Larger Than Life

“Don’t let your victories go to your head, or your failures go to your heart.!!”

This is good advice to everyone including our beloved Han Geng…! We, his supporters, fans, followers and admirers, tend to be very ambitious for him. We demand that media and the entertainment circle and the public to give the respect due to him and to honour him with every title and category that he is nominated in..!! hehehe… We expect him to win in all the categories that he was nominated in like Best Album, Best Singer and everything that is there for the taking..hehehehe…!! We are that greedy and we called it ambitious..hahaha…

We say that our Han Geng is the best and other stars or singers are not even at par with him..that’s how we look at him..!

We also know that Han Geng will get up no matter how many times he falls down or being put down by circumstances or people. He is resilient just like the toy Rolly Polly, it won’t stay down no matter how many times it’s being toppled..!! Not only is he resilient but also persistent..!!

this is a rolly polly toy

Try to get one from the toys store and play with it, then you’ll know what I mean..hehehe…

Some people leave footprints as their mark in history, but on this one occasion, Han Geng left his hand-print at the recent Channel V Awards Event….what will be the value or worth of that hand-print a few years down the

Imprint of Han Geng's Right Hand

Another one of my secret wishes and hopes is that Han Geng could be “enshrined” in Madam Tussauds Wax Museum…hehehe,,! Am I too ambitious? I am very ambitious for him…!! Then also the Guinness Book of World Records..!! Who knows one of these days we will find his name there..hahaha

Anyway, Han Geng is getting bigger and larger by the minute.. It is getting harder to suppress him because it’s his time now..!! This is the decade (2010’s) of Han Geng (I hope) Just like other celebrities there was the 60’s, 70’s 80’s 90’s and 2000’s…We not only want him to be successful but also for a long time too..spanning decades as long as he still can..!!

So Han Geng, as you continue in this field, remember to keep your friends close (to you) but your enemies closer..

Learn from yesterday, Live for today and Hope for tomorrow…

Being GengFans  is not only just in theory but also in practice, if we are to  accompany Han Geng through his career. GengFans need to learn and pick up themselves every time they face an obstacle.I was laughing so hard when I came across a fan-account on the recent Channel V event.This particular GengFan said that she need to put in practice what she had read from the book The Art Of War by Sun Tzu

So it popped in my mind that being a Gengfan is not an easy road to walk on. It is not a walk in the park, it is more like a walk in the mine-field where hidden mines could just explode anytime if one unwarily stepped on it.. !! It’s more like a war zone than a peaceful Gengdom…. Again this came to mind, Han Geng’s recent weibo’s entry..!! Even Han Geng is not spared..!! hehehe…!!

The airport security really left me speechless! During the security check, been scanning above my head for a long time, had no idea what it was scanning for, after the check had a feeling that she did not have enough of scanning, took a piece of small paper and scanned above my head again, I say “what are you checking for?” She said “checking for explosives”. I was on the verge of rolling my eyes, I can’t have bombs in my brain, right?”

Translated by:sltan @

Credits: as tagged in pictures and video…

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8 Responses to Larger Than Life

  1. Mandy says:

    As simple as it sounds, the introductory phrase stunned me a bit! Such a good advice for everyone. Thanks garnetblue sis. Sometimes I feel like I am also taking a philosophy class here while reading your postings and comments by trueblue and polly. hehe…

    A wax figure of Han Geng at a Madame Tussauds is too ambitious?!? 必須的! It must include HG sooner or later! Sooner the better! The head of Madame Tussauds in Shanghai should start considering it now! hehe…it looks like I let HG’s current successes go to my head~

    Han Geng, seriously, please always remember your original/initial heart no matter how fast and how high you soar. With that in mind, I think you will be successful for as long as you want to. I read somewhere that people said Han Geng could be the next Andy Lau. But to me, Han Geng should not be limited to be the next Andy Lau (no offense here to any Andy supporters here ^^). I wish Han Geng to reach to a level to be a Jacky Cheung/Tony Leung/Jackie Chan combination for his music, film and charity achievements!

      • Mandy says:

        sorry, don’t get too excited like I did…there’s nothing much new though. I was just waiting for HG’s interview because CNNGo covered My Kingdom and Wu Chun awhile ago. It can’t leave Han Geng out!

      • trueblue says:

        Yeah they shouldn’t leave him out..!! hehehe…!!

    • trueblue says:

      I would preferred not to put HG in a box…
      He should be Han Geng as Han Geng…
      He should not be compared to anyone…
      He is who he is…!! hehehe…
      That will be his ultimate recognition..!
      An individual star with no hint of comparisons or be in anyone’s footsteps…
      I am that ambitious…hehehe…!!
      Maybe he can be known as “Oh…you mean that boy from HeiLongJiang..?”

    • onepinetree says:

      yes, I agree with you. Garnet blue’s entry never fails inspiring me. Very educational as well, ha ha. For Han Geng’s weibo, he just got irritated because he had to cut his hair again for re-filming one scene for My Kingdom. Well…he is really 3 years old boy.

      • Mish says:

        When I read his weibo, I thought, oh, this kid is showing off his new Gundam hat (a gift from Thai fan, I heard). He has really strange humor. Anyway, I laugh out loud because this cold joke is really like a 3 year old. (wear a Gundam makes you a Gundam?)

  2. YF says:

    Why does the doll not have a face? O_O

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