We are humble but dedicated: Han Geng Fans in Korea

It’s been so long time since I posted something here.

Today, I decided to talk about Han Geng fans in Korea.

Thanks to Mandy, I realized that there is no secret among Han Geng fan family around the world. So I felt obligated to let you know what’s going on among Korean fans who support Han Geng after he left the Korean entertainment industry.

1. Opening a new Han Geng fan forum this summer

http://www.hangeng.net & http://www.19840209.com

We used to have these two Han Geng fan sites in Korea, which were very famous among Han Geng fans. However, at this point, these two fan sites are temporary closed. Even before these two sites were closed, some of us started thinking about a new fan site that openly and actively supports Han Geng. There have been so many misunderstandings and rumors about Han Geng, so we felt fans should step out and take actions to clear up those mess.

Thus, dozen of Korean fans made a fan cafe where we can prepare to launch a new fan site. Currently we are discussing many things: the fan site title, memberships, the hosting server, design, moderators… and so on.


If you come across this address, please keep it in mind that the number of members, 22 people are those who decided to get actively involved in creating a fan site, not just Han Geng fans :).

Thanks to Si Woo’s help, we were able to send a standing wreath to My Kingdom press conference.

It says in Korean: “We wish you shine brightly.”

Han Geng must have been very touched by all those support from the international fans including Korean fans. He finally mentioned us in his weibo 🙂

2. Nike’s special project: “We will wait for you!”

Last time I introduced one lucky Korean fan, Nike, who met Han Geng at the show, at our blog.

A month ago, Nike started a special project for Han Geng and called for a video clip from Korean fans who support Han Geng and wait him to return to Korea for his own concert or show ( I have to emphasize that HIS OWN CONCERT or SHOW again).


So far a total of 91 Korean fans have sent her video clips. As soon as she finishes the editing job, the final product will be released through YouTube and other fan sites. So.. please get ready to be excited, you will see 91 fans including me in there ( as long as you can figure out who is me among 91 fans, ha ha..)

3. International fans, the Korean fans

Before we Korean fans got used to being “Korean” fans: very privileged fan dome since Han Geng was part of Super Junior and an artist of the SME, where Korean is spoken and Korean culture is the main culture. But now things changed for Han Geng fans in Korea.

We are not anymore privileged or special as fans.

Now, we are as same as other international fans who are not familiar with Chinese language or Chinese entertainment industry.

From now on, we have to get used to being called as Han Geng’s international fans, rather than his “Korean” fans.

So we became very humble but also more dedicated as geng fans.

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23 Responses to We are humble but dedicated: Han Geng Fans in Korea

  1. trueblue says:

    OOOOOhhhhh thanks so much Pinetree for this post…I’ve been waiting for you for a looooooooooong time to have this posted…
    Now I don’t have to answer those questions posted to me about Korean GengFans…
    Now our readers can get it direct from Korea via “satellite” post…hehehe….!!
    I will bookmark this page to get to the Korean site..thanks again ….mmmuwah…!! <3<3<3

    • trueblue says:

      Oh I noticed that the flowers are sunflowers which matches with your well-wishes slogan..”We wish you shine brightly.”
      I was wondering too who sent that flower stand and was hoping that it’s Nike and now you have revealed the sender’s identity…hehehe…thank you…!!
      Oh and can we also change our blog’s header too..? To clips from “My Kingdom” in support of HG’s 1st movie..? hehehe…!!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Ha! Pinetree!!! Yes, no secret among Gengfan family around the world ^^ I am sooo happy that you would like to share with us about Korean fans’ activities. I was very happy to see Korean fans’ standing wreath at My Kingdom press conference. I constantly came across Gengfans asking for a pic of it when they heard from Si Woo that there was a standing wreath from Korean fans…Actually, I think for both Han Geng and Gengfans, Korean fans are always somehow special…I couldn’t say too much on behalf of others, but to me, no matter how hard the situation has ever been, I can know through Korean fans that there is always sincere and stubborn love for Han Geng in Korea where he devoted his big part of youth time, it’s really not easy, but it’s very important for Han Geng. I guess we all should be humble and dedicated, as the one we love is like that ^^ just…I notice that Chinese gengfans have to show more of the dedicated side now, as Han Geng just officially walked into the core and growing industry of Chinese entertainment, a complicated and highly competitive one.

    • S2X says:

      I totally agree with you, Korean Gengfans were, are, and always will be special, no matter where Han Geng’s career is developing. Because they were the ones who were there from the very beginning, when he was still unknown to the world, they followed every step of his career. I think for Chinese Gengfans to love and support him so much is natural because they share the same nationality and culture, they have that sort of natural connection. But for Koreans fans, they didn’t have that nationality factor as an influence, they chose to love the only one who wasn’t “one of them”, they simply loved him for who he is and stood by his side despite all the unfairness and misunderstandings. I think such fans are really admirable it really touches me that they are still supporting him until now, despite all the negativity around him ever since he left Korea. For this reason, they’ll always have my respect and that is also why they will always be special in Han Geng’s heart.

      Korean Gengfans jia you!!! Fighting!!!

    • szhang59 says:

      OH…..I like the head picture so much……..Perfect done! Thank you bristlegrass!
      I actually pay close attention to korean fans all the time and I usually hear news from Siwoo’s Weibo. We can tell that korean fans are really special in HG’s heart and also in Chinese GR’s heart.
      Thank you onepine for posting it in today’ special moment. I do get excited and moved. Take care of yourself and your sweet babies.

  3. wendy says:

    I’m so excited to hear about the new website! It’s about time someone clear up the misconceptions about Han Geng in Korea. SME have spread too many lies and rumors that I hope Han Geng’s reputation is still salvageable. And another thing: I think Korean fans will always have a special place in Han Geng’s heart.

  4. Observer says:

    A picture speaks a thousand words. When Nike passed Hangeng her gifts during the show, he chose to clutch them tightly to him throughout the show. Korea and korean gengfans will always hold a special place in his heart. I am saying it because I could feel it. We are behind you, korean gengfans!

  5. kerojung says:

    i’m very happy seeing this new entry.
    and yes i used to open 2 these sites (www.hangeng.net & http://www.19840209.com) but can’t open them such a time.
    it must be very good if hangeng can return to korea for his own activities like concert or meeting.

  6. Sltan says:


    I love this article regarding the Korean gengfans and I am sure the other international are interested in this article and the new Korean website.
    Can I have your permission to post this article in Geng-bao.net?

    • onepinetree says:

      Yes, you can re-post any entry at our blog. However, the site I listed here is a small group of fans who are working on creating a fan site. Once the fan site is officially created, I will let you know about it. Please do not spread the site address at this point, though. It’s embarrassing to let people know how slowly we are making progress ha ha.

  7. Henny says:

    WOOW…Thank You, i just thinking it’s have been long time i not see your post, and really really I miss you a lot.
    Who said that Korean Geng Fans not anymore privileged, fdon’t know for the other, but for me..YES YOU ALL PRIVILEGED AND STILL…, KOREAN GENGFANS..!!
    If not i will not miss your post a lot like this…T__T, i really miss your news about Korean Gengfans.
    May i know if the new site for Hangeng also available in English? i hope so, so i can open it too…

  8. MM says:

    I think to Hangeng, Korean fans mean a lot to him as most of you are there for him from the very beginning. This is a very special bond that not all international fans shared.

    The tension between SJ fans and Hangeng fans can sometimes be quite high among some Chinese fans. Luckily, I think for most international sites, a lot of SJ fans still love Hangeng and still show their support and concern. However, after so many misunderstandings and rumours that happen in Korea, I can understand it must be hard being a Hangeng supporter in Korea. Hope you all can continue this project and work hard to let others know the truth and of course inform all those who love Hangeng about his latest news.

    Even if some SJ fans cannot continue to support Hangeng, we certainly hope that Hangeng can garner new fans and maybe one day, he will be able to hold a fan meeting in Korea.

  9. onepinetree says:

    Thank you so much for your sincere comments here. I wish I could answer to every single of your comments. If you don’t mind, I will translate your comments in Korean for Korean fans. I came across some Korean fans who have doubts about Han Geng’s heart for Korean fans since he left(?) us. Although Han Geng does not openly express his love for us, I am totally fine with it. But for some Korean fans, they often want to check his love. They want to feel the special bonding between Han Geng and his Chinese Geng rice themselves. Unfortunately, we Korean fans barely had such experience. You know, like asking your boy friend, “Do you love me?” and he says back to you, “Yes, I LOVE YOU”. Ha Ha… I always tell those fans to be humble and less selfish. We love Han Geng for who he is, not because he continuously shows his love to us. For such kind of love, they had better find their own boyfriend. ha ha… well… again, too much talk for me.

    Again, the site I listed here is just a small group of people who are working on creating a fan site. Please do not hot link or bookmark the site. If we feel like being watched, we might become too shy. Ha ha .

    • MM says:

      Sure, i don’t mind. I am surprised to know that some Korean fans have doubts as to whether Hangeng loves them. He mentioned in “Behind the story” he really wish Korean fans can attend his concert and when the host tell him to go to Korea and see them, he seems a bit helpless and said ” It will be good if i can go. ” From what I observe, Hangeng really appreciate Korean fans. He might not be as vocal about Korean fans probably because of his case with SM, but we all know that Hangeng really loves his Korean fans. 🙂

  10. Observer says:

    I wonder what is the ground situation like in Korea as far as Han Geng is concerned. Will he be embraced warmly if he go there? It seems he was rejected entry to Korea once last year (due to lawsuit?). His bond with Korea is undeniable and he has expressed interest to return to Korea for activities if the law allows him. Korean Gengfans, please don’t feel pressured with regard to your committment, everything starts from the first step and love should come naturally.

  11. HanHyang says:

    I’m so happy to hear about new website of korean gengfans. I regsistered at hangeng.net. And I worried alittle when it seemed to be closed. But now i’m so excited to know there are still a lot of his fans in Korean supporting him. Thank you so much! I also hope he can return to Korea soon. I look forward to your vids. uhm….so you’re his korean fan?

  12. I’m Taiwan GengFan Lulu ^ ^
    Korea’s GengFans,Go for it !
    Let’s fight together!
    HanGeng Go Go! GengFan Go Go!
    This is what we want to say.

    Life is a challenge,
    and only those who rise to the challenge truly know what it means to live.^ ^

    ha ha~
    What a coincidence…
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exFNJ8jnph8 →My YouTube…O口O!
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    ha ha ha ha~(# ̄▽ ̄#)

    http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=1073632873 →My Baidu HanGeng Bar …..

    ha ha ha ha ha ~~(>﹏<)

    Please look this video,thank you ^ ^

    • onepinetree says:

      Thank you for leaving the comment here~~ Yes, I saw the entry at baidu, thanks to one of my Chinese friends. That’s why I said, there is not secret among Han Geng fan family. Ha ha. I subscribed your youtube channel. I hope we can communicate each other one day:)

  13. Wing says:

    Hi everyone~ ^^

    After reading this post, I’m really touched by the Korean Gengfans! A great thing about this fandom is that all Gengfans are very humble, silently supporting Hangeng by his side~

    Even though, we all come from different countries and have different nationalities, we have all come together for one person and for one purpose. This is the greatest thing about being a Gengfan! Making friends from all over the world~

    Please continue with all your work! I wish I could write Korean, so that I could thank all the hardworking, dedicated and loyal Korean Gengfans! All Gengfans have gained my respect for all the great work they have done~

    Also, I’m currently writing a research report for school, and I chose to write about SM Entertainment and the unfair contracts. I found this blog while I was doing research on Hangeng’s case. I’m really happy that I suddenly stumbled on this website ^^ I will definitely include your work in my research report and talk about everyone’s hardwork to clarify all the misunderstandings for Hangeng, because you all deserve to be mentioned! ^^

    Hope everything will go well with all Gengfans!

    Love you all,
    Wing from The Netherlands

  14. Kalun Mata says:

    T_T this make me cry… i am a mexican fan…

    I was so heartbroken when he left SJ that i leave all about kpop, then i get back some months ago, but it still hurts.nd i know how you felt. Because honestly … its hurt so much to felt that you aren´t there to support him, you can´t buy his cds or dvs easly… and oh my god i wont even think more about it, because it make me burn in tears.

    Howerver … we will support him no matter what!! no matter if its korean, chinese, thai or mexican fans…


  15. coraline says:

    i am his fan from Australia. Hangeng is Mr world wide.

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