GengFans Unite..!!

Han Geng is determined to chase his dreams which were first realised when he was a young boy..! Today he is still pursuing those dreams..!

It was not a smooth road for him to reach this far. It was peppered with trials and hardships as every GengRice and fan should know by now. Yet Han Geng is pushing his way through without powerful backers or financiers who readily opened up their coffers for his projects or ventures. He read over a hundred scripts in just one year alone since his break-away from the old company. He settled on this particular movie script, “My Kingdom” which portrays a young man who lost his parents early in life and seeking vengeance in adulthood. In this movie, it also portrays him as a hero on-stage and off-stage which is what he is in real life. He looks at life as one big great adventure and with the expectancy of childlike innocence.

His very first movie which he has such high hopes on and with all his energy poured out to make it a memorable one for his beloved fans who waited for him to fly away into the unknown wide world, has hit an unsuspected snare. During this time when promotions should have started for the movie, the director was not around to supervise or conduct the various activities associated with its premier.( I don’t have to elaborate on this here). Knowing Han Geng’s character, he won’t make a big fuss about it publicly..but he did show his concern through his latest entry on micro-bo..on July 13.


(Director isn’t around. A lot of things have become  difficult)

No matter how good a movie is, it needs to be promoted on a wide and huge scale as much as possible. With the unfortunate incident of the director missing in action, we GengFans/Rice need to rise up to the occasion and start doing our part wherever we are and whatever we can…We can’t let Han Geng down, especially not  his very 1st movie…!

This movie has to make a positive impact on the minds of the general public…! The movie (Beginning of a Great Revival) which HG was in had already put him in the buzz of peoples’ lips. Now, we have to make his name stuck on their lips permanently…We have to go all out to help him get notice as an up and rising actor..! So we beseech you guys to do whatever you can to help promote < My Kingdom>

Let us not ask questions like ..where are the fans of the other two leads of the movie.. or why are they asking us, GFs,  to help with the promotions especially in N.A. Probably they look up to GFs because we are reliable..? Let us combine our efforts and help. I don’t know what I can do because we don’t get the movie here in Philippines. So I was thinking if we can be of some help by sponsoring some other GengFans who want to go but can’t because of financial constrains..hehehe..!! We can do this collectively as a group or individually..I am only making my personal suggestions so please do not feel obliged to comply…hehehe… I feel so inadequate because I can’t go watch the movie..hehehe..!!

A little peek into the back-stage preparations of HG’s opera make-up

Can you feel his zeal? His efforts? His patience? His tolerance of the paint on his face and he can’t let his tears fall because they will smudged his make-up? That’s how professional he is. He doesn’t want to give more trouble than necessary to the make-up artist..! He said he can bear with it..see him blinking his eyes..? It’s smarting..!

Let us combine our forces and help propagate this movie to the best of our ability..

My Kingdom International Release dates:

USA/Canada – Aug 12, 2011

New Zealand – Aug 18, 2011

Malaysia – Aug 25, 2011

Singapore – Aug 25, 2011

Australia – Aug 25, 2011

Taiwan – Aug 26, 2011

cr. My Kingdom’s facebook

Check out where the movie will be shown in your respective countries and cities….!


Credits: thanks to all those whose works I am using here..YT and picture..Without your works, this post would be too plain..!! hehehe!!

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15 Responses to GengFans Unite..!!

  1. bristlegrass says:

    O(∩_∩)O~ Haha!
    I’m planning my Han Geng movie tour now~~~~

  2. garnetblueg says:

    sorry guys, this sentence is supposed to be not hehehe my mind was thinking of the word “unexpected “but my fingers were typing “unsuspected”.. I only realised this when I re-read the whole article again today…..hehehe..!!
    Too lazy to edit it so I just make some corrections here..
    Hope you guys can support him in whatever way you can..
    Haven’t seen the movie being promoted on variety shows yet..very sad..!!

  3. Mandy says:

    I flew to beijing alone to just attend your concert one year ago. Now I can’t wait until My Kingdom’s first screening in the US on 8/12! And I am ready to help as soon as China Lion starts the local promo here.

  4. S2X says:

    It’s really so unfortunate that such a thing happened to director Gao Xiao Song right before the promotions of the movie started, I was hoping the incident wouldn’t affect the movie that much but I guess it did. Things never seem to go smoothly for Geng, does it? Without the proper promotions, will My Kingdom be able to achieve success? I really wanna do something to help promote the movie, but seems like China Lion Film is only making plans for the US, they are not even asking for help from Gengfans in Canada, so I don’t know what I can do for it. 😦

    • valerine says:

      Supposely there should be efforts planning in Canada, but maybe something came up so no news abt it. Actually, there is many can do for hangeng’s 1st movie like internet promotion for My Kingdom (through social media etc). i usually surf at weibo, and gengfans really working smth for hangeng. How about TWITTERr? Any news abt My kingdom coming to US? Are the ppl well acknowledge tat the movie will be out in US? How about if Canada gengfans share their opinion and express how they feel about this movie and envy those who can watch the premier once it is released.

      • S2X says:

        Oh trust me, I did all of that already. I’m from the staff and we have done everything we possibly could, like creating that petition that helped bring DWS to North America and now we’re planning group meet ups from each city to go watch the movie together. We have been promoting this movie on twitter and facebook as much as we can. But as fans, there is only so much we can do. I just feel a bit frustrated that there are no efforts coming from the movie distribution company’s side and they are asking for our help at this point of the game. They don’t seem to know what they’re doing! I mean, they’re supposed to be advertising the movie in all forms of media to try to reach the general public because I think that’s what counts. The number of fans are limited here in North America, so if we are the only ones going to watch the movie, then it won’t make that much of an impact. Canada has a huge Asian population but they seem to be taking that for granted because they’re only asking for volunteers in the US. If they do have plans for Canada, this is the time to start using it. The movie premiere here is less than a month away so if they don’t start now, I don’t see the point of doing anything later on.

    • valerine says:

      yes, i get your frustration. I wonder why they didnt get the premier in Canada as well. from website chinalion film distribution work on in area of North America, Australia/ NZ right? Maybe they did not have any distribution film right in Canada. Maybe others company in charge for such movie distribution. you all did great and would like to express appreciation with you guys help. Actually i only acknowledge as HG’s international fan club, may be other club exist which we may overlook. Wish those who working on something can have a bit sharing on what they did. Million thanks to all hard work

      • S2X says:

        Oh China Lion Film is the distributor of the film in Canada as well. The movie is coming to Canada but they are just not planning on promoting it in a big scale like they’re planning on doing in the US. 😛

    • Mish says:

      S2x, a cadian gangfan asked ChinaLion on weibo and they welcome Canadian Gangfans help as well. Anyone interested should email them at and they would send you posters. I am guessing the plan is to post the posters where people might be interested, for example, Chinese (korean) supermarket, Chinese schools, china town, colleges, etc. Actually, I suggested them to send press releases to local major and free newspapers, especially Chinese and Korean supermarkets, and also contact Chinese student communities. But they do not have information. That is why they need help from Gangfans. Since this movie is really a young people,s movie, it would be great if Gangfans can spread the info to student groups. Asian students and students who are studying Chinese might be interested. What do you think?

    • valerine says:

      my friend,

      according to china lion in weibo, there is My Kingdom premier in Vancouver and Toronto in August 19 2011. Please invite ppl to go to cinema and celebrate it !! Anyone can read chinese , this is the address . best thing is whole and none of the scenes are cut throughout the movie. wow , so lucky !!! yeah ~

      • valerine says:

        sorry about the mistake in my previous reply about premier in Canada and all that. those info is for other movie also distribute under china lion and their date of premier is so close and i misread about the post. sorry… Do what you can do to help out, or the least can do is pray for him and wish him all the best.

  5. Observer says:

    Oh dear….. filming has ended half a year ago and oughtn’t they have planned the promotion schedule long ago? Maybe Han Geng and Wu Chun could take the initiative to travel and promote the film in various countries. Han Geng would benefit from more overseas media exposure to create awareness of him and the show for new overseas fans.

    • valerine says:

      the distribution company did express they will try to get hangeng to travel to promote. But all down to arrangement and collaboration from many parties to work it out. This is hangeng 1st movie and he may feel a bit pressure and nervous at these time because he put a lot of efforts in it and his respectful director not around who is the bone of this movie ( this is Director Gao’s 3-4 years hard work and his vision and his status really influence this movie later promotion). Hopefully promotion team work something out and wish them luck. They did however ask for gengfans’ help in LA movie distribution, no further news abt it.

      Not to say to HG need to create huge chao after this movie but this movie is special for him and he wish the very best of My Kingdom (think most great actor would wish like this). Furthermore, fans’ support definately the backbone of artist and HG know it by heart. Here to say wish the best, work the best, whatever outcome it is , will accept it and moving forward.

      • Observer says:

        Thks Valerine. I guess we are all very anxious for New Kingdom to succeed. It is critical that they do not miss this opportunity as everyone has put exceptional efford for this film. Han Geng has reached another pressure point in his career now. I think this is God’s on-going plan to mould him and prepare him for even greater things. Hold on to your dreams, Han Geng!

  6. garnetblue says:

    Dear friends, thank you all for your concerns and your efforts in helping to promote this movie on behalf of HG..(bow) I really appreciate all that you have done. I can see and feel the love and unity here..a very big “THANK YOU”
    I know you have all worked very hard especially those in…
    let us just do what we can and leave it to fate or whatever you may call it..
    Maybe, this is the road that HG has to walk on..nothing is handed to him on a silver we may have to accompany him all the way…hehehe…
    Again thanks…!!

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