Commercial World Loves Han Geng Too

If the fashion world loves Han Geng, then the commercial world does not love him  any lesser..hehehe!!! Sorry Bristlegrass, I have to borrow your tag-line here…kekeke..

Just when everything was quiet on the home front,  when suddenly there was an influx releases of Han Geng’s commercial clips on the television screens  …These are quite refreshing and differ slightly from the past commercials..

See for yourself…!!

I was actually amused with the tag-line of the Royal Wind commercial..女人的秀髮隨風而動,男人的心隨之而動

It is a play on the name of the shampoo, Royal Wind..and I like it! Chinese culture is mostly based on the use of idioms and in this case it’s not unusual to see the tag-line as such..To translate it to English will slightly diminish the meaning and impact, but it will do.

As a woman’s graceful hair moves along with the Wind ; so as  a man’s heart moving along with it. ( This is as close as  possible with the translations. To make it sensible reading, I would like to paraphrase it this way…as a woman’s hair is moved along gracefully by the Wind so is a man’s heart moving along with it.) Any other better translations.? hehehe…

In the other mobile phone commercial, we can see the “dorky” side of Han Geng..he only brought a mobile phone? hehehe….Interesting commercial..3 men and a woman..(going camping) nice movie title, right?

Han Geng was so tight-lipped on his commercial shootings,that I was so surprised when there was a commercial break on the show I was watching, I suddenly saw his face poking out from the curtains..!! hehehe….

It’s very interesting to follow Han Geng because just when one thinks that it’s boring  suddenly one will see Han Geng everywhere and all over the place..kekeke..!!

Hope you all enjoy the commercial just like I did…

All credits go to the owners of the videos..@YT

TaiwanHanGengFanLulu & Sheracheung..thank you..

MydearHanGeng and GengBaoChannel

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5 Responses to Commercial World Loves Han Geng Too

  1. bristlegrass says:

    HAHA!!! Yes!!! Commercial world loves Han Geng!!! I hope I could say music world loves Han Geng, movie world loves Han Geng someday…actually, I am greedy, I want the entire world loves him, hehe~~

  2. mish says:

    So many commercials released on the same day and there are more to come! HaHa. Geng fans finally can watch him from TV daily. Great news! The cel phone commercials were done more than a year ago. He looked like a little boy then. And now he is a beautiful man In the new shampoo commercial. Is the model’s hair real? Amazing if it is. This Red one is beautifully done but I am looking forward to the release of the Green one with bamboo forest.

  3. onepinetree says:

    hmm I wish they did not touch our geng’s face too much. more touch up only takes his natural beauty away. han geng is as natural as you can imagine. more cfs means more money for our han geng! so i am really happy for him although i am very poor 🙂

  4. mish says:

    China Lion has announced that My Kingdom will be released in US and Canada on Sep 9 2011, same day with China market. (Hong Kong release date is Sep 16).

  5. 路过踩一踩,表示我来过

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