Nothing Ventured,Nothing Gained

After you have figured out who you are, share yourself with the world.

That’s what Han Geng did after he filed his lawsuit in Dec 2009 and went into seclusion for the next few months..He had a need to compose himself and to figure out who he is..then he burst onto the scene  with such energy and vigor and took the world by storm..!! In this short year, he has progressed by leaps and bounds..! He has unleashed himself and there is no stopping him..!

As I recall back to the year 2009, I was in a state of disbelief and disappointment when I read of Han Geng’s resignation from his company.. I couldn’t believe that he did that..! I was stunned..!! Based on what I know of HG, he is a loyal employee and is a grateful person.. I never would have believe that..but then I also know that Han Geng doesn’t do things out of a whim nor out of spite..Part of me knew that it was true and the other part just wouldn’t accept it because I thought I “knew” Han Geng based on his consistent actions and attitude..I also realised that Han Geng must have a logical reason for doing what he did because that’s what I can “read” about his character and person..! After I’ve waited for some time to gather all the facts then I found out that I was correct..! ! Han Geng had a very logical and valid reason and I went on and continued to support him. I went on blogs and forums where there were news of HG and this is one of the blogs that I constantly look into. Then as I read the comments posted here, I decided to make my own observations here and to share my opinions..! I am a person who adhere to principles and cannot for the life of me accept the fact that Han Geng “broke” his contract….I decided that I have to “help” the blogger here in defending HG..I had made some very “harsh” comments here regarding some “self-centred” people and I also needed to let others see Han Geng as a person and not just Han Geng as an idol. People tend to judge quickly and jumped to conclusions. Once their minds are fixed on what they want to believe rather on what they know, it became hard to accept the truth, even though it’s right in their faces…! Though I liked HG to be one of the members of SJ, (I have my selfish reasons) I knew that it was  time to let go and face reality. When all the factors were considered, I then understood why Han Geng did it..! I cannot change people’s minds but at least I can influence their thoughts..and I think I have done that..hehehe…!!

Waters that had passed under the bridge, cannot be retrieved….!

Understanding Han Geng and his background, makes it easier for me to embrace his solo flight and I am now even encouraging him to do so all the more…for him to soar higher and sprint further…!!

My post today is not totally about me, it’s more like what was I doing last April 21 2010..? I wrote and posted my first entry one year anniversary on this blog…and this also coincide with the event which Han Geng attended last night anniversary and the launching of Han Geng as the official endorser..!!

In the next few days, he will be officially presented  as an endorser for a few other products like in the fashion line Yishion flagship store in HangZhou…!

Yesterday, he was officially presented as a spokesperson for Jumei. This is the first time that I ever heard of Jumei, must probably be that I don’t live in China, that’s why I don’t know anything about Jumei….hehehe…!! Is Jumei an online shopping website..? Anybody knows? As he was introduced to the crowd and press/media  who were present, the reasons for picking Han Geng were expounded and one of these was that..if HG was not picked, then all the female employees of that company will quit from their jobs..hehehe..Lols!!

Actually, the reasons which the CEO mentioned were that of Han ‘s vigor and healthy image and  also his fighting spirit that is not afraid of setbacks..!!!! Then he also let out some info that Han Geng and him are both Aquarius who strive for perfection..!!  hehehe…..( I will post the video clip here once it is uploaded to YT..hehe)

Notice his new hair..? At least he doesn’t have to hide it under a wig anymore as we all know that the movie is already completed and there is no reason for secrecy..hehehe…!!

Note: here is the latest video which I promised..the one interview with the CEO..

credits: as tagged in pictures and videos..thank you..

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15 Responses to Nothing Ventured,Nothing Gained

  1. followurdestiny says:

    Happy Happy 1 year anniversary!! 😀 The thoughts you describe about Han Geng, I can really identify with them. He spread his wings and is flying higher and higher, it’s such a beautiful sight…
    LOL at the comment of the female employees threatening to quit XDDD …
    And Happy Easter, everyone!

    • garnetblue says:

      Yeah I was laughing so hard that to think the female staffs threatening the CEO with that..No Han Geng, No Female Employees..!!

  2. polly says:

    This is the first time that I ever heard of Jumei, must probably be that I don’t live in China, that’s why I don’t know anything about Jumei….hehehe…!! Is Jumei an online shopping website..? Anybody knows?
    I think you may get the answer by searching online of it’s name. I searched a bit and here is the general introduction:
    The team runs B2C Online group-buying business, selling high-end cosmetics with guaranteed quality with proper prices. Their target customers are females. The CEO Chen Ou was one year older than Han Geng and was graduated from Stanford Business School. Another founder Dai Yusen was graduated from Tsing Hua University, supposed to finish his Master’s course this year at Stanford but went back a year earlier for Jumei. In only one year, the team’s income rise from RMB 9.9 yuan to almost 30 billion yuan. Their team became the leading one in it’s area in only one year.
    May I say both of the two sides have great eyes? Based on mutual benefit, have a common development, so as to create a win-win situation. Pragmatic and effective. I think it’s the style of both sides.

    • polly says:

      Sorry for the error. The income of the three founders of the whole year should be 30 million.
      An error, the breadth of a single hair, can lead you a thousand li astray.

      • garnetblue says:

        thanks for the added info…I can always count on you guys for the missing pieces…!! hehehe,,,thanks again Polly..

  3. Observer says:

    I loved the first picture. Everybody looked so animated and happy. Eh…I am not sure whether I am permitted to be frank here..but lately I have been trying to figure out Geng’s sense of style. His hair this time looked like a birdnest and his 2 BIG rings on his left hand…why? But of course, he still looked very handsome!

    • bristlegrass says:

      Haha~~~of course you can be frank here~~~I was actually a bit worried about his style before he showed up for this event, because he had to cut his hair into the hairstyle in filming My Kingdom in order to re-film one scene of that movie…I honestly think that it is really difficult to make a good hairstyle out of that one, that’s why last year Han Geng had to wear a wig for a period of time, and even later on, during the filming period, some of his hairstyles for public event was a bit strange. However, this time, I am very happy with his style, special, delicate, and impressive. I personally like it ^^

    • garnetblue says:

      yeah we can be frank here cause we can relate with each other…we all like Han Geng, but sometimes his style / outfits are hehehe
      Being frank and outspoken doesn’t mean that we love him less..It’s just that it’s not my style..hahaha..Sometimes he can be as princely as he wants to and at times he is just outrageous in his outfits…!!
      But then it’s his heart that I am more cautious with..I fervently hope and wish that he will always be rooted to the ground and remember where he came from and never let go of the foundations instilled by his parents on him….. Humility goes a long way…! Pride is one’s downfall..!!

  4. onepinetree says:

    Congratulations to your anniversary!!! Our most productive blogger! Ah, every single geng fan has a story: how and why she/he became a fan of han geng. I clearly remember your first reaction after the lawsuit news. ha ha. I am very grateful that a fan like you is part of our han geng fan family: a person with a deep understaning of a life. let me explain about the site. lets say you want to purchase a very pricy ring. but its too pricy. so you ask people who are interested in buying same ring from the company directly to get a better deal. this site is a place you can go and find people with same interest and intention to purchase products. in korea this kind of sites are pretty popular: a good place to get something pricy for a better deal. i heard that in china this kind of sites is a big trend these days too :).

    although i like the fact han geng makes money but i wish he would have been more conservative for endoring products or company. i prefer to seeing him on endoring a globalized brand 🙂

    • mish says:

      One news article I read about this endorsement said that Hangeng is known in the field to be very picky in choosing his endorsement. The team is very careful to make sure that the product and company matches Hangeng’s image -young, vibrant, and hard working. I am sure it is true, because he could have many more endorsements with much more profits by now with his popularity. Hangeng himself explained the reasons he endorse this company – 1. reasonable price (he does not want his fans to spend too much- he really understand his fans because many products from the site were already sold out in the last few days) 2. good quality (this company only carries real brand name products directly from manufacturers) 3. honesty and trustworthy (this company offers 30 day return policy for unsatification which is rare in China). One thing he did not mention but I think important is that this company is founded by young people in the 80s who started with nothing and achieved something -chasing of dream.

    • garnetblue says:

      yes we think up of grand schemes for him just because we want him to succeed and prosper in his chosen field…!! hahaha and why not..?
      We are like mother-hens fussing over him rather than his fans…hehehe…
      Remember last year, some of us commented about his fan-meeting in Singapore whereby the venue was in an obscured part of the mall when the aim is to give him exposure to the public..right? We fretted and moaned that his team are not that efficient and too inexperienced…hehehe…but now we see the plans of Han Geng slowly unfolding in front of our eyes…hehehe…!!
      He sure adhere to the phrase..slow and steady wins the race….!
      And I am sure he is also aware of this too….Haste makes waste..!
      He plans things out with the future and his fans in mind, he is that considerate towards his fans…!
      I also remembered the time when he promoted the online game Tian Xia 2. He also admonished his fans not to spend ALL their time on playing online games…hahaha!! He is so contradicting with his endorsement of the game…!!
      On one hand, he endorses the game and on the other he cautioned them..!! Only Han Geng does that I think….hehehe..!!

  5. bristlegrass says:

    I totally agree with Pinetree that I would be soooo happy if Han Geng can endorse a globalized brand, and I believe if Han Geng can be himself and keep pursuing his dream, he will get it.
    As Mish said, the report mentioned that Hangeng is known in the field to be very picky in choosing his endorsement, he might have already been picky at the very beginning and now I think he is even much pickier, since there has been lesson to learn and he has a clearer assessment of his market value.
    Actually, I am happy to see Han Geng to be the spokesman of this website, even happier than seeing him endorse some widely known brands in China, such as MengNui Yogurt and the M-Zone of China Mobile. I find interesting that I barely see those investors and analysts talked about one case of commercial endorsement so passionately, but this time, they seem very excited. Most of the comments were about being surprised that the founders would like to invite a spokesman who is actually very expensive, after only one year of development (hehe, Han Geng just debuted one year in China as well), but this is a smart and ambitious move; they also praised that the founders made a fantastic choice in choosing Han Geng, because Han Geng is such a ladykiller regardless of ages… 😀
    I honestly have no clue what this website is before Han Geng attended this event. I didn’t know why he endorses a website which is contradictory to my regular thinking, but I got this instinct to trust him, hehehehe…Now, I think I know why. The first investor of this website Xu Xiaoping wrote after the event, “as a person born in the 1950s or 1960s, we usually wouldn’t go to see a performance for post 80s, but today, I and post-60s Wang Qiang, and post-70s (perhaps post-80s) Chen Xiaohong, were all moved by Han Geng’s performance. Wang Qiang just couldn’t stop praising him! I even wanted to get on the stage and dance with him, if I was not afraid of being kicked out by the security. Young people’s energy and charm, make us so excited.” The reason I picked up his words is because…well, I think many Chinese young people, especially university students know who he is, I don’t want to make an ad for his businesses here, just want to say, he is a smart investor and he invested on young people who started from nothing but good ideas, because he was a young man like that before. Find similarities between these people and Han Geng?
    This kind of website is kinda new trend in China, and I think it can grow really fast if it can be managed well. I love to see Han Geng to endorse famous brands that can make his status in entertainment industry publicly recognized; at the same time, I am happy to see him endorse a brand starting new trend, it is very risky, because people would like to try this new stuff mainly due to Han Geng endorses it, as they trust Han Geng’s judgment and his morality. The outcome would be either double-win or double-lose…well, now I’m not worried…if there is something wrong, just another lesson for Han Geng to learn. This is my special boy Han Geng, I can never be surprised to see he is taking risk. Being an attachment to some big brand names might be great but a bit boring for him, because Han Geng, this name, is a brand, he wants to make it big. Ha! That’s why the website is “selling” 7 platinum rings with his logo starting from the event date, we have to register the website and buy it with a price of 0, yes, they are sending out these rings to those who are lucky enough to be drawn…sigh~~~yes, I want him endorse something global, or, he can make those things global, so that international fans (actually including me T_T) are able to join this kind of things…On the first day he showed up at SOHU after filed the lawsuit, he carefully said that he was looking for the partnership with same ideal and idea, I think he will be practicing it throughout his entire career life.

    Han Geng is unpredictable because he doesn’t follow the regular routine; Han Geng is understandable and admirable when knowing his rationals behind his actions.

    • onepinetree says:

      Hmmm…. you know what.. .I just realized that in Korea started like this kind of website, but it evolved into a portal website like is one of most popular sites where you can get updated news and opinions on many issues.

      Probably Han Geng sensed that the future of this site.

      It’s interesting that in China, people seem to try to identify themselves as post 80 or post 70, setting themselves apart from the old… probably…boring generation???. I can sense that a big movement of change is going on in China. Han Geng is a fortunate guy who will go along such a big movement with his own will. I think he becomes an icon for post 80 people.


      • garnetblue says:

        I think I can see where Han Geng is going with this…
        Han Geng did mentioned that he would like to have his own fashion line and I think this is just a start..
        Look at what is on sale in the launch…special platinum rings engraved with his initials HG which is his trademark logo..he is making an investment here..!! hehehe…if the product clicks with the public, pretty soon we will see those products on sale in the website…and he can make money here too…hehehe..

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