The Homecoming King

Harbin can also be considered as the hometown of Han Geng as it is the capital city of Heilongjiang where his maternal grandfather hails from. He was there a few days ago to grace the official anniversary celebrations of the show called “BenShan Happy Camp”, which was only two years in business. Like in any sports or games, this is Han Geng’s home ground. He has his home base fans which is huge in number and are full of enthusiasm. To them, he is like the homecoming king. He is their pride, their joy, their hero and their love. Watching the full show will give an idea of how much he is loved and welcomed. There was also a sense of pride and a high density of emotions. There was a huge turnout at the airport terminal to welcome him home and the rare presence of GengKnights who came to help out as well…!

In this show, Han Geng let out some personal information like how he considers himself half a “Harbinite” (for want of a better description for the people of Harbin..sorry I can’t find the right word to call the people of Harbin.) The way he greeted the audience showed that he is in a familiar place. His opening line of his greetings were ” Brothers and sisters, I am Han Geng. I have returned home..!”

This show is actually named after veteran actor Zhao BenShan, a heavyweight in his own right and respected by many…

Link to the full show :

Harbin is originally a Manchu word meaning “a place for drying fishing nets”. It is known for its bitterly cold winters and is often called the “Ice City”. Harbin is well-known for its beautiful ice sculptures in winter and plays an important part in Sino-Russian trade. In the 1920s, the city was considered China’s fashion capital as new designs from Paris and Moscow reached there first before arriving in Shanghai.[1] Harbin is also a potential candidate for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

With this little info of where boy Han Geng grew up and spent his childhood gives us a more in-depth understanding of Han Geng’s life as a child and his outlook in life. Very rarely Han Geng shared to us info on his relatives as he wanted to keep out his “stage life” from his private life. In this programme, one will be able to witness the various culture of the Chinese people, the traditional and the modern.

It’s 5 years since Han Geng went back he was missed a lot. They sort of like ” the whole village came out to meet him”…… heheheheĀ  It was also his very first time to perform in front of his home crowd. Indeed, it was such an emotional homecoming for all of them.. His relatives were in the audience watching him, cheering for him and giving him applause. His maternal grandma was also among the audience that night..If the camera has panned correctly, then one will notice that his relatives were just occupying ordinary seats too just like the rest of the modest of them. They did not even want to “steal” Geng’s spotlight..hehehe..

So this show has fulfilled part of Han Geng’s wishes of wanting to hold a personal solo concert for his own people..! It was his dream to have one personal concert for his people in his own hometown, so this is only partially fulfilled. Wait for the day when Han Geng can truly perform for his own family and friends in Mudanjiang, his birthplace.

This is Han Geng’s cut from the show @YT Channel

Credits : as tagged in the pictures and the videos..thanks..

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One Response to The Homecoming King

  1. Mish says:

    I watched this show so many times, both tv versions and fan cams. The boy performed all 3 songs so well that I can feel this extra excitement and emotion he had in front of his home crowd. “Say no” was especially touching. His grandma was crying watching him. He sang with tears mixed with full face of sweat. It is a long 15 years since he left Helongjiung at 12 years old to strive for his future.

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