Here and There

上海电影节                                              Shanghai Film Festival  
发布日期 : 2011-6-1                            Location : Shanghai

地点:上海                                               Date : June 11 to 13


眉山旅游节                                              MeiShan Tourism Featival
发布日期 : 2011-6-1                            Location : Meishan, Sichuan

地点:眉山                                              Date : June 18

2011超级巨星演唱会                              2011 Superstar Concert
发布日期 : 2011-6-1                            Location : Quzhou, Zhejiang

地点:衢州                                               Date : June 19

From the look of this schedule, it seems like Han Geng is again going to Zhejiang. Looks like he has an affinity with the people in Zhejiang…!! Could it be that the “Niu” in Zhejiang are more passionate and warm ? Are they pampering him there and that’s why he is so frequent at that place? Or is it the air in Zhejiang? Anyway, that is not a big issue, I just happened to notice that. As long as he has activities, that is a good sign.

I would like to share some anecdotes from a  few past events. Firstly, there was this one GF who went to the LV party and she spent the whole time following/trailing HG with her camera right at the function itself. According to her, the security personnel of HG was quite accommodating. It was Le Le who found her “stalking” HG and politely told her not to snap pictures of HG. Her instinct reply was “No,!I am not taking photos” Le Le retorted back ” You are lying! The light is on.” “This is not  photo taking, it is video taping”, she answered. Le Le then asked, ” Isn’t video the same as photo taking ?”…This is one very quick-witted Gengfan. I hope Le Le is not exasperated with her. Anyway, she decided not to upload that video out of  respect for Han Geng and Le Le. What I have translated here is just as close as it can be, because that’s the context of the anecdote. In Chinese it sounded very humorous so I am going to include it here….(for those of you who can read Chinese) hehehe…Credit goes to the GengFan in Baidu GengBar.


Han Geng attended the Digital China 10th Anniversary Gala Celebration on June 1st which coincides with China’s International Children’s Day.

Sharp eyed shot…! Can you see it?

Hope none of you drool while watching this gif…stare at it if you must..hehehe…!!

These people are not the usual GengFans, they are outside the fandom of Geng…Goes to show that Han Geng is getting the attention of others aside from just GengFans..

There is this story that after the performance of HG at the 10th China’s Digital Music concert last night, a majority of GFs left. So if there is no Geng, there is no GF around too. Those who saw him leaving in his car, shouted for him to update his weibo. So this is what we see on his weibo last night.


That’s all he wrote..“庚” just his name. Then Sun Le responded with his entry, “Such an obedient child”. It shows that Han Geng can’t resist his fans’ call and he had to do something about it…

Here is the video of the event..

Another tantalising picture of Han Geng

Another exposure of his frontal torso…..hehehe..!!

Credits : as tagged on pictures and video TaiwanHanGengFanLulu@YT

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5 Responses to Here and There

  1. polly says:

    A genfan made this and posted it at Weibo for the Children’s Day. LMAO……
    It was then retwitted by the official weibo of Panda Carnival
    and the official weibo of Online News Information Center of Chengdu, which wrote this really funny weibo:
    LMAO…. Got to go now : )

  2. garnetblue says:

    Thanks for the links..
    I saw this in one of the threads in Baidu GengBar..
    It was so hilarious. I will just upload it here so that others can see it as some may not be able to avail of Sina Weibo.

  3. Mandy says:

    Panda is China’s national treasure and Han Geng = Panda to us! haha, this is fun!

  4. followurdestiny says:

    Hangeng is such a cute little panda *squishes* XD

  5. mish says:

    Geng looks so beautiful today in the Shanghai Film Festival opening ceremony. His face is angelic. Hair and the dark purple suite and bow tie are perfect. Look forward to June 13 My Kingdom promotional launch. Hopefully we can see new preview of the movie. BTW, I love both the new movie posters released last week. Geng’s facial expression and stance is full of tension.

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