My Kingdom Premieres With Han Geng’s Presence

Hello GengFans,

This is an emergency post..hehehe…

Below is the latest list of venues where Han Geng will be going to grace the premieres of “MY KINGDOM’ so if anyone of you, international fans, happen to be at that place at that time, you may be able to “catch” him..hehehe…


Sina Chat & GQ awards
Date: 2nd. Sept.- Friday
Sina chat room Time: 10:00 am

GQ awards Venue: Beijing 798

“Big Takefu” Beijing Premiere
Date: 5th. Sept – Monday

Venue: Beijing World City Star Cineplex

Rundown: 7 pm red carpet premiere of the official start 8 am, around 8:10 into the video room and the audience.

“Big Takefu ” Shanghai Premiere
Date: 6th. Sept. – Tuesday

Location: Shanghai

“Big Takefu ” Guangzhou Premiere
Date: 7th. Sept. – Wednesday
Location: Guangzhou

“Big Takefu”  Chengdu Premiere
Date: 8th. Sept. – Thursday

Location: Chengdu

The International (Bozhou) Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo and the 27th National (Bozhou) Fair – Opening Ceremony of the Chinese Herbal Medicine
Date: 9th. Sept. – Friday

Location: Anhui, Bozhou

Hope you guys enjoy the movie…!

MY KINGDOM ……Here we come..!!

Auspicious date 9th. September in Chinese it is a blessing of sorts…the phrase is translated this way…Zhang Zhang Jiu Jiu…  长长久久     meaning for a long, long time ……..hehehe…It is a play on the date…9/9

Have a pleasant viewing….!

Credits : as tagged in video and pictures…


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8 Responses to My Kingdom Premieres With Han Geng’s Presence

  1. garnetblue says:

    Hehehe..looks like finally, you have some free time now..! Yeah Han Geng is stunning..!

    • onepinetree says:

      Sorry, I deleted my comment. I called the distributor and found out the show time would be 4 or 5 pm once or twice a day. In addition, it will be only shown in the theaters one hour away from my home. With three little children and all day working husband, I don’t see the possibility of my first comment so I deleted it. Let’s see how things work out for me.

      • mish says:

        I understand perfectly. I am three hours away from the theater. I wish I can help with promotion but it is even hard to invite family and friends for a long distance trip to see a movie. No matter what, I am taking one day off to see it. Hope this theater has more showings in a day because I am planning to watch 3 times.

  2. garnetblue says:

    Saturday, 10th Sept 2011 – My Kingdom Premiere in Hong Kong

  3. Observer says:

    Thursday, 8 Sept 2011 – My Kingdom premiere in Singapore. It is rated PG (some violence and scene of intimacy) LOL! Still, it is obviously not too hot otherwise it will be rated R21! Initially I was a bit concerned about the rating but now the children can watch the movie too!

    • mish says:

      Really? I thought it is Friday Sep 9 in Singapore too. I am curious to see what rating it would be in US. HaHa.

      • Observer says:

        Yeah, I was surprised too but not too surprised because new movies basically premieres here on Thursdays. I am definitely not complaining because I am done waiting and I want to catch the very first show! ( I can’t believe I am beginning to sound like a emo teen. Geez…)

  4. valerine says:

    there is some 4 ticket avaiable for my kingdom premier 8 sept in australia, and 1 ticket allow to take 2 persons. source of info from weibo tomorrow is press promotion for my kingdom. big day for actor hangeng , wish luck ~

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