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Like to share some video clips on Han Geng’s recent activities. His recent trip to Hong Kong to promote the movie Beginning of the Great Revival was well received and of  great success by the looks of it. HG also looked great, both mentally and physically. He has the extra level of charm and charisma which was never seen before….hehehe!!

The thing is, why was he picked to propagate a movie which he only has  a  cameo (of less than 20 seconds)? (Maybe there were others before him of which I wasn’t aware of.) Besides, HG doesn’t speak Cantonese and is not a native of Hong Kong and yet he was deemed suitable to do some promoting activities there. Look, his part in the movie was so short that if one were to blink at that moment, one could have missed him! So for him to promote a movie which he has little or no part in it showed how important and significant Han Geng is..!

He never allowed the reporters’ questions to stump him. He wasn’t intimidated at all, he came prepared..! When he was asked on his part in the movie, his answer was that he felt blissful, honoured and blessed to be able to take part in that movie irregardless whether his name was included or not in the credit list.!! Just to be in the movie was enough for him..


There is one thing that Han Geng has and that is – youth !

Youth = Vitality + Vigor + Vogue = Charm & Charisma

Not only that but  also HG’s high popularity, coupled with his ability to influence the youth. He is highly esteemed by his Gengfans, the media and the public alike. Presently, there are no serious or major scandals or stigma attach to his name. He has  a clean slate and is very much respected by the higher-ups in the industry..hehehehe..Because Han Geng held himself clear from  gossips and speculations. He does not indulged nor divulged in gossips or belittling others. He gives respect to all, irregardless of positions or ranks…! He gave respect to the paparazzi with certain conditions & limits. He knows that they have to make a living and as long as the rumours and gossips do not border on slander, he has no complain.

Right after the promoting event in HK, he flew to Shanghai to participate in the Dazzle Winter Fashion Show of 2011.


In HK, he made headline news..!! Whether print or TV media, he is mentioned…!!

Credits: As tagged in pictures and videos..Thank You..!

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6 Responses to Geng In Headlines News

  1. bristlegrass says:

    WOW~~~Thank you!!!!! 😀
    It’s a great collection and summary of Han Geng’s recent activity!!!

  2. S2X says:

    Why is it that everytime Han Geng appears on Hong Kong newspapers is the one day that my dad doesn’t buy them? And then my brother tells me that Geng must not be famous enough since he never appears on the newspaper…well, that’s because my dad doesn’t buy it when he does appear!

    But yeah, I still don’t understand why he was promoting that movie. There were so many big stars in it and a lot of them are Hong Kong natives like Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau, yet they made Han Geng fly all the way there to especially promote it? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Maybe they really want to attract the younger audiences and among all the people in the cast, Han Geng is the one who has the most influence on them these days. I think that is also the reason why his part didn’t get cut from the movie because to be honest, I watched the movie and his part wasn’t even important or relevant at all, they could have very well edited it out. His appearance was so short that when the movie finished, my brother was arguing with me about Han Geng not being in the movie because he didn’t see or noticed him lol!!! Not to mention the role he was playing, Deng Xiao Ping, didn’t even have to be mentioned because he wasn’t important yet during that period, he didn’t play any important part in that revolution. But that proves how important and influencial Geng has become! 🙂

  3. Mandy says:

    um…here is my guess as to why Han Geng was invited to promote the movie in HKG…

    On one HKG newspaper, the movie is being introduced as “Emperor Entertainment Group’s The Beginning of the Great Revival”. EEG is the management company of all the HKG actors and actresses who worked with Han Geng in The Stage of Youth. Of course the sharing session like the one Han Geng was invited to is not for big shots such as Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fat. Although HKG is geographically small but its market influence shouldn’t be underestimated. I would think Han Geng also wants to conquer the HKG (or Cantonese) market in addition to other Chinese (Mandarin) markets such as China and Taiwan.

  4. henny says:

    HII, i hope someone will put this Hangeng’s interview in Men’s Joker June 2011 issue here, i read it on
    It’s great interview….here the link
    and this too:
    (a book by Xie Nan and Da Zuo) Post Script by Xie Nan
    they talk many things about Hangeng and i just want to share it with more peoples.

    • mish says:

      Thanks, Henny. These two are really good reports. I read the chinese reports before. English ones are translated pretty well! does good job.

    • garnetblue says:

      Thnks Henny..
      Since you already gave the links to these interviews, I think that is sufficient as most of our readers are from and other Geng blogs…so I will leave it as it is..hehehe
      Thank you for your concern though…

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