Just Geng

Hello Everyone ….!

Let me first make my apologies to all of you readers for being on hiatus for a short while without prior notice..

Let me catch up on a few of the newest  activities of Han Geng..

Here is a video clip of a lucky Gengfan who was picked from among a group of 5 to visit Han Geng on the set of Founding Father Sun Yat-Sen..

Selection of winner…

Winner visited the set, gave Han Geng a book on “Learning/Speaking English ” because she is an English teacher………and Han Geng gave her a fountain pen as souvenir. How precious that is..!!

Then we have an unplanned schedule of Han Geng who went to Nanjing to attend the Mengniu Appreciation Night

And this is the newest film cut on the movie Sun Yat-Sen, Han Geng in military uniform..

This is only a very short post just to catch up on his activities..!!

Credits : as tagged in the video clips..thanks to them that we are able to watch Han Geng in action…

I will be back soon to with another post..hehehe…

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6 Responses to Just Geng

  1. onepinetree says:

    So glad to see you back! I wanted to post one entry but soon realized that I was really behind Han Geng’s news. One Korean internet entertainment media keeps reporting Han Geng’s news.
    It’s TVdaily.co.kr.
    At first I was concerned that this media might tarnish Han Geng’s image. But it appears pretty fair to me at this point. Here is the link. I searched for Han Geng and the series of Han Geng news have shows below.

  2. mish says:

    Welcome back, Garnetblue. Wish you are having a great summer. I can update everyone on his recent schedule a bit. Han Geng has finished shooting for movie “Founding father, Sun Yat-Sen” which will be in theater on Oct 1. Due to promotion of the movies, he may delay the release of his next album and Asia concerts to next year. There are rumors that he is joining a couple of more movies but nothing is confirmed yet. “My Kingdom” will be in theaters on Sep 9 in China, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. On Sep 15 in New Zealand and On Sep 22 in Hong Kong. Geng fans everywhere are doing their parts to help with promotion to make sure Geng’s first film has good box office.
    US and Canada fans can check list for theaters showing this film.

  3. garnetblue says:

    Hehehe…thanks for all the info…there are many rumours flying around but Geng is keeping mum on his projects…though he did hint at a TV drama…when he was interviewed sometime ago.Then there is also the one of him acting in a horror movie and a romantic drama..and I conclude all these are just “drama” until it is confirmed..!! hahaha…
    Thanks Pinetree for the link..many things are happening these days and I just couldn’t write from my heart because I will definitely bash certain people out there..so just to be cordial and courteous, I wait for something positive to write…hehehe…

  4. valerine says:

    hihi… thanks for all update news abt hangeng. love to see geng so happy even sometime ll feel tired. support geng because we love happy. healthy geng

  5. valerine says:

    just for information update. the AMC website left out starring hangeng’s name which acknowledge by chinalion film distributor by now and they promise to fix things up. Jiayou actor hangeng and my kingdom. From others ppl sharing, found out geng did express August 16 is abt to kick start promotion for film my kingdom, therefore production of fans which printed with hangeng’s character as “er kui”, and distributed to the crowd who present for the commercial concert at tat day. Wish all the best for movie My Kingdom.

  6. Ella says:

    Thank you for the update! The first thought I had when I saw the picture was “wow”! I think I would seriously stop breathing if I were the one standing in front of him and holding the umbrella =D
    Right now, I am very looking forward to My Kingdom, hope it would play during the weekend as well so that I would be able to go =)
    Actor Han Geng jia you!!

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