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In the previous post we saw and heard about the good deeds of GengRice and GengFans in the press conference of My Kingdom at Shanghai Film Festival.

In today’s post, we will see the other side of the story from the recipients of the gift-bags. This is one of the many news article written by one of the press who was at the conference.

There was one other reporter who quoted the three-day event like this…… 1st day it’s “The Judges Day”, 2nd day it’s “The Poster Day” and this 3rd day is definitely “The Han Geng’s Day!.” He dubbed the 3rd day as Han Geng’s Day.. heehee..!! I supposed that’s the way of how they looked at the festival. Maybe they have coding for each day of the festival, and since the 3rd day was the day of the press conference for MY KINGDOM  which also happened to be  the culmination of the 3-day festival to mark the opening of Shanghai International Film Fest of 2011, they did not expect to be “shell-shocked” by none other than the beloved GFs of Han Geng…hehehehe!! What they have experienced in the course of their work was rude fans, demanding and unreasonable. Sometimes, the seats which were provided for them were occupied by the fans of the artiste whom they were interviewing and on the top of that, the fans were even blocking the camera’s view to the extent that they couldn’t snapped pictures of the artiste in question. Some fans even went as far as to threaten the press with complaints to their bosses!!! So in this press conference, they were totally blown away by the conduct and kind gestures of GengFans…

Here is the news article which was written and published. It is actually a note by the reporter with the heading “GengFans Delivered Breakfast to Reporters” in the YangCheng Evening News.

Many reporters like to use Weibo (T/N: the micro blog in China) to deliver “live” entertainment reports that we are currently working on. A lot of yesterday’s Weibo headlines were “Gengfans” (Name of Han Geng’s fans). Nothing extravagant was done by them on this day, they simply delivered breakfast to the reporters who attended the <My Kingdom> press conference.

The press conference took place in the morning. Many of the reporters were already very sleepy and tired and attended with an empty stomach after working overnight for the past two days to prepare scripts for the press conference. Everyone was first attracted by a special “bouquet” placed outside of the press conference hall. If you look carefully, it is actually a “promotional board” made from red roses. In addition to the characters “My Kingdom”, there were also these two characters “Han Geng” made from yellow roses displayed on the edge of the board. Everyone already had a deep impression of “Gengfans” at the time. Unexpectedly, reporters were stopped by some beautiful young ladies right before they walked inside of the press conference hall. They handed us a small gift bag and gave a 90-degree bow, “Please take good care of Han Geng!”. Everyone was stunned and almost didn’t know how to react to it.

(Reporters) then went inside and sat down. They were feeling touched as they opened up the gift bag – a small well-packaged bag with beef jerky, candies, cookies as well as a note pad, two pieces of wet naps, a carton of coffee, a folding hand fan and a cartoon version of Han Geng sticker. “Yeah, have breakfast to eat!”, everyone started eating and drinking. “Han Geng, you are very loved!”. This is actually (our) first time receiving gifts from fans, thank you! Many fellow peers thanked “Gengfans” on Weibo. A “thank you” collectively sent by these somewhat cynical entertainment reporters who work at the “bottom” level in the showbiz industry is unprecedented.

The quality of “Gengfans” also gave everyone a deep impression. Just yesterday when we interviewed another idol, we almost could not complete our interviews in separate groups because fans were occupying our seats, blocking the cameras and even pushing each others. Just as we have lots of complain and anger, today, these few female fans who gave us the gift bags were consistently well-behaved by standing outside the doors and completely were not even thinking “to make friends” with the media in order to find ways to enter the press conference hall.

We are able to see the private side of stars to some degree and so we normally don’t understand fans’ craziness and royalty. For example, some fans would insanely “human search” for, make crank phone calls, faxes and mails to, and some “powerful” fans even do everything they can to “complain” to the boss of, the reporter who wrote a piece of unfavorable report on the idol. Many times, all these actions that they do only leave the reporters with a bad impression of the idol

The small gesture made by Han Geng at the press conference – during the open questions session today, he got up to personally hand the microphone to a reporter who complained of not having a microphone – as well as the behavior (T/N: or presentation) by “Gengfans”, Han Geng made an immediate good impression on the reporters. This is really just not only a breakfast meal (T/N: or This is simply not just a breakfast meal).

source: Yangcheng Evening News
shared by: sltan &
translated by:
Please take out with full credits.

Credits: as tagged on the pics and thanks to all

P/S Bristlegrass, I posted the pictures here. The ones you gave links to..hehehehe…

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  1. Mandy says:

    i feel so weird to read this here…oh well…

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Thanks a lot, Garnetblue! ^^ The third day is Han Geng’s day indeed! hehe…

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