Journey Of A Legend

The world paves the way for a man who knows where he’s going.

I remembered when Han Geng first started on his own and many fans were concerned on how he and his team were going to managed Han Geng’s image and career…

That was a year ago and as I looked back, I realised that they shouldn’t have worried too much..

Look at what he is today and where he is heading…

Even when I first knew him in SJ, I had always been confident in his capabilities and talents, so I wasn’t very concerned of him going solo. I knew then that he can survive as a solo artiste…the only thing was that he surprised me with his achievements in such a short time..and of course the credit goes to the unfailing support of GengRice and his team..

Remember the time when the start was a bit shaky and there were lots of criticisms and disrespect from certain sectors..? I remembered vividly the 1st interview he went on to was the one on SOHU and some of you even questioned why he went there when they treated him badly. (While he was in seclusion).

Then as the days and months went by, Han Geng unveiled his plans layer by layer..It became known to Gengrice his unpredictable and unprecedented plans.Nobody could second guessed what he was thinking..That was his style, his logo, his innovation and creativity..I think he is the only artiste who held  a personal concert before his album was released. Days before his album went on sale, he released the songs one by one…..!! What was this boy thinking? Nobody could comprehend what went through his mind..! Wasn’t he afraid of his songs being “pirated” if he released them before his album went on sale..? We even questioned his business acumen..and then the price of his album was ridiculously low..!! That was totally a first in the music business….He did the unthinkable..!! No one could fathomed out his thoughts and career path..!

Well those are now waters under the bridge. He had come this far on his own without major company at his back. What he has are his GengRice as his powerful backer…hehehe…!!

Couldn’t believe how far he has come and how many awards he has received and won..!! I have the chance to browse through GengBar the other day and stumbled on this set of pictures compiled by 这里风景独好HG        source:

Let’s enjoy the pictures…I have these pictures in my folders but needed too much effort to look for them and since this Gengrice has already compiled them, then I will just borrow from her and give her the credits.. Actually there are more but I will just use these…

And here is the chart of all his winnings..after going solo.

–          Starting from his first performance as an solo artist in China on April 11th 2010

20100411 <Meng Niu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard> Ten Year Celebration
Won “<Meng Niu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard> Ten Year Celebration New Music Power Award”

20100821 CCTV <Happy Celebration>
Won “Children’s Favorite Male Singer”

20101018 The 10th CCTV-MTV Music Awards Ceremony
Won “Most Popular Mainland Male Singer”

20101127 Shanghai Star Fashion Ceremony
Won “Avant-garde Movie Cast of the Year”

20101219 The 3rd Music Billboard New Comers’ Ceremony
Won “New Comer King of the Year”

20101229 QQ Star Awards Ceremony
Won “Male Singer of the Year”

20110108 China Fashion Influence Ceremony
Won “Most Fashionable Talent Singer”

20110119 Year 2010 Baidu Entertainment Hottest Awards
Won “Golden Song of the Year – My Logo”

20110719 Sina Online Awards Ceremony
Won “2010 Male Singer of the Year”

20110121 Sprite Music Charts
Won “Best Mainland Male Singer”
       Won “My Favorite Popular Idol (Mainland)”
       Won “Mainland Golden Song – Heartache Notebook”

20110216 CCTV My favorite Spring Festival Gala Performance Awards
Won “Dance Category – 2nd Place”

20110301 Hua Ding Movie Festical
Won “Most Anticipated Chinese Movie Actor”

2011019 The 18th Eastern Music Billboard
Won “All Around Artist of the Year”
       Won “Top 10 Golden Songs of the Year – My Logo”

20110403 Singapore 1003 Pop Music Chart
Won “Song of the Year – My Logo”

20110409 The 1st Global Music Gold Chart
Won “Most Popular New Comer of the Year”
       Won “Top 20 Golden Songs of the Year
       à T/N: The Singapore 1003 Award was presented here hence there will be news claiming he won 3 awards in this ceremony

20110411 The 11th Meng Niu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard
Won “Most Popular Male Singer of the Year”

20110415 Global Chinese Music Chart
Won “Most Popular Male Singer of the Year”

20110424 Music Radio China Top Chart
Won “Most Popular Mainland New Comer”
       Won “All Around Mainland Artist of the Year”
       Won “Top 15 Golden Songs of the Year – Say No”

Total of 24 Awards Won, including 1 movie award, 1 fashion award and 1 Spring Gala award

Translated by
Please Take Out with all Credits

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