Why Geng?

Han Geng is blooming these day..!!

Is he in love? hehehe..!!

Look at his happy glowing face..!

Something must be giving him that kind of countenance..!!

I have not seen this cheery face in a long while..

His complexion and his skin is just screaming with brightness and contentment. Notice the ear-stud, it is not his usual one with the initials HG (my logo)..he knows when and what is appropriate to wear at different functions and events..smart boy..!!

Another beautiful shot here

One more for your satisfaction..

Contented? Want more? Can’t have too much of Han Geng in one day, because he might cause you readers to swoon..or even a heart-attack !

These recent pictures of him taken in Hong Kong showed a Geng who  exuded with charm and confidence..!! No longer the shy and timid guy emerging from the cocoon but one with a  strong determination  and focus of the direction which he is embarking on..!! I am tempted to caress his cheeks….!! His cheeks are so smooth and succulent like a tomato, good to bite..!!

This little boy ran back to his mom and told his mother that Han Geng smells nice….! LOLS (After the photo-op with HG)

Han Geng mentioned that his trip to HK  to promote the movie Founding of a Party or The Beginning of A Great Revival, was to let the youth of today be aware of their own country’s history..He is using his place in history to influence them to take an interest in China’s past. I read somewhere in GengBar, a GF was so thankful that she is following HG because in one of her exams, there were questions on the 1911 Revolution, and she was able to answer correctly because in following HG, she also followed the history of China..hahaha…!! So she also learned about what happened to China those past years..LoLs WOW such a good motivation for the students of today and also such a handsome guy to “teach” about history..!! What good fortune ..!!

Another good news is that HG is #1 in the Star Power Index chart.! Compare the two charts within weeks of each other..

Then :

Market Value Chart of Artistes


Now :

I am not sure if these two charts are similar in nature. This latest one is the Star Power Index chart, so I wonder if both have the same function and carry some weight in the commercial industry. They seemed to be related in the market level.

Star Power = Market Value

I don’t know how the survey was conducted and on what criteria..So for example, HG is top in star power so this will in turn generate his market value..right? It is sort of co-related and co-paralleled with his status and popularity as a celebrity..! Anyone care to give some insights here..? hehehe…!

Anyway, what I know is that HG is now a force to be reckon with..! No more being underestimated nor being manhandled by the heavyweights in the industry..!! If they want HG, then they have to deal with HG on his terms, not theirs..!! hehehe…!! I like that..!!

Even the media and paparazzi have a taste of their own medicine…This paparazzi was “secretly” taking pictures of HG in one of HG’s airport trips. He was spotted by HG’s eagle-eyed bodyguard who let on to HG about the paparazzi.. What did HG do? He stopped, took out his mobile phone and started to snap pictures of the hidden reporter… After that HG & crew started “discussing” and laughing at HG’s photo-taking skills, I suppose, ….hehehe !! This is what I called ,< An Eye For An Eye>

Spotted < Caught Red-handed by Geng's BG>

Just you wait..!!


Here goes..! Snap, snap ,snap...click, click, click...!


Better zoomed in...hehehe..


See ! What I caught on camera..!!

This was the highlight of my day at that time…HG was so mischievous and pranking on the paparazzi.. His counter attack was just 1st class…!! And then this one takes the cake…!!

Bye-Bye, Thanks for playing with me..!! gotta go now..!

How can one be angry with Han Geng..? He is such a small boy and yet not small….!! How does one deal with stress ? With paparazzi? With scandals? With speculations? This is one very good measure taken by HG..he relieved his irritations and ire by doing what the reporter did to him…hehehe..Let’s play your own game..!! Don’t need to get exasperated just get even..!! hahaha..!!

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7 Responses to Why Geng?

  1. followurdestiny says:

    I noticed that too … at the promo event, he looks so *pretty*, cute, young, radiant, charming, handsome … and his smile — *to die for* XD…
    The little boy telling his mother that Geng smells nice — haha *squish* – so cute!

    ~happy, happy, happy~

  2. trueblue says:

    Yeah, I am just curious..is he in love..? His face is practically glowing with radiance..must be in love..definitely..hehehe…
    There was a girl taking a picture with him and she is so pretty and cute! The picture is not here….

  3. bristlegrass says:

    Oh~ My Pretty Pretty Boy!!!! My Lovely Boy!!! My Smart Boy!!!
    I am so distracted by him…I need to focus…

  4. Mish says:

    Well, HG did post the reporter,s picture in his weibo a few months ago when this happened, with comment : ” Mr. Reporter, you are working too hard,”. That was a very good picture. BG Yuku has good eyes!

  5. S2X says:

    Yeah, I noticed his glowing face in the Hong Kong event too…he looks so beautiful! Not that he usually isn’t but this time it was especially obvious. I don’t know if he’s in love, if he really has found someone that can make him radiate like this, then I’m happy for him. But I think it’s more due to the fact that he is happy for finally being able to fulfill his dream of being an actor. Not to mention he’s been resting quite a lot lately and his career is doing so well. I mean, everything just seems to be going right for him right now, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be happy.

    Aww the little boy telling his mom Geng smells nice is so sweet! I wonder what he smells like…what kind of perfume does he use? I hope I can get close enough to him to find out someday! :3

  6. valerine says:

    Happy geng, happy fans. That;s all i can say repeatedly.. there is so much funny stories to tell inside the cinema and outdoor interview. So charming as he always do. Another memorable thing for me to laugh of is the refusal of the little girl to kiss geng which asked by reporters in order for them to take photo… some in weibo humor tat, the little girl must be very shy and may regret in future, even some more to fantasy as if they were in the little girl’s place for geng to kiss (their ultimate goal and dream hehe….).. very lovely scene to look up. Love your blog abt geng. TQ

    • garnetblue says:

      Yeah I read it too.. That boy was so quick..he pecked HG on the cheek immediately when they were told to do so..but the little girl hesitated and refused to….hehehe..

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