King Of Endorsers

Below is an excerpt of a news article on Han Geng’s recent guesting on ZheJiang Satellite TV.. From that article, I, again was rest assured on who Han Geng is….
There were many anecdotes from various people outside Geng-dom. People who are not familiar with him or haven’t heard of him before left very positive comments on their micro blogs. Some of these people are those who have the good fortune to work with him for the first time and they were very impressed with Han Geng. Prior to this, Han Geng was the guest of honour at the opening of the flagship store, Yishion TeeBox, which mainly caters to the youth.
With Han Geng’s explosive popularity, many businesses would like to invite Han Geng to grace their parties or events..such as the recently concluded and the GQ Style Launch Party in Shanghai…
The reason, I believe, is that when someone who is as popular as Han Geng and with his kind of good fortune, some call it luck, will naturally want to invite him to attend these functions solely for the purpose of hoping that their businesses will prosper and be popular just like Han Geng….!! With the presence of Han Geng in their premises, it will ensure “good luck” and prosperity because it is the believe of the Chinese to “borrow” the “luck” of someone who has a very strong prosperity aura to “help” raise the business and increase sales and patronage.. ( Note : These are based on my own thoughts and experiences from where I come. This is the usual standard practice of  Chinese businesses who wanted their business to be successful and prosperous. Simply borrow their kat..hehehe.. There is no direct translations to that word “Kat” but the meaning is very close to the combination of these two words “luck & fortune”) Other people will light up fire crackers to make a loud booming noise as the sound is similar to a loud roar..and that signifies that it’ll be a roaring business…!! These observations are based on my own knowledge of Chinese business practices….so please don’t quote me on that..! hehehe….
Han Geng being crowned as an All-Rounded Artist twice over should be reason enough to invite  him to grace those functions..and he holds the crowns of being the most popular guy around, but there is a catch here..Though Han Geng “lend” his name to these businesses and their products, he still cautions his fans to deter from using their parents’ money to buy these products. I remember that time too with the Tian Xia endorsement which he also cautioned his fans not to spend all their time on playing online games..hahaha…
What businessman would want to pay for such an endorser who not only was paid for endorsing the product but simultaneously cautions fans from patronising the products which he precisely endorsed..!! Such contradictions.hehehe Han Geng as an endorser of products is in great demand but they have to work on his terms. Usually, businessmen pay a heavy price to get people like Han Geng to endorse their products and be their official spokesperson so that the public would buy their products, but not so with Han Geng, he does the unthinkable..!!

Excerpt from China News.

After Super Junior-M participated in the recording of 《快乐蓝天下•中国梦想秀》 (Happiness Under the Blue Sky – China Dreams Show) to help their fans achieve their dreams last Sunday, former SJ-M captain Hangeng also participated in the recording of the same episode of the show yesterday. This is the first time after Hangeng broke away from SJ-M where both parties performed on the “same stage”. On the same day of his recording, Hangeng , with the identity of YISHION’s spokesmen, also partook in YISHION TEEBOX Ribbon-cutting ceremony at YISHION’s flag store titled “Fashionable YISHION, More Trend-Setting Faster”, where he interacted with a thousand ecstatic fans. However, Hangeng said some words from the heart to those fans, “In the future, don’t use your parents’ money to buy my stuff, don’t skip class to welcome me at the airport, there’s no need for that, I hope all of you can focus on your studies!”

Earlier, when SJ-M participated in the recording of 《中国梦想秀》, the topic of “Hangeng” is still taboo even though SJ-M performed 《Super Girl》, which was sung when Hangeng was still in SJ-M; and before the media interview, SJ-M’s manager expressed that any questions related to Hangeng must be filtered beforehand. Yesterday Hangeng expressed that he did not wish to dwell of the subject of himself becoming taboo to SJ-M, he lightly said: “Maybe every company have a different way of dealing with problems, even though I broke away from the team, we still keep in contact in private!” Regarding the rumor that some fans will carry out some aggressive actions, Hangeng expressed that he does not know the details but believes his fans would not do something like that because they are all very rational! Talking about the recording of the same episode of《中国梦想秀》as SJ-M, outsiders view this as Hangeng and SJ-M’s first reunion, Hangeng, however, expressed that the only intention was to help fans realize their dream, and asks that outsiders not complicate things.!!

The main reason why Hangeng participated in 《中国梦想秀》was to help his fan 刘淼 (Liu Miao) realize her dream. Born in 1988, Liu Miao suffered Congenital Paralysis due to lack of oxygen to her Cerebellum (brain). When Liu Miao was 15, she started a blog on her life’s story and eventually that blog became her own website. Three years ago, Liu Miao became a hardcore fan of Hangeng and had always hoped to interact with her idol at a close distance. Liu Miao finally realized her dream last night, and during the recording, she excitedly said, “I even set the weather report to the name Hangeng, because whenever I receive the weather report it’s like I’ve received a message from Hangeng.” Seeing such a loyal fan, Hangeng’s eyes became moist: “In fact I think Liu Miao is very strong, everyone of us needs to live optimistically and determinedly like Liu Miao, the setbacks we face now is only temporary, if we face problems with determination we can overcome any difficulties.”

Source: China News
Shared by: onewhomust @
Translated by: cv_sls @
(Please take out with full credits!)

Want to know what Han Geng did at the GQ Style Launch party..? Then watch this video..hehehe

Notice anything different from this footage of the  audience in the recording studio..? There are no “GENG” placards anywhere in there..hehehe.. meaning the audience are not the usual GengFans here..They are people outside of Geng-dom, and that’s a good sign..!!

I would like to personally quote again what Han Geng said in the news not make things complicated. Look at his participation in the show as something good and positive and not something to  gossip or implied on..There may be certain reasons why they, the organisers, wanted to “glue” the two recordings into one let’s have faith in Han Geng and his pure gesture of helping out one of his beloved GengFans..If Han Geng was to cop out from that guesting, just because the show will be combined as one episode and will be seen as standing together with SJ-M, then Han Geng would have been  a defeated party. He did what he did for the sole purpose of fulfilling his GengFan’s dreams, that’s it..! So please do not read more into that little “illusion” of the show’s organiser..hehehe…thank you..

Credits : as tagged in the pictures and videos..thank you..!

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3 Responses to King Of Endorsers

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~no matter what, Han Geng and Gengfans were doing great during the endorsement activity and the show recording ^^ Just translate something impressed me during the show and from an interview after the endorsement activity.

    “Actually, I also feel heartstring for my fans, I know many of my student fans buy my albums and books with their pocket money from parents, some of them even skipped classes in order to see me, whenever I know about such thing, I really want to say, it’s really not necessary, as long as you guys study hard, work hard, and support my albums and movies when you have free time, I would be contented!”

    “The more important thing is the love and encouragement from you guys, I will do better, show you guys a satisfactory answer, I wouldn’t give other people opportunity to insult me anymore, so jia you.”

    I know he has been speaking out similar kind of thoughts quite a few time, just I never feel tired of hearing him saying it with his sincere attitude. Why? Well…I guess, it keeps reminding me why I love him so differently in the first place, regardless what kind of mega star he is going to be, he is the same Han Geng 🙂

    I believe you girls have watched little pieces of “My Kingdom” trailer and “Founding of the Party” trailer. Waiting for the full trailer of “My Kingdom” come out…well, actually I hope it was already August now T_T, cannot wait!!!! My Geng is an authentic actor!!!

  2. followurdestiny says:

    I think it really is a sensible thing to say, that people shouldn’t try to make things more complicated than they are — or create any illusions — still it’s hard to avoid in today’s society. As long as it doesn’t wear him down and he can let it roll off his back and if we can give him the strenght and faith to do that… it would be an honor :)…
    His sincerity, attitude, heart has already captured me and keeps on impressing me as well 🙂 I’m glad he does utter the same things again and again, and doesn’t hide his intentions… it shows his sincerity 🙂 …

    And on another note: I did watch the tidbits of trailers/sneakpeeks… I can’t wait as well! Anticipating it so much! <33

  3. henny says:

    “The more important thing is the love and encouragement from you guys, I will do better, show you guys a satisfactory answer, I wouldn’t give other people opportunity to insult me anymore, so jia you.”

    yes, sometimes the way to protect the peoples love you, is to take care your self more, because your happiness is their happines.

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