Han Geng Is Worth Keeping

In recent days, Han Geng is less visible in public but it is alright, as we know that he is busy recording his 2nd album. His strategy is such that he appeared in public’s view at least once a week by the looks of his schedule posted in his official website…hehehe… This way, his GFs and the public will be more “thirsty” for Han Geng.

There is something to look forward to though, his two movies..!

First there is this one which is an All-Star cast ” Founding Of A Party” . This is in conjunction with the celebrations of the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China.  It is produced by China Film Group Corporation     which commenced shooting since last August and the projected release date is June 15th, 2011. Originally, there were 170 characters in the casting and Han Geng’s character Zhao Shiyan was the uncle of former China’s premier, Li Peng. All GengFans were on edge as to whether Han Geng’s  character would survive the cut…! For months, all were waiting with bated breath for the final cut and hoping that HG’s character would not be trimmed off as was the usual case with the previous mega cast production, Founding Of A Nation/ Republic.

The role that Han Geng took on was somewhat of a hero cum martyr.

Brief  biography on Zhao Shiyan

In 1915, Zhao went to Beijing to study at the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, majored in English. In 1919, he participated in the May Fourth Movement, China Youth Association. The following year, he went to France to study, co-founded the Communist Party of China[1]. In 1922, Zhao Shiyan and Ho Chi Minh was invited to join the French Communist Party. In 1922, he went to the Soviet Union and study at the Communist University of the Toilers of the East. In 1923, he was appointed as CPC Party Committee Chairman in Beijing. In the same year in December, he was appointed as Chairman of the Northern Bureau of the CPC Central Committee.

In 1926, Zhao was sent to Shanghai with Zhou Enlai to led the workers armed uprising during the Northern Expedition. In 1927, 412 killed in a massacre in Shanghai. In 2 July he was arrested at his home in North Sichuan Road. In 19 July, he was executed in Shanghai.

Zhao Shiyan’s sister, Zhao Juntao married to martyr Li Shuoxun. Her son, Li Peng later served as a premier from 1987 to 1998. (taken from wikipedia)

To be invited to take part in this movie is already an honour as the production team seemed to regard highly of Han Geng. Remember that Han Geng is only a small fry in the established realm of entertainment and movies. He has not even officially reach his 1st anniversary as a soloist artiste…Han Geng has already achieved many accomplishments which to some are just unreachable dreams..!! He has been on the National Stage of the Spring Gala Night and now he is in  the National Movie.

The latest news on this movie is that the original 170 characters are now reduced to 100 characters…! To make and produce an epic historical movie like this one; the facts have to be accurate and the characters as vivid as possible without losing out the essence of the story. So now there is only 100 characters in the movie.

What about Han Geng’s Zhao Shiyan? Did it survive the cut..? No it did not..!! The character was snipped and trashed into the bin. So is Han Geng out? By a surprising twist of fate, Han Geng survives but his character didn’t..! What happened? They decided to portray Han Geng as one of the most esteemed and respected leaders of the CCP, none other than the highly respected late Premier Deng XiaoPing..hehehe…!!

This is a better way to remember Han Geng..! And this is one Deng XiaoPing (played by our precious Han Geng) that is the  handsomest of all the  Deng XiaoPings put together in all previous movies, with no disrespect to the former late  premier…hahahaha. It was the character that the producers was after not the outward appearance. In order to keep Han Geng in the movie, they discarded the original guy who played Deng XiaoPing and transformed Zhao Shiyan into Deng XiaoPing…!! As history shows, Deng XiaoPing became one of the averred of the premiers in China. He was a great statesman and was hailed as the Architect of China’s Modernisation. (Please correct me if I am wrong) .

From here onwards, Han Geng’s character in the movie will be more appreciated and will make an impact on people’s mind because almost everybody knows who Deng XiaoPing is/was. It is not of crucial importance whether he has any dialogue in the movie or not or how many seconds he appeared in it, as long as he is included and be part of the characters of the history of China, it is good enough. With the “big” name he is portraying, people will remember..!! As this is a production on the “history” of China, students in China are encouraged and are “required” to watch it and this will also result in a box-office hit…hehehe..!! Let me quote here, Deng XiaoPing’s famous phrase, “I don’t care if it is a black cat or a white cat. It is a good cat if it catches mice.”

Let’s support Han Geng’s effort in this movie…!!

Credits : as tagged in pictures and video.

Note: Please check out the links (below) and understand why it is significant that Han Geng is now portraying Premier Deng XiaoPing. The parallel significance is that DXP became someone of importance and played a pivotal role in China’s modernisation and progress. Han Geng became a catalyst and a barometer bar in China’s entertainment industry.!! He is one tough guy to beat/topple.

His life is just as colourful as the one that Premier Deng had. I have found a lot of similarities in their lives.

Basically, both of them have their idealism in separate disciplines.

Both became successful in their choice of disciplines.

Both are patriotic and love their countrymen/country.

Both spent six years of their teen abroad chasing their idealism.

Both left China at about the same age. DXP at age 16, and HG at age 17

The slight difference is in the letter of their names..one spelt Deng and the other spelt Geng…hehehe…

The Geng in Deng and the Deng in Geng..!!

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20 Responses to Han Geng Is Worth Keeping

  1. Mish says:

    The film team has good eyes. When they invited HG to play Zhao in Aug 2010, HG had no film credit in China yet. Now at final cut, they changed his role from Zhao to Deng. This became an explosive news and the headliner in most entertainment news today. Both the film,s name and HG,s name are eye catching so it becomes a good promotion for the film, especially for young audience and the curious. Very good marketing strategy. For the film, both Zhao and Deng were young Chinese students studying in France, so the same scene can be used, just cut out the dialogue. For HG, it was already an honor to be invited to participate. Now his part, although small, is kept in final product is a good news. And the great thing is that he is being promoted as Deng, who everyone knows. A lot of people who did not know him or not concern with entertainment would now know his name.

  2. garnetblue says:

    A recent video clip. Did they re-shoot HG’s part? hehehe…

    • Mish says:

      No. It is the same costume as Zhao. You can look back to Dec 12 post for the pictures released before. In prior videos released, he was in same costume, sitting holding a notebook in a meeting with Zhou En Lai.

  3. garnetblue says:

    Here is a link to the video clip of the behind the scenes of the movie. the photo-shoot and the corresponding characters whom the actors are portraying.
    Han Geng’s part @ 8.21

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  5. S2X says:

    OMG, as soon as I read that phrase “I don’t care if it is a black cat or a white cat. It is a good cat if it catches mice.”, I burst out laughing! That is my dad’s favorite slogan, you guys have no idea how many times I had to listen to him repeat that phrase like a mantra to me and my brother ever since we were kids lol!!! And to think now my favorite star Han Geng is going to portray the person who said that…this is so unbelievable! Just today, during dinner, my dad was talking about DXP again and in my mind, I was picturing Geng saying that phrase in the movie, it’d be so weird lol!!!

    Anywayz, it’s really such an honour that they decided to keep him, who’s still a relatively new artist in China and had no experience as an actor when he filmed this, while more experienced and famous actors/actresses like Tang Wei didn’t even make the final cut. And they gave him such an important role! I’m so proud of our Genny!!! 8D

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  14. ai21 says:

    although gege part so little in here but this is the first film gege
    and i always participated this movie……..

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