One Summon : 48 Hours

Congratulations Han Geng..!! Another award for you from the fashion industry..!!

There is a by-word among the entertainment industry which described GengFans  and that is ..One Summon (in) 48 hours..!! Or in other words…a catch-phrase..! This has been noticeable  very frequently in the entertainment world in relation with GengFan and Geng…..

It’s like a partnership kind of thing; a relationship which no other celebrity has seen or witnessed in a long while…If one were to spot a GF at the airport,(carrying a placard) one should be ready to anticipate Geng’s arrival or departure (depending on the multitude of the crowd)

The usual scenes at the airport terminals would be crowds of GFs holding banners and placards waiting in orderly fashion for his arrival, shouting slogans of welcome and encouragement..!

As for departure, one can see the sporadic groups running alongside with HG’s long strides, panting and gasping trying to catch up with him…..and hearing words like ” Precious Geng, please slow down!” “Can’t walk any faster!” “My heels are killing me!”Have a safe flight!” “Take care of your body/health!” “Come back soon!” and so forth…..

One Call : 48 hours …..this was proven again recently! Han Geng ‘suddenly” decided to attend the 2011 Lux Fashion Power Awards and Fashion Weekly 5th Anniversary Celebrations yesterday (19 Aug). The announcement was made “officially” in Han Geng’s website just a day before the event, and in that short period fans were able to muster a huge attendance at the “show” even though HG did not perform. He was there just to receive the award for 2011 Fashion Power Annual Asian Idol.

Below are some common scenes which one can see the power that Han Geng generates wherever he goes…One tiny advice from me, Geng, let the fans pick and send you at airports because one day they might  get tired but right now let them show their exuberance and zeal and fervour because they love you..and that’s the least that they can do for now to show you of their love & loyalty..!! Let them..!!

There was this one particular comment in GengBar which I would like to quote…   超级无敌酱油侠

韩庚是厉害,领完亚洲偶像奖提前离场,整个现场的后半部座位立即清空,全疯狂追出去…( Han Geng is powerful. After receiving the award, Han Geng left early before the show ended and the whole scenario was also changed..half the audience left together with him..leaving only empty seats behind….crazily chasing after him!!) This is what I am talking about..! One Summon + 48 hrs = HG + GF.

That is why Han Geng is powerful..!! As long as there is Han Geng, there will always be GengFans accompanying him..!! They go hand-in-hand..!! You get Geng and you also get GFs along with “Buy 1 Take 1″…do not get offended okay? This is just a phrase to show how great an impact is Han Geng in the entertainment industry..! hehehe..

One comment from @lin1619 (Baidu GengBar)


I will leave this comment to some kind soul out there to translate…hehehe…

So in conclusion, my whole point here is that Han Geng Is Power!!

Here is an excerpt from the magazine, Fashion Weekly. Translations done by courtesy of (credits below)

(110728) 2011 <Fashion Weekly> Edition No. 14

[Image: ju7pt5.jpg]

A little child, Han Geng

Han Geng’s success seems to be an example set for the entertainment industry: debuted in Korea and is really famous back in China. Han Geng thinks that he is not successful yet. His solo career just started for only 6 months and everything is still in the trial period. The road to the future is still long and would change anytime, so he is a very practical person and this trait of his has made him of someone with no value to imitate.

Han Geng is considered to be a merger of China and Korea. His personality is just like a local Northeastern boy, frank and humorous but when it comes to his work, he is serious and dedicated like any other Korean artiste. While chatting, he is even more willing to use a humorous way to face the tough period that he had been through. While working, in order to prevent the exposure of his style for the shoot, he would change out of his costumes before taking pictures with the staffs. His professionalism has nothing to do with his age, his experiences and stability has nothing to do with his age.

There is always a feeling that Han Geng will hold himself at a very high spot. He definitely can do so because he has impressive results at such a young age which can be a source of being proud. However, he shows no sign of being proud, he is very cautious and humble with his status. You will never think that this is only a show (facade) he puts up for this interview. He will described everything as it is with no additional information. After his solo career started, he only got an album and only a movie to his name, he is still far from talking about being successful.

He doesn’t have any ambitious dream, so when it comes to the topic about his dreams and the future, he would always say that it is more important to put in all the effort for the present. Produce music and film a movie in a down-to-earth manner, the future is still really far away. He is not willing to think and look forward to the beautiful future, not even only 3 to 5 years ahead. To him, living in the present is much more practical.

• I have always love acting. In the future, I hope to put more effort and energy on acting
• I am suited to be an artiste because I am someone who cannot stand not having anything to do.
• It is very stressful being a newcomer in the industry but don’t put stress on yourself.
• Director Gao Xiao Song taught me a lot and I also gained a lot. I learnt a lot from Wu Chun and Da S too.
• Being an actor, do not think about how good you would look in the camera, I do not really care about my image.
• On the stage, you need to give a good impression within a few minutes
In a movie, you need to leave a deep impression in the audiences in 2 hours.
• I am not afraid of any criticism. I have a clear conscience when it comes to a movie.
• If there is harsh criticism, it shows that everyone is looking into the details. This is better than having no comments at all
• It is a pity that our director is missing at our promotions.
• I attended Da S’s wedding, friendship is one of my gains from filming a movie.
• <My Kingdom> is the 70th script I looked at. I was reading it after my performance.
It appealed to  me so much that I couldn’t stop reading until midnight so I accepted the role.
• Everyone was surprised when I was acting in the role of Deng Xiao Ping.
• Having only one scene in the movie is not that my scenes got cut away, it just because I only have one scene.
I have no lines and only film the scene for less than a day long.
• I only have one scene, every leader from the movie were there, it was a really big scene.
• <The Founding Party> was my real first movie. Although I don’t have a lot of scenes but I learnt the basics from there.
For example, the lighting and the environment.
• I am still far from the so-called success everyone said I have attained.
• What I want is just to be simple, I will let nature takes its course.
• Having commercial value doesn’t mean having a high income.
• I am always careful with accepting brands and products endorsements.
• I am satisfied with the experiences I gained from the route I took, there were joys at different levels.
When I am in the group, I did not feel any unhappiness as well.
• I am considered to be a really brave person. I am willing to try any kind of performances.
• My fans are really sensible and reasonable.
• When I am in Beijing, I would either be at home or some tea house or rowing boats at Hou Hai. I don’t like noisy places.
• I do not have any ambitious dreams.

Compiled by: 萦萦滴庚宝/神神庚
Translated by: huiwensg @
(Please take out with full credits)

Credits : as tagged in pictures..thank you !

P.S : If you see a slight difference in Han Geng’s fashion sense these days is because he has a new stylist..and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the nationality of that person..hehehe..!

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5 Responses to One Summon : 48 Hours

  1. 路过踩一踩,表示我来过

  2. valerine says:

    Glad to see that the sudden summon did not affect fans support. well, more publicity exposure for geng and movie My Kingdom is welcome and many places already in hot preparation to watch premier when the clock is ticking near the day of premier. Some HK fans even held group view trip to Shenzhen, China purposely to have earlier view and wish to hear hangeng’s voice in movie. how i wish to hear original hangeng’s voice in movie, never mind .. maybe there will be DVD release later (ohh.. headache when i think of to wait for so long)
    glad to see news from and they really put up the very best they can to support hangeng’s 1st movie, here would like to express my gratitude to their efforts. all of you are so wonderful, love all!
    jiayou all!

  3. bristlegrass says:

    WOW! Thanks a lot, Garnetblue, for this updated and long post!!!
    I need more time to digest it 🙂
    Now, I feel like want to watch the movie RIGHT NOW!!!! Such long-time waiting tortures me 😦

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