[MV] The Theme Song of “My Kingdom” – Like a Dream by Han Geng

MV is OUT!!!

I always like his facial profile~~~

He can definitely tells stories with his eyes~

Ummm…this one, what happened before…what is going to happen next…what do you think~~~can be a scene you either really want to see or really not want to see~~~haha! 

Director Gao’s manuscript of this song

 Now, we can be sure that Director Gao is the composer and lyricist. He did it when he is behind bars…but I think it can be a good time for him to do some self-reflection and produce some good songs. As news said, “this Like a Dream song maintains Gao Xiaosong’s style of warm blood and sentiment, but also brings in chivalry and belief expressed in the movie My Kingdom…Han Geng said, when he was looking at the lyrics and singing in dim light in the recording studio, the joys and sorrows, separations and reunions in this movie, have all come across his mind. He said, in order to feel worthy of his own first movie, he read almost one hundred of scripts,  finally chose My Kingdom, because the idea expressed in this movie “to act hero’s life on stage, to be a hero in life off stage” is exactly what he pursues in his own life. “

I believe this is going to be a really good movie! As always, I trust Han Geng’s judgement!!!

Really my personal thoughts: Gao Xiaosong used to be one of my favourite musicians when I was still a young student, but…anyway, glad to see he finds himself again~  


About bristlegrass

I think this is the right place for me to write my introduction~~~ Hopefully, I am right this time! As Pinetree introduced, I am a devoted fan of Han Geng (Gengfan). I am from China, except for my nationality, my love for Han Geng and purpose for joining here would the same as Pinetree's! So, I will refer this part to Pinetree's self-introduction...Yeah, I know, I am lazy~~~and I am still learning the blogging skills~~~I hope I would be able to change this part sometime later T.T ^^ Say Hello to Everyone Who Can See Me Here~~~
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21 Responses to [MV] The Theme Song of “My Kingdom” – Like a Dream by Han Geng

  1. trueblue says:

    Thanks again B’grass for another update..
    We never know what life has in store for us but we can be on the alert and don’t fall into temptations..I sincerely hope that Han Geng too will continue to be on the alert and mindful of all those “friends” he has accumulated along the way..I am hoping that he will not be influenced by “bad connections” and be able to uphold himself uprightly..In a nutshell..I want him to be sensible at all times..hehehehe…!!

  2. trueblue says:

    Oh by the way the so called “steamy” scene, I don’t think there is anything to it..it may just be a little trick on the part of the directors..It’s more than meets the eye…
    But if ever there is such a scene then I would say this…Han Geng has it all….in just one movie and his very 1st one too…!! But I hope not because it might be censored and rated not fit for children..his movie has to reach all levels of society in order for the little fans to watch it..know what I mean? hehehe…!!

    • S2X says:

      Well, according to some sources, there is going to be a sex scene between the two of them and we can kind of see it in the short trailer released in the theatres. But I’m just not sure how explicit it’s going to be lol! I don’t think it’s going to be that “steamy” though, it seems like it’s going to be more emotional than sensual so it should be ok. What I’m curious about is the relationship between the 2 of them…not sure if they’ll really like each other or if there will be other intentions behind it. Can’t wait for August to come so I can go watch it and find out!

  3. shine says:

    life is full of surprises – it’s strikes good or bad without alert ..the lucky & smart one who can handle the incoming with calmness & an open mind.
    hey guys ..
    bristlegrass…i was wondering of this picture with chinese words and numbers means when i saw it on weibo hours ago..
    but didn’t have the strength to ask they guys up there
    now you made it clear for us..so thanks girl or lazy girl ..hehe<3 ..
    BTW..those gifs are XDDDDD ..
    hope everyone can made a benefit for his acts from seeing the others mistakes.
    that way the mistakes won't happen again to anyone ..
    thanks a lot for all of you ..specially my dearest sister Ma…oh you know who you are..
    looking forward for the next update..thanks again for the third time i guess heh.

  4. Observer says:

    I am glad Han Geng took his time to choose his script. My Kingdom will certainly help him make an impact in the film industry.
    And thanks to everyone here who consistently provide the updates – it is like water to quench the thirst for news of Han Geng.

    • mish says:

      Yes. In today’s news, Han Geng said that he read almost 100 movie scripts and finally chose this movie to be his first movie, because the movie’s main theme “To be a hero of life on stage. And to be a hero off stage in life.” is what he always pursues. He is very careful in choosing his works so each work has some meanings in his life.

  5. trueblue says:

    I have listened to both versions, the “live” and the MV..and I noticed one thing, his voice is exactly the same as when he sang “live”. The only difference was in the locations ; one can hear the screams and noises of the open-spaced stadium compared to the studio..The tempo, the pitch and the strength of his voice are carbon-copy of each other..!!
    No wonder Han Geng’s detractors always accused him of lip-syncing…they can never differentiate his “live” and studio singing..hehehe…
    No surprise here for me because he is a perfectionist and everything he does must be perfect by his standard..

    • mish says:

      Dear Trueblue, Geng’s many live performances before were too good that some jealous people accused him of lip-syncing. So gengfans often kept record of his live performance when he sang one word wrong or when he was interrupted by fans for proof. But I am not really sure that this TV broadcast singing is live. For a few reasons. This performance and the MV is kind of last minute thing. He recorded the song just a day or two before. And the MV team spent 10 hours putting it together on the day of the show. The plan was to release the MV on stage but it was cancelled right before the performance. Also, many said that the program’s sound system had problem on site receiving singer’s voice (from the performances before HG). So it is possible that Geng sang live in the stadium, but the program put out MV’s voice in broadcast, or the promotion team did not have time to prepare for live when MV is suddently cancelled. No matter what, his performance was successful and made more people know about the movie.

  6. mish says:

    This song is very addictive. From the arrangement of the lyrics, I think Gao had first intended for both male leads to sing. So at first I thought the music is a little too plain for one singer. However, Han Geng had interpreted this song so well that this dream like song really touches my heart. The more I listen, the more the movie story is connected in my mind. It feels like watching an impressionist art.

  7. onepinetree says:

    Han Geng sings from the heart, which is very important quality for a greater singer. He might not be an excellent singer at this time, but he will be one some day, no doubt.
    By the way I am BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to invest at least one hour on Han Geng everyday. Otherwise, my crazy life will drive me crazy. I need a BREAK and Han Geng is my BREAK!! 🙂

  8. bristlegrass says:

    My Kingdom will be in theaters on August 12 in North America!!!

    • Mandy says:

      YES YES YES! But I wonder how China Lion is going to organize the premiere in different cities. Premiere is supposed to mean 1st public showing right?!? NY in the morning, LA and SF at night?

      As of now and in my opinion, Han Geng sings from the heart. He has to improve his vocal technique to reach the professional level. I remember one veteran music critic says that it is more important to deliver the meaning of the song than to play around technique. And technique can be built over time!

  9. Adawiyah says:

    Thanks for the post, im like shine too didn’t understand the number & words they forward in weibo, now I understand it, thank you again. After the release of the song it always keep playing in my head, I really love the melody though I don’t know the meaning of it. HanGeng really sing the song the way the lyrics goes. May I ask, when he sing at the China Talent show, I spot in the middle of the song the song is playing but HanGeng put away the mic only a min then he seem to realise and sing with it. Is it the back singer sing the middle of it? Coz I know HanGeng voice is live that night or is it because of live stream? Sorry I ask this coz i keep seeing it in other clips also. For NA fans congratulation becoz all of you have a chance to see My Kingdom and maybe have a chance to meet HanGeng too.

    • bristlegrass says:

      Here are two fancam video clips ^^ you can judge by yourself~ I don’t know about how the broadcast worked, but I know Han Geng would never fake singing in this way.

      Leave some irrelevant comments here ^^ Han Geng replied Director Gao’s miniblog post (actually posted by his assistant), “Director is not here, many things become very difficult…” If we know Han Geng well, we would know he rarely says anything difficult unless it is extremely difficult. As a Chinese gengfan, since My Kingdom got into promotion period…I have to say, we can literally feel how difficult it is, not only because the director is not here…We know the actual situation is even much more difficult, perhaps only Han Geng and Director Gao could deeply feel it, and the song tells some sentiment… I don’t want to speak too much here~ I just want to say, Han Geng devotes himself to this movie, his heart, his sweat, his blood…and he did really good job!!! Nothing can and should cover his glory and glow! It’s time for him to shine like an authentic movie star!!! Gengfans, please support!!!

      • garnetblue says:

        I don’t really know the real situation in China, especially the entertainment field..but what I know from my own knowledge of years ago, is this, there is “corruptions & connections” . To be in this industry, one needs to play the field….you know what I mean.
        From the way I look at it, Han Geng wants an even playing field, where everyone is judge on their own merits and not on connections or powerful backers.He knows that it is impossible in this industry but he tries his best by keeping himself above reproach without indulging into all those underhand gimmicks and tricks and unmerited propaganda. He wants to make a difference.
        To him fame and fortune is not his ultimate goal. His success depends on his satisfaction of his own works. As long as he feels that he had done his utmost and best, then he deems that he is successful. He competes with himself and not with the others.
        He only feels the burden for others and I think that to a certain extent, he may be “worried” for the outcome and the result of the movie his very first which may break or make him ! He knows that he has a lot of critics.. For himself, he had done his best in the movie and the rest is up to the public and the detractors..So now calling on all Gengfans and Gengrice to come out in full force to show our strength and support for HG..just like before..Let’s show them what Geng and Gengfans/rice can do..Together we can make it happen..Jia you!!

      • Adawiyah says:

        Hope all this situation won’t bother him toomuch. All we can do is to support him and cheer him. We all do understand the situation but now we all have to focus on bringing My Kingdom to a success, and also his upcoming movie & album. I will support him the way he want us to be. Thanks bristlegrass for the clips 😀

  10. Tiffany says:

    Watching the MV, & reading different fan sites/blogs on HG. I can literally feel the excitement in the air, though physically sitting at home. Hahaa!! This movie is going to propel his career to the next level. Am beyond excitement now!! What can I say? He is just too precious.

  11. Observer says:

    With all the buzz around My Kingdom, I am sure it will become a success. Han Geng is not new to troubling obstacles in his career. His solid resilence will see him through. It is good that he is able to express his concerns and does not act tough. At least he is honest to himself.
    Han Geng, even though you are far away, but in spirit, I am rooting for you. Can’t wait for My Kingdom to hit the shore.

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