Provocative Geng

Most of the time, Han Geng is being mysterious and playing “hide & seek” with his army of Gengfans. He would be provocative at times and tantalising the next. This was what he wore in his flight to Hangzhou the other day and back to Beijing the next.

Just by looking at the picture, one’s eyes will naturally be drawn towards his chest as the necklace and pendants screamed for attention too.. What was Han Geng trying to do? He was being too provocative..!!

It was noted that a few weeks ago, Han Geng attended a function of L’Officiel, on May 5 to be more exact.

L’Officiel is a French fashion magazine. It has been published in Paris since 1921 and targets upper-income, educated women aged 25 to 49.[2] As of 2006, it had a circulation of 101,719.[1]

A men’s edition of L’Officiel and eleven foreign editions (as of March 2008) are also published[2]. The complete name of the magazine is “L’Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris”.

Beginning in 1996, L’Officiel began licensing its brand for use by publishers outside of France.[1] Foreign editions of L’Officiel are now published in Russia, Japan, India, China, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Serbia.

There was an interview and photo-shoot with Han Geng for the June issue. The magazine is out now and the part of the interview was revealed. It was this part which is quite interesting..

While Han Geng was getting ready for the photo-shoot, he was given a piece of blank paper and was requested to draw a picture of what he thinks is an  ideal  home for him. He shyly took it and drew on it this picture…..

This drawing was later handed over to a psychologist/psychiatrist to analyse the character of the person who drew it. The identity of the owner of the drawing was with-held from the psychiatrist. And thus this is the findings of psychiatrist/psychologist .

1. What kind of person is he ?

A very simple person. The drawing/picture is serene/quiet. This person has inner peace. He is  warm-hearted. The trees are arranged symmetrically. On the right side, there is a missing tree. It means he still has an unfinished  plan to complete. Furthermore, the trees do not indicate it’s species and that means that at the present moment he is not  considering  to do other things aside from what he is doing right now.

From the look of the drawing, it is very difficult to enter his home. The door is locked. To enter his heart is not easy.

The small two storey house looks very strong, means he is strong. Know how to support and appreciate himself. Have a clear plan for the future.

2. What kind of woman is suitable (compatible) for him?

His expectations towards a woman’s aspects is distinctively meticulous and highly demanding, but he himself is very quiet and simple, and therefore girls have to take the initiative. However it doesn’t mean a strong initiative; that kind of action will not succeed in entering his heart.

3. Love, Marriage, Loyalty – 70% is the ideal figure. This is a very reliable man.

This is the part of the interview which I find so fascinating. Just from a simple drawing, a psychiatrist could tell what kind of person who drew that. He could “read” so much of a person’s character from just one drawing…!! Amazing…!!

What he had described of Han Geng was so uncannily accurate. So ladies, be forewarned, that you can take the initiative to draw yourself close to him but not in an aggressive manner..that way won’t get you your “target”…hehehe… In other interviews, he did say that he likes women who have the essence of a woman, meaning a girl must be a girl with all the attributes of a girl – femininity! A real woman !! Not superficial or artificial or pretentious, just be natural. That’s the kind of woman he is attracted to and like.

Latest photos from the   Louis Vuitton Voyagers event May 30.

Credits: as tagged in pictures, thanks..

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8 Responses to Provocative Geng

  1. bristlegrass says:

    The last two pics were captured by a Gengfan by accident~ he was requested by the media to show what it is like inside…so he opened it up just literally for one second, I think even many media people didn’t catch this moment…but as we all can expect, gengfan did it…as long as they were there…my poor Geng~~~~but…well…I do think it is very sexy!!! I am happy to see he is in good shape~ I also feel very comforted to see my boy really grow up to be a charming man…although I don’t mind he could turn to a 3 years boy all the sudden 😀
    Anyway, except for that moment, he had always been like this last night

  2. trueblue says:

    Yes Han Geng was caught red-handed…!! hahaha..! He was so shy..!! But I like him this way…
    In Gengbar, the Gfs were asking why didn’t he do it in front of them when they asked him to instead of in front of the media..hehehehe…..!!!
    Anyway this picture was being circulated all over the net…hahahaha..!!
    I don’t think Geng will be caught again with his “pants down” ..!! (shirt undone…I mean)

  3. followurdestiny says:

    It really was just a few ‘seconds’ (saw in this video) Gengfans are so fast XDD … so funny though when he opens the jacket a lot of camera’s went off *flash, flash, flash, flash* XDD
    And he was really shy about it, saying he really can’t open it up more … *squish*

  4. onepinetree says:

    We don’t need an expert to analyze Han Geng’s character or personality. I won’t be surprised to see his picture of the ideal home. As far as his “lady” type, I don’t care because I won’t be his lady no matter what. So my honest opinion about that is that…
    “Dear Han Geng, please get married to someone after I lost interest in you.” = =;
    Well… I am a selfish fan…. or very frank fan. Ha Ha…
    No wonder why so many famous stars hide their marriage… ha ha…

    By the way, per the last photo, I don’t see what’s the big deal about it.
    It does not show anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • trueblue says:

      That’s the beauty of it…it doesn’t show anything that we WANT to see…hehehe..!!

    • bristlegrass says:

      The problem is, it is a big deal for him, and he doesn’t want to show at all!!! Well, it’s totally fine for me…I think it is even sexier~~ ^^

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