Han Geng is Popular

Having witnessed Han Geng’s growth since his solo flight has been very rewarding for me for the past one year..In fact to be more accurate, technically, he has not yet reached one full year since..

The day he became a full fledged singer in his own right was the day he officially announced his solo activities at the Great Wall on June 22, 2010. His first solo concert was held on July 17 & 18… and his 1st solo album was released right after that..! His unique and innovative way of making his album sell was to release the songs one by one.. On the whole, the album sales has shot pass the half a million mark and is still rising..!

In the last few months, Han Geng has been collecting titles and trophies one after another non-stop, that it has become a habit of mine to expect him to get at least one award in every show that he went to…

Soon after the MengNiu Music Billboards, a few days later, he flew in to ChengDu to attend the Channel V Music Charts, and of course, GengFans over there and nearby area are exuberant to the extent of being delirious with “high fever”. They were well prepared in the welcoming party of receiving and sending-off of Han Geng at the airport.

The welcome scene at the airport was orderly at first and then became feverish when Han Geng appeared…On the following day on his departure, the airport was filled with GFs that I was even stunned by just looking at the picture..Han Geng truly desrves the popularity title award BUT I want to see him win another title aside from this one. So far, most of the awards he has won were on popularity and one is for the song Distressed Notebook, My Logo and Say No each apiece.

There is another upcoming award which he is going to and that is the Sound Of Music China Top Chart on 24th April. This time, I hope he will get another award other than the popularity title.!! hehehe… I am too ambitious for him..eh? Well let us hope and see..

I also noticed that Han Geng is getting used to the “abuse” of some of the organisers of these award shows, like for instance, the “live” singing without proper ear-phones or defective ear-phones which he had to discard just a few seconds in to the song….It usually happen to the song My Logo…but our Han Geng is very confident in singing without the aid of that ear-piece..

What wowed me was the recent scenario in ChengDu whereby the GFs made sure that Han Geng feels the “high degrees” in the atmosphere there…hehehe….here are some pictures which can “confirm” this..

[Image: f7ptfv6s.jpg]

Anyone would like to reprimand him here…? hehehe…That boy is still unwell and just look at him go with that kind of hectic schedules.. hiya…sigh…!!

On the Green carpet this time…!! Not Red…hehehe


Hope you can click to the link. this clip shows HG’s departure from Chengdu…look at the crowd of people there…they are more than when he arrived..so he gain more fans in just one day…hehehe!!

That’s it for today..hehehe..

Wait for tomorrow’s Beijing Mobile all Stars Concert..

credits : as tagged in pictures and videos.. thanks

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27 Responses to Han Geng is Popular

  1. rizkahangeng says:

    my friend who saw Hangeng at that day in Chengdu, was really happy. she said Hangeng is so handsome and really warm. she is Danbindaig. she was tired but she was excited.. he is a human being.. same with us. but he has something in himself that no one has.. really great… gengfans are really cooperative.. make a path for hangeng to walk briefly.. he is popular.. beyond our imagination.. i am proud of you, Hangeng… jia you…

    • mish says:

      Rizka. Nice to see your post. I read your posts before and was very moved by your love. I am sure that Hangeng would be very proud of you and your accomplishments. Jia You.

    • trueblue says:

      Rizka, good to see you back here…love you and take care

    • Mandy says:

      I hope all is well with you~

    • rizkahangeng says:

      thank you… Mish, Trueblue, Mandy… and other gengfans… for all the love and pray.. support.. i can move forward by that… thank you.. thank you. that’s the only words i can say… i will be fine.. and will continue to let the love pass… all gengfans family… xie xie.. Hangeng… is so popular….. 🙂

  2. S2X says:

    While it is nice to see him winning so many “Most Popular Male Artist” awards, I really wish to see him actually being recognized by his work and his talents rather than only by his popularity. Of course, since he is still considered a newcomer in China, these are already outstanding results that he achieved in less than a year, and I believe time will prove his worth. But I just really wanted to see him being rewarded by all the effort, dedication and hardwork that he put into making his first album, he deserves more recognition as an artist.

    Btw, I read that many Gengfans got pissed during the Channel V Music Awards because their yellow flags got confiscated and many of them were prohibited to bring the light boards to the event, as a result, only a few Geng boards were seen inside the venue . When some Gengfans tried to argue with them they threatened to not let Han Geng on stage if they insisted on taking the boards inside. We don’t know the reason why they were doing that, but it sure felt like SME all over again. And on top of that, there was an online voting on Channel V’s website to determine the winners of some of the categories, and apparently Han Geng got the most votes for “Best Album Of The Year” with Geng Xin but Wang Lee Hom was the one who took the award that night. I don’t know how reliable this is but it sure angered many Chinese Gengfans.

    • bristlegrass says:

      🙂 I know you mean that similar things happened before, but I would like to clarify a bit that this time, no evidence shows sme was involved…hehe…just in case, someone may misunderstand it…

      As Garnetblue said, Gengfans at this event have done a GREAT job to make sure that Han Geng feels the “high degrees” in the atmosphere, while the organizer tried all their best to make Han Geng’s popularity not shown…hehe~~~as always, Gengfans behaved well and trying all our best to show our support for Han Geng in different ways. But one more thing I would like to point it out is that the cheering and screaming for Han Geng whenever he showed up on the stage not only came from Gengfans, but also from the large audience including many other celebrity’s fans, so their effort to cover up Han Geng’s popularity just didn’t work at all. But, again, as always, all this kind of low tricks can only make Gengfans unite more and support Han Geng more.

      To conclude, Han Geng is The MOST popular singer in China right now, no doubt of that, he deserves all these awards!!! Looking forward to The BEST awards for him in different fields. ^^ I believe it won’t take too long~~

      • Tiffany says:

        Why did the organizer try to suppress the degree of his popularity? Puzzling….. 😦

      • S2X says:

        Ok, let me just correct myself: it felt like the times when he was in SME and was treated like that. I don’t think SME was at fault this time in any way, even though I don’t like to defend them lol!

        But yeah, Han Geng had the loudest cheers that night. One Gengfan said “they can take away our boards but they can’t take away our voices”, so they screamed even louder and more enthusiastically than usual that night to make up for the lack of sign boards haha! Gengfans are just awesome! Another fan wrote in her fanaccount that her light board was taken away, stepped on and left in the rain. But after she got home and tried it out, it still worked. So even Geng’s support items are tough lol!!!

        I don’t know why the heck those organizers were treating Gengfans that way but it doesn’t matter, cuz in the end, it only made Han Geng’s popularity more obvious haha!!!

      • Tiffany says:

        Just trying to rationalize the situation…. The motivation behind why SME did what they did to Hangeng was pretty obvious. But I really don’t get it this time around…. for safety reason, the organizer worried that fans will throw the boards on stage?? :p… Hahhaaa! Or they do not want the entire event to look too much like a “Hangeng’s concert”???…. Haahaa! Or for the fragile feeling of the rest of not-so-popular artistes??? Or any bigger hidden agenda???… Well, I just feel a bit sad for the gengfans to have to go through rejection and threat once again….
        Anyway, yup, u r right! Both Hangeng and Gengfans were beyond awesome at Chengdu performance.

      • trueblue says:

        To conclude, Han Geng is The MOST popular singer in China right now, no doubt of that, he deserves all these awards!!!
        Hehehe…may I modify a bit here..!!

      • trueblue says:

        Ignorance makes people fearful and they react in the way that they know how …and not should !!!

  3. YF says:

    I just saw a report saying that Geng won his lawsuit, and that SME is going to appeal a second time! Does anyone know if this is true or not?

    Hangeng is popular! No doubt about that anymore!! so proud of him =) I remember back when the lawsuit just started, I had actually wanted him to lose (I know, I’m sorry ><") It was mainly because I wanted to see him with the rest of the boys, and also because I was scared that he wouldn't be able to make it on his own.

    Then, some details of his contract came out and that changed my mind about wanting him to lose, because NOBODY can treat Geng like that.

    From hoping it was all a just a rumor, to missing him like crazy, to seeing him come back with his concert and album, to hoping that he will make big sales on his album, to seeing him actually making it and getting all these awards, it has been quite the emotional journey.

    I'd watch some old SJ performances and see that Geng has about 10 seconds of screen time, and wonder once again why I had wanted him to lose when he can have the spotlight all to himself now. I mean, back then he practically didn't have to open his mouth for a performance.

    Right now, I will wait for DaWuSheng to come out, and hopefully by next year, he will win tons of awards for acting as well!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Han Geng won the lawsuit on Dec 21, 2010. About sme’s appeal, I did hear about the report, but what exactly they want to do, I personally have little interest to know, and don’t really care ^^

      • trueblue says:

        hehehe…what Bristlegrass meant is that it is of no concern to us…!!
        Let them appeal for all they want and let the lawyers do their job..!
        The point here is HG ALREADY WON so nothing can change the fact of it and also the courts cannot contradict themselves on that particular verdict of theirs on that clause which they declared the contract null and void..!!

  4. mish says:

    From reading many posts, the organizers of this award mainly are from three sources – a local TV station that supports two local singers, a satellite TV station that promotes Korean singers, and Channel V that favors Taiwanese and HK singers. Since Hangeng does not belong in any of these 3 groups and does not have “backing”(like big agency, etc), it is easy to understand that the organizers would not like him to have too much attention. So the onsite staff tried to limit gangfans’ presence, especially where cameras can see.
    I solute those gangfans onsite who did what they could to cheer for him to show support, despite their light boards being broken, yellow flags were confisticated and trashed, and many fans were kept out of the VIP zone because of the gengfan stickers on their T shirts. They waited to the end in the rain for “Best Album” award to shout his name, knowing that he has already left the venue and most likely the award would not go to him despite the votes. They have done what they could to show their love.
    Hangeng once said that you cannot aske for fairness., if you like the job. I think it is the same in the society and the world. Asking for fairness is a waste of time and energy. Just like the song “Big hand small hand”, facing the reality, walking on the uneven road, HG and GF will build a stronger and better self, hand in hand.

    • bristlegrass says:

      😀 hahahaha~~~I knew there were lots of interesting stuffs about this award, but just too busy to look into it. I think you get the inside story straight, thanks!!!…hehehehe~~~what a complicated award ^^ I personally don’t care about it too much, because I know our Han Geng can always break through those regional bias sooner or later as long as he has the opportunity to show himself. Just…feel bad and upset for gengfans who had to experience these unfair treatments in order to show their love for Han Geng.

      • trueblue says:

        It was such irony that what Gengfans had experienced before is now make into good use…before they “suffered” under the “banner” of SME and now they are suffering under the “banner” of “inequality” “ignorance” and “insecurity” of those who called themselves professionals and peers….!!
        What wouldn’t Gengfans do for their precious baby huh..? hehehehe….!!<3<3<3
        Those people have undermined and underestimated the love of GengFans for Geng…!!
        GengFans are tough because they have been "trained" by SME, so don't take GFs for fools or for granted…!!!
        GengFans know when to make a "protest" of "shouting down" the oppressors and "shouting out" for their precious Geng…so don't mess with GengFans..!!
        They don't have to use only paraphernalia to support HG, GFs are very creative..!! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going…! Ever heard of this phrase? That's what Gengfans are made of…!! GengFans react according to the situation..!! hehehe
        There is a Chinese saying which means something like this…不吃硬只吃软…!
        GengFans are trained well so beware and take heed…!
        GengFans are no air-heads…!!

        THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE NEVER DID RUN SMOOTH….This expression derives from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream…

        So there you have it..!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Dear all! Thanks for the enlightenment!
    Indeed, very interesting and challenging happenings going around Hangeng and Gangfans, till today. On the bright side, everyone has grown stronger and smarter through these adversities. Love for Hangeng will continue……

  6. Mandy says:

    I once again need to borrow Geng’s words but applying to Gengfans this time. Had they not experienced the suffering in the past, Gengfans would have been deeply discouraged or defeated by unjust treatment. But no! Injustice makes Gengfans even stronger!

  7. henny says:

    Aahh… i watch that award on Saturday, and i miss when hangeng got any award, because i begin watch in on half way, and i feel little dissapoint when Hangeng don’t get the last award, but when i read all comment here, i feel relieved because Hangeng and Gengfans have a big heart. Thankyou…
    anyway can anyone tell me what awards Hangeng has get in this award?

  8. henny says:

    sorry correction, i watch this award on Friday.

  9. onepinetree says:

    Geng fans are as ambitious as Han Geng, not content with “most popular singer of the year” ha ha. Yes, I want to see him to achieve “best singer of the year” or “best album of the year” or “best leading actor of the year” like that. I won’t worry about that. Life is still long enough to taste such sweet rewards. Please remember Han Geng is only 27 years old. 27 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh… when I was 27 years old, I was lost and depressed about my future and decided to do something about it. So I decided to reset my life and came to the United States. That’s why I am here in LA. I mean… I was still at loss at his age. But look at him. How much he has accomplished already!!!

    In Korea, he was a mere member of a boys band only the fan dome recognize. But after starting his own solo activity, look at how much he has achieved. I KNEW!!!!!!!!! Han Geng was something even though he had to just dance without any line during SJ performance. I am just so pleased with my special talent for finding a real gem out of sand (including my husband, yep… yep…)

    I don’t mind even if he has some slump at some point soon because Han Geng I know will use that as another opportunity and turn it around. What a young man Han Geng you are!

  10. MM says:

    I was surprised that they confiscated Geng fans flags only. I think this is very unfair and i wonder why they want to anger Geng fans and try to suppress Geng’s popularity. Although Hangeng is very popular and has many die hard fans, he still needs to gain the support of the general public. Hopefully when his movie and new album arrives, he can gain more new fans and the general public can recognise his efforts.

    As for the award, i think we have to admit that a lot of award shows in China gives award simply because an artist turn up for the event and they want to ensure that all artists who attend can bring home an award.

    To be honest, although voting results shows that Geng Xin was the winner, i knew the award will not go to Hangeng as most people will not recognize that it is the Best Album in that category. I just think that they should not have asked fans to vote if they do not want to give award based on voting results.

    Btw, this happen to SHE too. fahrenheit won Best group when SHE wins in voting results. And even if it is not based on voting results, most people will not think that fahrenheit deserve to win over SHE. It seems the award was given to them because they attended and they wanted to give them an award. Since SHE/Hebe already received an award, they decided to give fahrenheit best group award. ( this is just my speculation )

    So no need to be overly upset even if Hangeng does not win anything. So long as his album sales and movies are good, he will continue to garner new fans and he will become a superstar in the future 🙂

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