Han Geng is truly an awesome actor. The proof is in the preview of the movie “My Kingdom”..

I haven’t been this animated or excited over a movie in a long while. Prior to this, many praises were heaped on Han Geng for his excellent acting in “My Kingdom” and I was like holding my breath waiting for the movie to premier and finally, this 12 min introductory clip to whet my appetite.

I have watched many action / kung-fu flicks but this one takes the cake by far. From the looks of it, it is not just an action/ kung-fu flick…IT IS A PIECE OF ART…!!

No wonder it took so long to get the script fix and ready for the movie. Really a beautiful piece of screenplay. For a Hollywood producer to take an interest in an Oriental movie has got to be something worth investing in…….!! For this movie to be picked and produced by a Hollywood producer is already a clue in itself that it would be an epic and a blockbuster hit in the box-office…!!! (keep my fingers crossed)

Hopefully, this is a breakthrough for Han Geng to springboard into big time movies, and an acting career-cum-singer…hehehe…!!

Wishing Han Geng the very best in this endeavor and to break new records for him and the movie world..!!

MY KINGDOM is a good start…! The title alone signifies a good omen into the future for Han Geng…Han Geng and his kingdom of the acting world…! May this be his dreams come true..!!






Behind the scenes, NGs and bloopers…hahaha!!

credits : as tagged..thanks

Important note:

Official sites have requested that fans stop sharing the 12 min promotional clip, as apparently it is not the final product

The 12-minute promotional preview of ‘My Kingdom’ that was posted was a rushed job to show at the Hong Kong Film Festival (showcased to potential investors).

Therefore, the official ‘My Kingdom’ promotional team wishes not to spread this particular promo any further because it was put together quickly when the actual final product will be far more polished and of better quality.

In conjunction with the above request, the promotional video clip on My Kingdom has been temporarily removed. Thanks for your patience..

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6 Responses to MY KINGDOM

  1. bristlegrass says:

    HAHA~~~ I have been sick these days T_T
    BUT this trailer really cheer me up!!!!!
    Now, I can be 100% sure that Han Geng will be a GREAT ACTOR!!!
    Although I was never worried about his acting, I was a bit concerned about his lines speaking skill…as our Han Geng normally has very sweet and soft voice, sometime he put wrong stress when reading some scripts before, I find it is so adorable ^^, but it can be a limitation for a professional actor who wants to be the best actor, especially in movies (I think among all the young actors and actresses in this movie, he is the only one using his own voice). Now, I am quite assured that this is not a problem for him at all!

    • garnetblue says:

      Hope you are better now..You have to take better care of yourself since you are living away from family..Hope you have good friends who can look after you..hehehe…
      Yup this movie turns out to be better than I expected..
      Hope there won’t be too much editing and the final product will turn out will …hehehe…!!

    • followurdestiny says:

      Get well soon! Take good care of yourself and rest well!

      And this made me smile and become so excited for the movie, my anticipation is only growing XDDD
      Go! My Kingdom! Go!
      Han Geng going International! Go!

    • Mandy says:

      take care bristlegrass~

      I watched the 12-min promotional clip last night and I was stunned by Han Geng’s shouting!!!!!! You know, he is ALWAYS very soft spoken and I never saw him speak loudly, not to mention shouting. I find watching Er Kui fascinating. Er Kui is Er Kui, he is not Han Geng… But Han Geng plays Er Kui…OMG! Han Geng, keep fighting!

      • garnetblue says:

        Yes Han Geng was really good in this movie.
        He gave his all to make sure that he was immersed in the character of Er Kui..
        He made it so real that one could feel the emotions running through him..especially the part where he confronted Barbie of seducing WC . The part where he and WC fought, was very moving. It’s like he was reluctant to fight his “brother”. He portrayed it so well..!

  2. Sabine says:

    I hope I can watch this movie in the austrian cinemas too. It looks great.

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