA.. there is any story like that more? i want to read it, is it true story? please send me the link about any Geng Fan’s story ^__^

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