Cars & Geng In Munich

Something to lighten the mood ….

Posting some fresh pictures of Han Geng who is currently in Europe, spending Euro and not RMB..hehehe…. According to unofficial news, he will be there for five days…He will spend two days at the games, Audi Cup and the rest of the days are no need to dig for any information aside from the ones posted in his weibo..

Hope his English lessons come into good use for this trip or maybe he is speaking German..who knows…!! kekeke..

Just for curiosity’s sake, what kind or model of cars, do you think fit Han Geng’s current image and style..? Audi or Benz? Or BMW? Han Geng seems to go for the luxury here is a list of German cars which you might think fits his personality..!

Let us start with…

A = Audi,

B = BMW, Mercedes-Benz,

O = Opel,

P = Porsche

V = Volkswagen..







So after looking at these models, what’s your choice?

Let’s see what’s Han Geng’s choice..(pictures from Munich)

Hope he has some good news for Gengfans when he returns..He is having ….Pleasure in Munich, Germany..

Maybe at a later date, we could see new photos coming out from Germany especially in magazines for cars..? Eh..who knows what’s he is keeping secret..hehehehe..!!

Credits : as tagged in pictures..


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3 Responses to Cars & Geng In Munich

  1. valerine says:

    good to see geng have fun after all the hard work… he seems enjoy his time in football match, wish the rest of trip is well enjoy by him. wish him to have a pleasure trip

  2. followurdestiny says:

    I hope he just enjoys his time there in Germany, Europe… Omo, he’s so close by, yet so far away XDD … *gosh* I’m so excited, I don’t even really know why — because he’s in Europe? XDDD


  3. onepinetree says:

    I wish Han Geng visited Rome as well, which is his favorite city according to his interview :). Personally I would like to see him ride a white horse rather than a fancy carlike in this photo .

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