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In the previous post, I did ask for the help of GengFans to promote Han Geng’s 1st movie <My Kingdom> and many of you have responded in your own way..

It shows that we are truly concern for Han Geng and want to help him be recognized in the Western Hemisphere especially the continent of N.A…hehehe..

Many of you gave ideas and suggestions and I would especially like to dedicate a special post for it so that it won’t be lost in the comments’ page..

As per info from our reader Mish, this is what she has to say..:

S2x, a Canadian Gengfan asked ChinaLion on weibo and they welcome Canadian Gengfans help as well. Anyone interested should email them at and they would send you posters. I am guessing the plan is to post the posters where people might be interested, for example, Chinese (Korean) supermarket, Chinese schools, ChinaTown, colleges, etc. Actually, I suggested them to send press releases to local major and free newspapers, especially Chinese and Korean supermarkets, and also contact Chinese student communities. But they do not have information. That is why they need help from Gengfans. Since this movie is really a young people’s movie, it would be great if Gengfans can spread the info to student groups. Asian students and students who are studying Chinese might be interested. What do you think?


So that is one way of helping to promote <My Kingdom> ..

If anyone of you are interested and would like to help, please take note of the email address …thank you..

That’s what I like about GengFans, we are all like-minded when it comes to Han GEng..hehehe…He is like a “project” to which we were assigned to and have to complete in record time…hehehe..!!

So guys, it’s up to you on how you can best help with this..

The best I can do is to make posts or re-posts of the related news as this is what I have access to at the moment. I just use what I have which is …this blog…forhangeng.. to help propagate. Meantime, please bear with me for making these kind of posts presently. This is what I can contribute at the current situation..hehehe…!! Thank You

And here is the newest trailer for <My Kingdom>. Listen to what Mr. Andre Morgan has to say..

Once again, thank you for reading this article…


Credits : as tagged in the video..greenteamilk@yt..thank you

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37 Responses to How You Can Help

  1. Observer says:

    Han Geng and Wu Chun appeared on the cover of a Teenage magazine in Singapore for August. It hailed My Kingdom as ‘this year’s hottest martial arts film!’. My 12-year-old girl went to school this morning with the magazine, talk to her friends about Han Geng and now three of them is interested to watch the show…hehehe…!

  2. bristlegrass says:

    Thank you for posting this article, Garnetblue!!!
    Given My Kingdom will not be shown in my city, I think I will help promotion on Internet as much as I can and go to watch My Kingdom in different other cities for my summer vacation ^^
    I am wondering if there is any widely recognized English website for movie fans discussing movies…I think there are many Kungfu movie fans in the West, gengfans may be able to promote this movie there and write reviews about it later, so Han Geng may break into the sight of kungfu movie fans as well…

    • mish says:

      Dear Bristlegrass, same idea here. I checked a few movie sites, like or fandango or, but My Kingdom is not listed yet.

      • Mandy says:

        I did that too. Just a few hours ago during lunch, I physically stopped by the AMC which is going to show My Kingdom in my city here and asked a sales associate for the next independent film from China. His computer didn’t show anything and asked me to check the website. So I guess, AMC hasn’t updated the film yet or China Lion hasn’t provided the info to AMC.

  3. rizkahangeng says:

    how about Indonesia??

    • mish says:

      Hi, Rizka. There is no info about Indonesia (and Thailand) yet. Maybe you can ask DWS facebook or weibo DWS producer. Best wish..

  4. Garnetblue!!! thank you for posting that.

  5. mish says:

    As you know, China Lion is distributing My Kingdom in US and Canada at AMCs on Aug 12.
    I just saw on their facebook that they are recuiting help. Details see below.

    Great News! China Lion is recruiting PAID volunteers to help the local promos of 3D SEX & ZEN and MY KINGDOM in Hawaii, Boston, Washington D.C, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Dallas, Austin and Sacramento. If you’re very interested in Chinese movies and passionate to be part of us, please send your info. to​m.

    According to their weibo, anyone who likes to help promoting in Canada market can also contact Vivi Ren of China Lion at .

  6. S2X says:

    Mish, thanks for letting me know about it. I already e-mailed China Lion Film, just waiting for their reply now. I hope more fans will volunteer too. 🙂

  7. valerine says:

    In my cities, there is a few option for cinema, the biggest one should go to Golden Screen cinema (GSC), they got their website for online info and ticketing. However, i notice tat many websites build for such movie screening info and writing simple review after watching the movie. Should we also gather our photo of movie ticket and share with ppl through blog, fb, twitter etc? Will follow up the GSC for further details.

  8. Adawiyah says:

    I already post this article to get help from oversea fans. I hope My Kingdom will have a great success in Us & Canada ^^

  9. Mandy says:

    Showtimes for My Kingdom are now available on and I was surprise to see some good showtimes unlike Beginning of the Great Revival that had showtimes at 11 am and 4pm when most of the people would be at work. BUT HAN GENG ISN’T listed as one of the cast members!!! This is ridculous period.

    • mish says:

      Thanks, Mandy. It took me a while to find it because the search function on the site is not working. You must go to movie list to find it. Then search by zip code of theaters to see the showtime. I have suggested to China Lion to update their website to add information for My Kingdom, especially the list of theaters that will be showing this movie. Well, I saw on their weibo that My Kingdom trailer will be shown in these theaters starting today!
      I found that all movies introduction section in AMC website show only 4 actors name under cast list. My Kingdom lists the two senior actors who play the operat masters first then Da S and Wu. I guess poor Geng’s name may be the next one but is not showing on the website.

      • Observer says:

        What? Did those fellas just got back from outer space. Han Geng is one of the main leads if not the main, and he was hit, slapped, kissed, bedded and for all these, they didn’t even mention his name. Andre Morgan should do something about this. So ridiculous!!!

      • valerine says:

        …suggested to China Lion to update their website to add information for My Kingdom, especially the list of theaters that will be showing this movie. I agree with ur opinion tat the list of theaters is very important. It would come in handy if any interested and love to know which theaters is showing My Kingdom in their neighbourhood, may attract random movie fans or even make it more public to everyone. I think the news about Hangeng’s 1st ever movie My Kingdom is not spread out very well because i got feedback from YT like she (i guess is she) didnt acknowledge My Kingdom will be air in North America. So, still figure out how to make efforts in spreading news (help in promotion), the least can do spread news and have sharing…

    • valerine says:

      now enter and still figure out how it works. Anyone who is familiar how it works in here, welcome to email me If there any gengfans at that site, please tell me. Even i worry it;s a bit late, but never too late to do what you want to do at this hour. Jia you!

      • Mish says:

        Dear valerine,
        1. Go to
        2. On top, click “find a movie
        3. Go to bottom, click  ” view all now playing”
        4. Go to bottom, click page 4
        5. Click ” my kingdom” movie
        6. On the right, Enter zip code and change date to Aug 12 or after to search show time.

  10. valerine says:

    HIs hot scene with Da S is shown in headline of HK newspaper, hope that pays off. Because people will remember this image after this(such impact). However, i have great confidence with the necessary of this scene in this movie, actor hangeng knew what he did. Hope everything come into great shape. Jia you !! About, anyone ever write review and know how to write good review. best wishes gengfans!

  11. Ella says:

    Don’t know if this is the right place to reply, but I went on weibo, and it seems like the movie is not coming to Canada? This is the first time I have heard about AMC, so I’m assuming it is only in the US. Anyone who has any updates please reply!!

    • Mish says:

      See my answer below please.

    • Mandy says:

      I just went to chinalion’s weibo to read about it. What a shocking news! Apparently My Kingdom has not received some type of “paperwork” for screening.
      The above are just partial postings I copied from China Lion’s weibo. It reads, “Whenever it is being shown in China, it will be shown at the same time in the US and Canada…”
      “Premiere is postpone for North America and China…But it is certain that it can be screened on August 12th…”

      Why does this have to happen to Geng Geng’s debut film?!?!?!?

      • Mandy says:

        sorry typo…“Premiere is postpone for North America and China…But it is certain that it CAN’T be screened on August 12th…”

  12. Mish says:

    Ella, if you can read Chinese, you can go to china lion,s weibo. According to weibo, My kingdom will be shown in Toronto and Vancouver. Toronto theaters: Yongee &dundas 24, Winston Churchill 24, and Kennedy commons 20. Vancouver theaters: Silver city riverport, Silver city choquitlum, Station square and international Village by Cinaplex..

    However, China lion said that the movie might be delayed in Us and Canada. They are still waiting for a permit. They will let people know soon. Keep fingers crossed.

    • Ella says:

      I think September 9th would be the official official date now! Anyways, I just searched up My Kingdom on the cineplex website, but no results turned up 😦 Plus I received an e-mail back from China Lion about how I can help with the promotions, but all they said was to like their fb page haha 😛

  13. valerine says:

    i did found movie review website, seems quite popular in US (found it in movie review which published on newspaper) . Here is the website: Scroll down to the bottom of page, you will notice the theater list. Just simply info sharing. thanks.

  14. garnetblue says:

    Thank you GFs for al the updates here..
    Let us look at this as a blessing in disguise..
    All for the sake of one sweet guy..hehehehe…

  15. valerine says:

    i dunno what to say about the postpone… speechless… i really wish hangeng’s debut in movie smoothly done.. a bit nervous of some of GF because the promotion done by them is go on with all printing date as Aug 12. But, they will not give up, this is just another challenge to fight through and support geng forever.

    The rest is my personal opinion, i’m kind of offended to see a reply abt one cinema’s weibo mention the possibility of premier date postpone. feel like putting all the bate on fans support, and claim if fans fail to hold up the box office, then this movie reaching the end. i know there is risk, and tat is reality. however, the written lines really pissed off ppl. Ppl have the right to worry, things to consider with such changes, do they really not aware their response kind of dissapointing without any encouragement?

    The box office require many parties to make it success, cant just rely on fans’ support and promotion. Anyway, still go on all the efforts and wish the best.

  16. S2X says:

    This is so disappointing, I seriously can’t believe in this! I’ve never heard of such a ridculous, unprofessional and incompetent production team! How could they not have gotten the permit to show the movie and only find out about this weeks before the movie premiere? Who does that??? And all the official promotions such as trailers and TV programs have already announced it will premiere on August 12, what are they gonna do now? And all the efforts that GFs have spent spreading the words is just being wasted. If they postpone this to September, a lot of kids will be back to school already and might not have time to go watch it, I don’t know what the heck they were thinking!!! This is so messed up, I’ve never seen a movie take this long to be released! Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that Geng is in this movie, they could lose money for all I care!

  17. Observer says:

    Ah…. what an anti-climax! I think the permit issue is just a lame excuse. My Kingdom is not the first film released by China and yet what the heck is this. The whole matter is probably more than what meets the eyes. A lot of people are also taking Gengfans for granted. This is so exasperating….
    I cannot imagine how Han Geng is feeling now……………:(

  18. Mish says:

    Han Geng is on the way to Germany for Audi cup now. Ha ha. Audi weibo is going to report his trip. Haha. It would be interesting to follow him to the auto and football world. Wish him enjoy a fun trip. He sure deserves it after his hard work.
    About the change of premier schedule, lets learn from HG – be calm and realistic and face the obstacles with grace and optimism. At this time, the film official has not announced the change yet. They must want to make sure this time before announcement, so lets wait patiently for another few days. It is not unusual for films to change release date. Actually, there are many films never get to movie theaters or gets pulled in a few days. Looking from this point, it may not be a bad thing for My Kingdom to delay a few weeks so there are more time for promotion, especially with H potters as competitor in China. Unconfirmed source said that it would be Sep 9 and that would be a good time since it is moon festival long weekend in Asia and students would be off. And it would be wonderful if they unify the priemier date to the same for other countries. More Gengfans would be rejoiced. There are many possibilities but negotiations take time so let’s just wait until they settle everything and do an announcement.

  19. valerine says:

    I’m sorry if i left the msg with anger and unaware if i did miss out the promotion by other efforts as well. just i hope, prefer more encouragement from others to support local film compare to release lines (stand on wall, predict this and that). ll not let these response overwhelm me, and just focus what can do to go on. geng will do his best. geng at german, tat’s really great !! support My Kingdom!

    best luck to all. think positive and gambate!

  20. valerine says:

    according to My Kingdom official weibo, announce the date postpone of My Kingdom premier from AUG 12 to Sept 9. Appreciate continuous effort to keep on promoting My Kingdom, no matter what kind of obstacle occur, face it and go on, things happen for reason. Just keep on the efforts and keep faith to work it out. Love the new article, when you see such smile from HG, it worth it and remember what exactly ur purpose to support him, wish him happy always.

  21. Ella says:

    I just saw in the Plem magazine an ad for My Kingdom! Was it any of you guys? I sent an email to China Lion Films, but no response so far. Anybody receive the promotional posters yet?

    • valerine says:

      i’m not the one u looking for but ur response definately ring a bell to me abt the promotional tru magazine, any kind of entertainment magazine including those introduce movie one. if i’m not mistaken, there should be one site to involve fans participation article , aware tat if it publish or not is by luck.. but it worth to try, why not?? thanks for sharing… juz now checking the site of GSC cinema if they did renew premier date of My kingdom, so far none changes were made, already email them (ask them the date). All the best… keep up the good work

  22. Sarah says:

    I saw a poster on the TTC (Toronto subway) promoting screenings of the movie My Kingdom!

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