Keeping Up With Han Geng

Is Han Geng beyond the reach of his GengRice now? Has he gone too high to be reachable? Is he getting further and further away from his GR or are the GR getting away from him? Well let me see some of your opinions here….but I will share my own thoughts here first.

In writing this blog, I got to know many fans of Han Geng. Some are moderate and some are hard-core. Issues were debated on, like what are real Gengfans and what are just fans passing through. Then also the topic on whether it’s GengFan or GengRice. Many debates and opinions flowed through these pages and many insights were formed. Some disagreed and some others took the fencing position and the majority agreed most of the time. Never come across such a celebrity with so much controversies and intrigues. All he ever wanted was to be a Simple Person, but then his words and actions are not that simple though. For such a statement from this Simple Person who did extraordinary things out of everyday ordinariness. Considering his age, most people are still very naive and inexperienced. Think for a moment, what were you at that age for those who have passed that mark. And for those who are still on their way in reaching that milestone, have you ever thought what you will be by that time..hehehe… The thing here, is that Han Geng is only one of the millions of ordinary people in China. He was a regular guy doing regular mundane stuff everyday in his growing up years. Somehow, in the course of growing up something crossed his path and he was hooked…

Now to this present day, no-one can pinpoint for sure the reason for this explosive popularity and the fascination that comes with it. Many first-timers were awed by his beauty first and then his dynamic and powerful dance second, depending on what was encountered first; the dance or the face…hehehe…!! The word used by most people is “phenomenon” or “phenomenal popularity”, “phenomenal success”..

The official headcount in Geng’s Baidu Bar is slightly over 100,000 members and in HG’s micro-bo, the number of followers has surpassed the 3.5 million mark…..!! What does it means ? The focus here is not about his popularity or his fame and status..What I want to say is this..the speed of his rise to success and fame…this sometimes makes me fearful for him.

Will he be still popular and in demand by year end or next year..? I am a bit apprehensive in that regards..but on the other hand, I hope to see the momentum of his rise to the status whereby he could stand on his own breaking loose the stigma of being only a male idol with nothing else to offer except a pretty face. Will these two, success and fame, be a fleeting moment  only? Are they just stardust?  Or is it gold dust? In my heart, I really want him to turn into gold and platinum so that he can stand on his own. No more foolish criticisms from unknown and incredible/implausible people/public.Of course there will be critics in every place but not those whose sole intention was to destroy and destruct a person that I wish for him.

I am glad that Han Geng is strong in spirit and in mentality. He upgrades himself by reading books that “help” him in his career path and to withstand certain malicious barbs from media and public. That doesn’t mean that he is not hurt and wounded, he just know how to “combat” his feelings and his hurts.

He finds relief in charity work where he balanced himself by focusing on the pure and uncorrupted minds of the children whom he singled out as his focus of charity. In order for him not to build up his “hate energy” towards those who discriminate him, his family, his friends and his fans, he builds up “positive energy” by involving himself in helping the innocent children who are in a greater need of a helping hand, rather than of charity. He could have gone for the more social charities but he chose the schoolchildren. He is one very wise guy. When he chose this sector of the many charities to help, he was standing on neutral ground, because he gets nothing in return except the happy and joyful smiles of these children. In this way, charity is charity in its real meaning (for him) not a social entity which could be exploited.

Now, will Han Geng stay the course? Will he still be the same HG in terms of his humility and simplicity 5, 10 or 20 years down the road? I believe he can if he doesn’t let power and popularity go to his head. As long as his mind stays simple and uncorrupt, he can stay in the field and continue to be a player not a spectator.

The lady in turquoise asked GengRice whether they are spoiling Han Geng by showering him with so much love and affection…hehehe!!  I hope not for his sake. Rather than being spoilt by his GengRice, I’d rather hope that he’ll be motivated and spur him on to clinch greater and authentic projects in future..!!

At this time, I have the feeling that Han Geng is high maintenance… He has come out with  lots of CFs and personal works..As a fan, would you patronised  all the products that he is spokesperson to? Would you buy all his personal works like concert DVDs and the new upcoming 2nd album? As a fan, can you keep up with the pace and momentum of HG’s rise? Would you attend all his activities? Would you go to the airport to meet/ welcome him if he visits your country? Would you hold his banners, streamers and buntings? Would you take a plane to attend his concerts and activities like fan-meets..? In Geng’s Baidu bar, GengRice have the options to “rent” the lightboards and return them in the same condition which they “rented” if they want to hold one when greeting HG at airports and red carpets..Has  Han Geng broken the record for the number of times that he’s walked on the red carpet yet, in one year?

The more successful Han Geng is, the more his GR will suffer in terms of their pockets and purses..hehehe..Good for Han Geng but not so good for us..! That’s why he is cautioning us not to buy ALL of his products with our allowances or pocket money. Some very kind GF wanted to get me something of Han Geng for a keepsake through online purchases. I am very grateful for that and appreciate her kind offer but  I told her Han Geng is high maintenance. Thank you to all you readers out there who are so willing to help each other especially GFs in purchasing HG’s products and things related to him…we need to spend our money wisely though. Some of us are mother fans who have a budget to maintain too…hehehehe…!! There will always be merchandises  of Han Geng to purchase everyday…hehehe… Every item is a treasure to GFs so we need to know our limits….hehehe… So anyone of you agree that HG is high maintenance..? hehehe..

Han Geng’s Concert DVd is OUT ..tutorial  on how to make your

Credits: as tagged in pictures and video HKLoveGeng@YT

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8 Responses to Keeping Up With Han Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~~Garnetblue, I thought you would post something today ^^ you are soooo reliable!!! I will leave more comment later, just post a link here first 🙂
    Han Geng Beijing Concert DVD

  2. Mandy says:

    DVD, here I come! Thanks bristlegrass for sharing the link~
    Garnetblue sis, the weekend is coming, I will resume my “duty” for HG!

    • Mandy says:

      oh wait…the DVD is in PAL, not NTSC format! I guess I will have to watch it on my computer then~

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Haha~~ finally got time to read through Garnetblue’s article ^^
    I think as long as Han Geng still pursue his dream and maintain his personality, I will be his fan. As for buying things related to Han Geng, I think it more depends on personal choice. As for endorsement, I consider Han Geng as an introducer of certain product/brand, so Gengfans may be more interested in knowing about this brand or product, but if we want to buy it or not, well, still personal choice. I believe each Gengfan should find their most comfortable way to support Han Geng.

    Btw, just want to say, in the fourth pic, that was Dreams in China show, Han Geng was helping a disabled Gengfan’s dream fulfilled, she is also a public charity volunteer. Han Geng was in this show without charging any appearance fee, and he only slept for 3 or 4 hours at the night before, so he was there just for encouraging and helping his Gengfan, as he knew she was one of the Gengfans who are fighting their diseases and doing good deeds for others at the same time.

    Will Han Geng stay the same in future? I trust him, unless there is irrefutable proof convincing me not to ^^ Why? Haha! Because I think he is a person always wanting to be himself, no matter what cost that would be~~~in order to be himself, he has to be stronger and stronger. I always think his definition of success is different than the normal sense of success.

    Just translate some words from his teacher Mao Lei from the Central University for Nationalities. I think Mr. Mao wrote this on May 5, before or right after the L’officiel activity which is shown in the first pic here.
    “Last night , I chatted with Han Geng from 11pm to 2am in the morning, from the old days, to our current life, from his work to our Alma Mater’s anniversary celebation, he still seems like that little boy in the old days, he doesn’t change a bit in front of me, still sincere, honest, kindhearted, naughty with witty. We laughed loud, like friends for so many years, eventually, I said, ‘you are not a celebrity, you are still the brother we dearly care for.’ Walked out his place, found slightly raining.”

    I guess, if your heart for him doesn’t change, you will find Han Geng doesn’t change.

  4. trueblue says:

    I really believe that HG has a heart that always sees the best in people. He doesn’t prejudge a person. His mind is always open to see the goodness of a person and that’s why he is so loved by all. When people were to converse with him, they will find something in him that compels them to be frank with him. Such is the persona of HG that they can confide in him and trusting him not to divulge their “secrets”..
    Recently, I noticed that there are a number of female actors who tend to “glue” themselves to HG whenever there is an opportunity..These are not just newbies but veterans in the acting community..hehehe…Sometimes, I behave very skeptically and questioned their intentions, not towards HG, but their photo snaps opportunities…hehehe…Like they wanted to be seen with HG..
    Looking at it from both sides, it can be a win-win situation depending on whether the other party would take advantage of it or exploit the occasion….
    As for buying his endorsed products, one can only buy so much..Just as Bristlegrass pointed out, we don’t have to buy ALL and the choice is ours…
    Supporting HG doesn’t have to be spending our money ALL THE TIME but doing it in different ways..There are people out there who said that if one doesn’t buy the things of the artiste whom one is a fan of then he/she is not a real fan..?? Why is that..??
    I read something in Baidu just a while ago. It seems like they are going to start “propagating” HG’s 1st. BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE in forums, blogs and etc…hehehe..that’s the work of GRo hehe..(Geng Relations Officers)..So maybe, our blog need to make some suggestions too…hehehe…wherever you are stationed…!!

  5. trueblue says:

    Oh one more thing, here is another way to support for him ..his contenders are Eason Chan, Leo Ku and etc….hehehe

  6. onepinetree says:

    I don’t know how to describe my feeling now. I was just too busy with my life for a week so didn’t have a chance to catch up with Han Geng’s news. Han Geng, you are really soaring up. Ha… looking at you now… I felt more and more bitter some for the SME that did not know what to do with you. So just wasted your precious time and talent for a couple of years since year of 2008. It’s so painful to think how much you suffered with such treatment by the company during those years. Please forgive them…

    • trueblue says:

      I think we all know that Han Geng doesn’t have a vindictive heart and he holds no grudges against anyone, so probably there is nothing to forgive…
      The ones whom I am feeling sorry for are those that were left behind. As HG always say, everyone has their own perspectives on success…their own measurements of success and what they deemed is success to them..
      To Han Geng, his success means self-fulfillment. As long as he has fulfilled his own desires and accomplishments..that’s success for him..!!
      So let’s just say…….to each his own…!!
      Pinetree, don’t be too busy with yourself and forget to take care of your health..hehehe….!

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