Shanghai Film Festival

“His Triad Members”

This picture was done and “edited” by a Gengfan..When I first saw this pic, I burst out laughing…!! Our little innocent boy has become the Big Boss of one of the Shanghai triads..!! He was “seen” negotiating with another big boss of another Shanghai triad, maybe? LeLe is his right-hand guy and the other two real-life body-guards were unchanged whether in real-life or reel-life. The bodyguard on the right is seen to be “crackling” his knuckles..hehehe..!! I think his name is Mr. Wang. With Han Geng’s threatening and intimidating stance at the background and negotiating scene in the foreground…who can withstand the cool and the formidable Geng..? If anyone does the negotiating with this kind of atmosphere, one would have given in to Geng’s demands without a murmur or hesitation. Han Geng makes one very cool, collected and calculating big boss.

“His Trademark Handshake”

His habit of shaking hands with a half-bow and his hand across his front has not changed. Forever the charming and polite guy even though he has risen up in popularity and fame.. Honestly, I like that, I wouldn’t want him to change in his style of greeting an older person. This habit should be kept with him for it is one of the good legacies from his stint in Korea. The courteous and polite way in greeting another person should remain as one of his ways in his lifestyle. He will be seen and hailed as one of the most polite artistes that can be found anywhere in China.

“His Trait Smile”

This smile of his just borders on  a slight tinge of shyness, hesitation and politeness. It isn’t a toothy smile but just the right amount of charisma there without being impolite or informal or being over familiar. Sometimes, toothy smile is not appropriate for formal functions like these. He gave a very innocent and sedate type of smile. He showed confidence but not over the board. He wasn’t showy nor flashy.. His suit was appropriate for the occasion, formal and elegant. The colour is unique, unusual, attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Unlike the previous times, he used to be flashy and flamboyant in his attire at those events but not in a negative way. This time his suit reflects his desire to be seen as a serious artiste in the industry and not just some frisky idol. By now, I think  he should have  shaken off that shallow idol image. He is now being seen as an individual, independent and formidable artiste. People are starting to see him in a different light and have a better understanding of him and his individualism.

“His Imperial Kingdom”

The formal unveiling of his kingdom’s name plague at the official press conference on the morning of June 13th. 2011. It hurt to know that the majority of the acting moves and actions were real, for example, the slapping on the face of Han Geng by Barbie Hsu..She isn’t in my list of  likeable artistes  ever since before and now with this revelation, I am almost on the verge of “slapping her back”. (I meant no offence here to all Barbie Hsu’s fans. So please do not take it personally..I was referring to the character which she played) The slapping was not just one time but numerous times according to Han Geng and Barbie., like more than 20 times, until his cheeks were swollen. Barbie was so sorry too for that scene. She was reluctant to hit him so hard but Han Geng insisted that she made it so, so that it looked realistic in the movie..I don’t think I can bear to watch that scene, knowing that it was real and not just stage acting..Oh Han Geng, why did you asked for it to be real? Do you know how painful it is to be slapped and for us to watch it? When anyone is slapped, the head will rattle and will feel’s like the whole brain is being shaken in the cocktail shaker. Why? Why?Why?

“His Royal Gifts”

His Gengfans prepared this little gift-bag for all the media who were there in the press conference. The total number of bags prepared was 200. From the feedback of the journalists and media, they were shock and surprised. One of them mentioned that in his/her 9  years of attending press conferences, this was the first time that he/she received a gift from the fans of the artiste whom they are interviewing. Others mentioned that while preparing to go for the conference, they missed their breakfast and coffee so they were so shocked to receive the gift-bag which contained snacks and coffee and other paraphernalia related to Han Geng and “My Kingdom”. There is this Gengfan who flew in all the way from Canada just to help promote the 1st movie of Han Geng. Watch this..

“His Pride- Gengfans

Look at the way he lifted up his head to appreciate his ever faithful and loyal GengRice. One of the comments from his GengRice is this…It is okay if you are not there when we are, but for you to be there and not seeing us there is not alright.We want to let you know that we are always there and that you can see with your own eyes that we are there…!!

This was especially made for the occasion and GengRice were given the opportunity to rent this for free…! They want it to be seen at the venue that GengRice are united and there is uniformity in their light-boards, since that was a formal event with all the big international stars on the red-carpet. There were also international and foreign press in attendance too.

To show their support for Han Geng, his staff were not missed out..look at  the amount of food that they delivered to him..

They all look so tasty and mouth-watering to me.

More pictures here at this link:


Gengfans support at the press conference…There are more pictures of these congratulatory flower stands and wreaths but I only picked this one to save some space….hehehehe…Look at the roses and the size of it. Compare it with the guy who is standing beside it..From the mouth of one Gengfan..”.We are not rich but we are rich and united in our enthusiasm, support and energy for Han Geng!”

As always Han Geng dressed smartly and elegantly..

Where Han Geng is , there his GengRice are..!!

Credits :

All credits go to those who took the photos and the videos..My thanks to you guys..

Han Geng’s Thanks and appreciation (translation @

Thank you for sending over the soup that was prepared with love so early in the morning,
also the gifts that shocked the entire audience at the event yesterday, they really warmed my heart,
though it had been very tiring these few days, but it was all worth it.

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9 Responses to Shanghai Film Festival

  1. Observer says:

    Amazing support for Han Geng from Gengfans! So creative, generous and full of love.
    There are many people outside of China and those not into Kpop actually have not heard of Han Geng. When My Kingdom starts screening in my country, I will promote his movie to as many people as possible.
    Garnetblue, thank you for your very informative and interesting updates! Lots of appreciation here!:)

  2. mish says:

    Geng was very beautiful these 3 days during the film festival and My Kingdom promotion. In every event and interviews (and there were so many of them that I glued to the screen for hours), his face, figure, dress and hair all looked angelic. In a couple of video clips, the HD quality shows his beautiful profile much clearer than before (although most fans who met him always said that he looks much more beautiful in person than on screen). In a few, he looked tired and weak (stil pretty) because he was sick again, but he had worked hard to finish his cramp schedules. Guess that is why the mother gengfans prepared the soup whole night for him so he can recover quicker. The letter with the soup by mother genfans is very touching.
    The news articles and reporters; weibo are full of the Gengfan’s support stories in the event. I think what impressed the press is not just the flowers and gifts. It is the nice and humble attitude and thoughtfulness of the Gengfans onsite, who showed their love for Hangeng by bringing courtesy and respect for the press. I am sure it is fresh for the media of entertainment news because they often are looked down upon and they often met with cracy fans who attack them for bad press of their idols.
    Respect is mutual. True kindness and courtesy mostly would be met with same. I wonder if Geng saw the gifts for the press, but he must have heard of good words and be proud of his fans.

    • trueblue says:

      Yes, the weibo entries of the press were full of praises for GengFans…They were taken aback with those gifts as they had never receive anything of that kind before in their whole experience as press reporters. What impacted them was the fact that GFs were so courteous and polite towards them and even gave them bows while handling out the bags unlike what they were used to and expected from fans.
      No wonder HG is so touched. There are many stories from these reporters on the conduct of GFs and to the extent that some even compared them with fans of other artistes. There were comments like that were something like this- like artiste like fans.

  3. bristlegrass says:

    HAHA~ Garnetblue~~~Thank you sooooo much for updating this article with full of information and meaningful comments!!!
    I am soooo impressed by Gengfans’ support at the conference press for My Kingdom!!!! Especially the idea of packing up and distributing the gift bags to the press personnel, so thoughtful, so kind, so appropriate!!!! I know those girls had to overcome quite a few difficulties and interruptions…to make this support successful. Oh, the girl in the news video clip is so pretty ^^ I think she is one of the devoted gengfans from
    I think besides Gengfans, another thing impressed the press most is Han Geng’s courtesy…When the question session just started, the reporter complained there was no microphone for them to ask question, Han Geng immediately stood up, walked down the stage, and delivered his mic to the reporter in person… He received applause from the audience when he was doing it.
    Here is a pic taken by a reporter~

    I like a couple of pics very much from the press interviews about My Kingdom, my dear Garnetblue, would you like to add them into your post? ^^

    Here is a collection of 6 major newspaper which reported and praised Gengfan’s support~I think there are more,,,but I couldn’t find it now~~

  4. szhang59 says:

    Hi Garnetblue, this article has been translated and posted in Gengba
    Thank you for your great efforts on this blog where becomes my everyday job visiting this blog.
    I’m so proud of the pretty Gengfan from Canada because I am also a Gengfan in Canada. However, to my ashamed, my English is too bad to give any help while that girl offered a lot of helps with her fluent English at critical moment on press conference. Therefore a lot of Gengfans in Gengba and other Geng Forums are deeply convinced that English is really really important to be a Gengfan.
    Thanks again1

    • garnetblue says:

      Good to hear from you and to receive feed-backs as well..
      Yes, I supposed English is essential at big events like these..
      Once you put your mind to study English, then it would be very easy,just have to find that motivation and love interest..hehehe..
      Just like Han Geng and crew / staff are doing this earnestly whenever they have the free time to attend the English class..!! This class even includes his two personal body-guards..hehehe!!
      I think they have big and ambitious plans ahead of them…
      They kept the new movie (Dr.Sun Yat-Sen) so closely to their hearts that it wasn’t leaked out until the director himself posted the pictures in his weibo..hehehe..
      Another movie to anticipate for…!!
      If the pace goes on like this, then we can expect one movie every year from Han Geng…
      P/S thanks for the info on Gengbar..just check it out and noticed that the Gengfans really wanted to study English’s like an English lesson for them. hahaha…!!

      • bristlegrass says:

        Hahahaha~~~~this is so cool!!!! Being a Gengfan makes us want to learn English more!!! I think we all learn different kinds of things in order to be a devoted Gengfan~~

      • mish says:

        Dear Garnetblue, more than one movie a year, I am sure. This year, we are seeing his JDWY in June, My Kingdom in August and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen in October in theaters. (hopefully same time in US too) I bet he would have another one in secret by end of year. I know he likes action movie, but I really wish he would join a musical type of movie, to combine his talents of dancing, singing and acting. Well, it is my wishful thinking. Fingers crossed…

  5. Do you blog these sorts of things as a professional or just as a amateur?
    They are good.

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