Geng The Stuntman..?

One thing I have to say here is that..Han Geng is beautiful inside and out..

I have been checking on his schedules at his official website for new timetable and then I found a few new ones which were posted late at night or when it’s the  least expected..

Anyway, two days ago he went to Changsha on Hunan TV for a recording of the programme Happy Camp..Let us make it the number 1 spot again when it airs..

Want to share some pictures which I find fascinating to goggle at..hehehe

I am very curious as to what kind of script Happy Camp has in store for him..from the look of things here, it is very interesting..can’t wait for it to be broadcast.

There might be some magic tricks by Han Geng.. some martial arts stance and yes..cycling too…

Looking forward to the show..!! And ahhhh just look at his arms..!! Beautiful to goggle at..hehehe…!!

Okay that’s all I will share for now…I know there are pictures of these in other forums and blogs so these are enough for here..hehehe..

Han Geng seems to be setting aside time to promote his two movies earnestly, by leaving the month of September quite free ….. So we may be seeing him more often in TV variety shows for his movie promotions..

So everyone cheer up…September 9 is catching up fast…! and then there is the October 1 movies date to go to…!!

Happy viewing everyone..!!

Credits: as tagged in the pictures and video..

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8 Responses to Geng The Stuntman..?

  1. onepinetree says:

    It’s weird feeling to watch Han Geng washing out any remains of the Korean Idol style from him.
    Han Geng is doing that steadily and slowly since the lawsuit and now Han Geng is Han Geng himself.
    I am happy for him.

    • garnetblue says: might feel that’s the case but do you know that his newest female stylist is a Korean ? hehehe…She is known as stylistM in weibo…..
      No matter what he is still attach to some K-stuff…
      Maybe what you meant is that his Korean idol image..hehehehe

    • mish says:

      When I see Hang Geng, I see a “thousand face” actor, which is what people call a truly talented actor. He can change his style in a second. When he is acting, he becomes the charactors. He changes styles at different venues. He can be princy at fashion events, boyish at TV shows, and manly in magazine covers. Actually I find him having different styles when he went to different countries as well. For example, in Thailand, HK or Taiwan, his styles were totally different from when he was in China.

  2. bristlegrass says:

    I love Han Geng as a whole person, but from my point of view, Han Geng’s styles have improved in general in 2011, well, he couldn’t do much about it anyway when having that Er Kui hairstyle. Based on what I can see, his styles for variety shows and normal commercial performances are relatively safe and catches his natural beauty, and when he goes to those fashion activities, he tends to be creative but not like surprisingly creative, and still properly outstanding among all the celebrities. Also, I love most of his photos for those fashion magazines this year. I used to think those magazine photos from last year have been good enough, but this year, he even gets more taste, maybe more sophisticated.
    One more thing I notice, he still likes to make himself darker especially in those fashion occasions 🙂

    • Observer says:

      I think Han Geng look very princely when he is fair. His face tend to look oily/shiny when he is too tan and that’s when I itched to scrub him. I definitely prefer him in either white or red. I also look forward to the day when he has muscles ripping all over his body(especially his six-packs)! I also think Han Geng will look really suave in shoulder-length hair! LOL!

  3. 9/3 Happy Camp’s preview

    HanGeng will sing Like a Dream ~ *\(^ 0 ^)/*

  4. valerine says:

    Enjoy every moment of hangeng’s style.. of course have our own preference and favourite style. i love his prince charming look and his fashion look. he is changing and develop his fashion taste, and just wish to sit back, relax to see his move, now ready for his 1st ever movie and support him. believe him and his team will make adjustment and improve to be better and better. all the best. thank you for keep updating the news about hangeng. feel great to have all who love hangeng

  5. happyfeet says:

    Help!!! Can anyone tell me where his movie is showing in Los Angeles? I want to support his first movie and will try to get as many friends as I can to go as well…Thanks.

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