As Time Goes By

Han Geng’s rise in popularity and his impact in the entertainment industry has been meteoric in just three hundred and sixty-five days…..and counting.!

It has been a phenomenal experience together with Han Geng. The journey was rocky at the start and quite wobbly as it progresses but never loses its focus and path. So by the time the year wraps up its journey of 365 days, so was HG’s determination and intentions.

Come  July 17/18 of 2011, it will (definitely) marked the official 1st anniversary of HG’s solo debut as  an entertainer of high calibre whose aim has always been perfection. Ironic as it may be, he does not have to sing about it, he proves it in his actions and deeds..!

Although I may not be like those GengFans from Mainland China, I do have my fair share of frenzied and heated arguments for the past year…..It was quite exhausting and exhilarating at the same time, in the course of defending Han Geng and in order for more (blinded) people to see the things that were unseen, I wrote about Han Geng trying to reveal the real HG which was hidden from the readers’ eyes..

Now as I look back on the past year, I realised that my fears were unfounded. I am just flabbergasted, astonished, amazed..etc (call it what you may) to see the stunning rise of HG in the entertainment industry, and see him taking his place among his peers and veterans in that field/arena. He has achieved what I called the impossible climb up the ladder of entertainment to where he is today. If I were to use the ladder as a measurement for his achievements and success, I would dare say that he is still on the second or third rung. He still has a long way to go. My reason for saying this is …Yes, Han Geng is popular but not well-known..He has not yet reached the level where his name is a household-name, where people can easily drop his name from their lips/mouths. I watched that video clip of HG leaving HK for Shanghai, and I noticed that people who were around him, who were also checking-in, did not know who he is..!!So it hit my mind, that HG is very popular BUT not known..!! Ordinary people, passers-by and  the general public have yet to be “educated” and “informed” that there is such a superstar called Han Geng….!! So our work to help propagate Han Geng is not yet over..!! He really need to have that breakthrough to make his name a household name..!!It will come, but I don’t know when..but I hope that it will be soon..maybe this year..!

For a recap of his concert – an introduction to his concert DVD. Get your own for your collections..!

Below is a news  excerpt on the new product that HG is endorsing..Xtep International Holdings Limited. This time the product is sportswear. This is in addition to his growing list of endorsements. He has casual wear like Yishion T-box,  health conscious drink like the MengNiu yogurt,  a shampoo brand called Royal Wind Shampoo (which I don’t know if it’s official or not because it wasn’t listed in his website as one of his endorsements) all under his belt. From online games to online shopping, that’s his range of endorsements products. From TianXia2 to…

So now as a Gengfan, let’s say if you are into sports, go to Xtep for a suitable sportswear. After a game of sports you might need to shampoo your hair so try out this shampoo, Royal Wind (mind you it’s royalty for you!). Then you might want to change into casual clothes like Yishion. For a night out entertaining or partying there is the upper line choices from you are thirsty at the party, go get a carton of MengNiu sour yogurt, and for hunger, go to MeiHua Dumplings. Then to wrap up the night play a game of TianXia2 to feel victorious by conquering the (virtual) world…!! hahaha…!!

Reasons why Xtep chose or picked Han Geng for their product..

Xtep International Holdings Limited , a leading fashion sportswear enterprise in the PRC, announced to name Chinese celebrity Han Geng as its brand representative under a two-year contract for its urban product series.

The signing ceremony was held today in Beijing. Through various popular promotional activities with Xtep as well as coverage of his music and movies by the internet and all kinds of media, Han will help increase the public awareness of the Xtep brand.

Han has gained high popularity in China and Southeast Asia and won various national major music awards, including “The best male singer” in the 10th CCTV-MTV Awards 2010, “The best mainland male singer” in the 15th Music Radio China Top Chart Awards, “The most popular newcomer” in the Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards, “All-round entertainer of the year” in the 18th Eastern Billboard Annual Awards and “Male singer of the year” in the Sina Network Awards. All these are remarkable achievements.

Han is also a superstar on the internet as his Sina micro-blog has attracted approximately 4.5 million fans and has approximately 100,000 members on Chinese social networking site He is one of the most active young celebrities in mainland China with a leading number of supporters on the net.

After officially becoming Xtep’s brand representative, Han will join a series of publicity campaigns of Xtep, with the first being the “Han Girl” selection, a screening open to the public. The winner will join Han in a photo shooting for Xtep’s posters. The news has been spread across micro-blog and other social media in mainland China, creating another “Xtep mania” on the internet.

Mr. Ding Shui Po, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xtep, said, “We are delighted to have Han Geng as one of our brand representatives. With his young and energetic image and his popularity across the media and the internet, Xtep will be able to further boost its brand awareness among our targeted customers. Han will also focus on publicity campaigns on the internet among other kinds of promotional activities. With the increasing popularity of micro-blog and other social media, we believe the popularity of celebrities on the internet and online promotions can help us reach a larger number of targeted customers. This innovative marketing strategy can further enhance our brand awareness and maximize its effectiveness.”

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9 Responses to As Time Goes By

  1. Mish says:

    I love this picture of the jeans ads. It shows off his beautiful body so well. Ha ha.
    Dear Garnetblue, I also noticed the airport scene in hong kong when he left and thought about the same thing. But then, I remembered some articles by Hong Kong Gengfans. Hong Kong is small and has many stars so HK people are used to see stars on the street. They normally act very cool around stars. That was why HK media were astonished when Geng visited HK and so many fans showed up. Also, HK people do not usually care for mainland stars too much due to language difference. I am sure that is why Geng was not recognized by many. To make his name a household name in HK, it could take a long time since he needs to build up some good works, unless he plays in some popular soap opera, which I just cannot see him do at this time. Well, his goal is becomIng a good actor, not a famous one. If he is not in a hurry, we can just follow and support him.

    • garnetblue says:

      Yes you got everything right in a nutshell… thanks for the additional clarifications..
      I remembered the time when I was into HK dramas, and I could almost know who is who in the TVB station and then there was the ATV station too…..and that was where I sharpened my Cantonese…hehehe…I was so good in Cantonese that I even able to argue in Cantonese…hahaha…
      Yes HG always wanted to be a GOOD ACTOR not a famous one.If he was after fame and fortune he could have joined a bigger company. A company that can spend money in promoting him and splashing his face all over the country…but that was not his goal…!
      Han Geng is simply a very ordinary guy..just the other day he rode a scooter to go for a photo session..?

      • Observer says:

        Geez..I can imagine how cool he will look on that scooter! He is getting more interesting. I am sure the scooter can come in handy to help him beat the Beijing traffic. I am confident Han Geng’s fame will spread once My Kingdom starts screening. International, go, go, Han Geng!

  2. followurdestiny says:


  3. Adawiyah says:

    I like when you put the daily live according to his endorsement 😀 HanGeng is toward his goal slowly but steady & that’s why he choose film so people will remember him generation by generation ^^

  4. shine says:

    hi guys..
    how is everyone?
    i see all your updates that’s all are amazing..but didn’t comment sorry for that..
    this post is so nice..
    there is so many news about our hangeng ..i’m so happy for him and what he had already achieved after being solo ..but it’s a bit hard to know all the news or the details even on weibo though i RE-twit some of them..especially if you don’t have a close friend to share news and stuff with TTTOTTT ..
    any way ladies today i saw han geng’s style look here i don’t know why..but he looks so handsome in my eyes what ever his look is ^___^ .

  5. bristlegrass says:

    Haha! Check out this weibo,
    This is a film distribution company, distributing Chinese movies in North America. They are asking if people in North America are interested in My Kingdom, as they have intention to introduce it into North America, and the release date would be the same as in China, but they are still hesitating now. Please spread this miniblog and leave comment under it if you want to watch My Kingdom in Canada or the US
    😀 Haha~~~finally, I may have a chance to watch it in theater!!!!

  6. fluimmege says:

    I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

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